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  1. Ah. So, in your strange world, Tai Woffinden played no part in Great Britain's Speedway of Nations win? After all, Woffinden didn't ride in the semi-final and final races, and since GB finished 15 points ahead of Australia, his 14 points were completely unnecessary.
  2. Don't be ridiculous. He had no part in the semi-final race and final race, but he scored 7 out of 8 points in his heats to help GB qualify for the semi-final race. By your reckoning Bobby Charlton played no part in the 1966 World Cup Finals because it was Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters who scored the goals in the final!
  3. The No.8 is a second rising star. That's the whole idea. No one has suggested using "a young wobbler"
  4. And then Kai Ward would have played his part. But Kai Ward didn't ride, Tom Brennan did. So Tom brennan played his part. I don't see the problem. As long as the rules were known at the start of the season, what's the problem? A team planning on a super-strong No.6 would know the risk they were taking if he got injured. It would be up to each team to assess the risk and decide if they want to go down that route. Of course it would be possible. The rule would say "facility for a missing reserve/rising star = No.8 only
  5. It can only be a positive. It was ridiculous last year that Sheffield could lose their Rising Star early in the season and then get an advantage by being able to handpick a No.7 guest for every match on a horses for courses basis. At least Wolves redeclared a new Rising Star. As well as having a No.8 to replace a missing RS rider, I'd like to also extend the rule so that the No.8 also has to be used if the No.6 is missing. Shoudl be no guests at reserve.
  6. PotteringAround

    Eastbourne Speedway

    Erm, no. Like we've already said, when the company goes into administration and the administrator collects any money owed to the company, and sells off any company assets, on behalf of the creditors. Any money raised gets distributed to secured/preferential creditors first, and then unsecured creditors. The BSPL seize any speedway assets and try to sell them, with any money realised going to pay the speedway creditors.
  7. PotteringAround

    Eastbourne Speedway

    Recover the money from whom? The company is bust. The BSPA seize the riding assets and try to sell them (e.g. Tom Brennan to Glasgow), and an administrator will wind up any physical assets, but that's not much money to be realised, and a hell of a lot of creditors looking for a share of it.
  8. PotteringAround

    Ipswich 2022

    Holding off more than usual? We're not even out of November yet, and most teams are planning to reveal the compete 1-7 already. I've never known it all sorted so early! Usually at the back end of November we're still waiting to hear the outcome of the AGM, the points limit, and who is in which league. I can even remember in the recent past when signings were being made in March in the last week before press day.
  9. PotteringAround

    British Speedway statement

    And that's just the latest in a long line of things you've assumed and got completely wrong. You don't seem to have a good word for anyone. To you everyone is a clueless clown.... I'm afraid that's called projection.
  10. PotteringAround

    Who is number six?

    Patrick McGoohan wasn't it?
  11. PotteringAround

    British Speedway statement

    I'd agree. Certainly a better business brain than messers Chapman and Godfrey. Came into Belle Vue at a very precarious time and has stabilised it, and made the club look more professional. He claimed to know nothing about the sport when he first came in, but he's respected the history and traditions of Belle Vue. Even staged meetings behind closed doors in 2020 to keep the unbroken record going. He hasn't changed the club colours and rebranded it The Manchester Machine. Sponsorship has grown steadily and they seem to run to a sustainable budget, despite running 2 teams. There hasn't been any question of running or not running the following year. I also like that he walks round the stadium during meetings talking with and listening to fans.
  12. PotteringAround

    Belle Vue 2022

    Can't imagine them naming any signings before the meeting at the stadium next Monday. Might name all 14 riders then. They did that a couple of years back.
  13. PotteringAround

    Rye House 2020

    Just to check we're on the right group, is it the one where the only interaction is someone posting this photo and asking if anyone can name the people in the picture?
  14. PotteringAround

    Rye House 2020

    I don't do the Facebook. Could you briefly summarise the apparently "interesting" points raised by these 9 mass debaters?
  15. PotteringAround

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Pickering 7.38 Lawson 7.21 Cook 7.05 Jorgensen 6.46 Worrall 5.37 Kerr 5.28 Kinsley 38.75

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