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  1. PotteringAround

    We Have a Problem...

    This is quite bizarre. As well as him pretending not to be able to CLICK ON THIS WIKI There's also another very similar wiki which he probably won't be able TO FIND HERE Earlier I was joking about him having a Tiktok account, but now I'm starting to wonder Anyway, have we found out how to delete Facebook yet?
  2. PotteringAround

    We Have a Problem...

    I'm just waiting to see his Tiktok.
  3. PotteringAround

    We Have a Problem...

    Exactly. Wasn't that long ago. And googling for "John Hyam Gustix" found it immediately Well, googling John Hyam Gustix does reveal a few things including a Wikipedia page here
  4. PotteringAround

    We Have a Problem...

    That's as maybe. But what about your Twitter account?
  5. PotteringAround

    We Have a Problem...

    I can still see THIS
  6. PotteringAround

    We Have a Problem...

    I just hope he never deletes his Twitter account.
  7. PotteringAround

    Leicester Lion Cubs vs B.V. Colts 14 May 2022

    Think Leicester will be one of the strongest in the league at home. It's a tricky track that most visitors don't like, and with the Thompson's riding 2nd division around there and being well dialled in, I don't expect either of them to drop a point all season at home in NL. That on its own should win matches.
  8. PotteringAround

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    What were the crops? potatoes?
  9. PotteringAround

    Plymouth 2022

    Looks like, just days after saying he wasn't quitting, Atkins has quit both Plymouth teams. 28-day ban for withholding services would appear to be the next step. Got to feel sorry for Plymouth who are losing riders at a rate of knots, and to a degree feel sorry for Atkins who seems to be a decent lad, but is having his career ruined, as you say, by people close to home who are calling the shots and doing him no favours.
  10. PotteringAround

    BERWICK v BELLE VUE (Saturday, May 7th, 7pm)

    Bog standard riding order from both teams. Pair the No.1 with the 5th average. 2nd best rider at No.5. Remaining two can go at 3&4 either way around. Used to be fashionable to put the strongest reserve at No.7, but these days teams seem to give the easier No.7 spot to the weakest rider, and swap them around during the meeting as necessary. (Also, we're assuming that is the riding order, and not just someone guessing at what the riding order will be, and listing them in the most obvious order).
  11. Basso did better. He scored 10000
  12. PotteringAround

    Plymouth 2022

    He was withholding his services, so he'll certainly be banned. Presume the ban will affect his NDL place too. Not sure whether it's a 7-day ban or 28? He put something on his Facebook to his "fans and sponsors" saying he wasn't quitting, but he didn't say anything about not turning up at Scunthorpe.
  13. PotteringAround

    Plymouth 2022

    Atkins had denied rumours that he's quitting. Gilkes will be a big miss though. Sure anyone can guest for him, but finding guests willing to travel to Devon who can match his scorepower might not be easy.
  14. PotteringAround


    Judging by the title of this thread, "Ron Johnson's Double", the 1963 rider might have just been someone who looked very like Ron Johnson.
  15. PotteringAround

    Rye House 2020

    That lasted 2 months. A leopard never changes its spots. Once a lying troll, always a lying troll.

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