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  1. PotteringAround

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    I'm very sceptical that this proposed new Premiership Development League will even happen, and if it starts I doubt it will see the season out. People underestimate the amount of work voluteers running MDSL teams put in. (e.g. Carmarthen at Stoke the last few years). Organising to get 4 riders around the country, for no money, for every fixture takes considerable dedication, and I can't imagine Premiership promoters being willing to put in that level of work to make it happen. Will Ipswich be able to find 4 young kids to travel up to Belle Vue, for no money, on a Monday night? Will Sheffield be able to find 4 young kids to travel down to Swindon, for no money, on a Thursday night? The Premiership promoters will feel they have enough to worry about with the Belle Vue v Ipswich, and Swindon v Sheffield PL matches, without having to worry about finding riders for a 2nd half junior league. The second half leagues we've had with the MDL and MDSL over the past 10 years or so have produced numerous young British riders. We need these competitions if we are to develop young British talent, but I fear the BSPA "Bull in a China Shop" approach for 2020 is a huge mistake. Their killing of the MDSL will deprive kids of track time. Of course if the new league does succeed, then young British kids attached to the PL teams will have got good track time from 12 matches (6 home, 6 away). But will that happen??? Check back in October.
  2. PotteringAround

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Strange choice of gif image for a contract signing. It's from The Simpsons. A contract signed by Apu and Manjula when they sell their 8 children to Eddie Munster and Zoo owner Larry Kidkill to become acts in a circus freakshow. They have to steal the babies back, and the contract ends up being fulfilled by Homer Simpson riding round on a clown's bike. Prophetic?
  3. PotteringAround

    Books on speedway details

    Why on earth would I want to create a website listing the titles of a hundred or so speedway books? But since you felt the need to start a topic about a list of speedway books, I'd have expected it to include a lot more of the huge number of well known and popular books, and not just a tiny selection, containing mostly the lesser ones. It just seems pointless.
  4. PotteringAround

    Books on speedway details

    A very random list of an obscure small fraction of the books published about Speedway. I have dozens if not hundreds of better speedway books not on that list.
  5. What is a waste of money is paying a fortune to riders, and then giving them a terrible track to perform on. Better track preparation is putting money to better use.
  6. PotteringAround

    Possible Odsal news

    Not sure how you "flatten" a bowl already sunken into the ground. However I would imagine the most profitable use for Odsal now is to use it for landfill to fill it up to ground level.
  7. PotteringAround

    Edinburgh 2020

    Don't think it's the IP address that's the problem. Think it's more likely that the stipulation will be that you have to pay with a credit card registered to a postcode more than 50 miles away. So you'd have to find someone elsewhere in the country to pay for you. Having said that, what's to stop one person buying it and then streaming it to everyone else? The football Premier League and BT/Sky etc spend millions tracking down and closing illegal streaming services, and still it's very easy to find an illegal stream of any football match you want. What resources are the Edinburgh promotion going to have available to trace illegal steams?
  8. PotteringAround

    Armadale Devils 2020

    19-year-old motocrosser from Berwick. A Berwick asset and a mate of Leon Flint I believe.
  9. PotteringAround

    Transfer Window

    Correct. It's a rule that was voted in at the AGM. Not a bad idea, and certainly better than the 31 July or 31 August transfer deadlines we've had previously. At the start of the season no team can kick a rider out until they've ridden 6 matches. At the end of the season once you've completed 18 matches you have to stick with your team for the last 6 matches and play-offs. This is much fairer as all teams are working to the same deadline. With a cut-off at a specific date (31 July or 31 August) teams have done uneven numbers of meetings at that date, so they can fiddle their way round the rules. Of course there will still be ways to fiddle, but lessthan with a set-date deadline.
  10. PotteringAround

    Prediction thread

    8.25 It put him 9th in the country behind Woffinden, NKI, Ward, Hancock, Lindgren, Zagar, Bjerre and Andersen.
  11. PotteringAround

    Leicester NDL 2020

    He's been on Facebook again taking the wee wee out of Lenny the Lion
  12. PotteringAround

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Get him sacked immediately! Leicester don't need riders with a Facebook account, a sense of humour, and who might want to go and meet with fans in the bar after meetings! (P.s. Assuming this is the same Danny Woodward who rode MDSL for Carmarthen at Stoke, he usually drives his own van to meetings, and would therefore probably be on the orange juice in the bar. He's never struck me as someone who "is more interested in drinking (orange juice) in the bar then racing for the club".
  13. PotteringAround

    Fantasy Team

  14. PotteringAround

    Fantasy Team

    You've done it wrong. Andersen, Harris & BWD are all at Peterborough. You've missed Belle Vue & Ipswich.
  15. PotteringAround

    Newcastle 2020

    This Newcastle late bid seems very strange and should be turned down. If they wanted to join the NDL why weren't they at the AGM? To allow someone to join at this stage after the AGM is done and dusted, and teams have been built, would be crazy. It sets a dangerous precedent for future years. Also. The Trophy is for standalone clubs only (remember Belle Vue, Leicester, Armadale and Kent weren't allowed to enter the trophy). If Newcastle wanted to join anything, it should be the NDL (and should have been done at the AGM). Finally if Newcastle were allowed into the trophy (and they shouldn't be), surely they would have to sign 7 riders from the large number of riders who have been frozen out of the NDL by the low points limit and reduced number of teams. To allow them to take riders at a whim from Belle Vue, Kent, Leicester or Armadale would be ludicrous, especially since those teams were blocked from entering the Trophy.

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