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  1. PotteringAround

    British final 2020

    Surely they've got to get Bewley back in now, if he can make the new date? They turned it from a British Final to the British Open by fiddling Crump into the line-up when it was going to be at Ipswich, to boost streaming sales. Surely they need to get Bewley in to further enhance streaming sales now that it's back at Belle Vue. No disrespect to Joe Thompson, but he was an afterthought when they were running out of riders. He's not British Final standard and won't sell any online tickets.
  2. PotteringAround

    Corona virus

    As I thought. No sense of humour and a foul mouth.
  3. PotteringAround

    Corona virus

    Having met Dan Bewley on numerous occasions, I've never known him be winging (or even whinging) about anything. He's a laid-back kid with a great attitude. Like all self-employed people in the country I'm sure he's worried about not having any work and an income, but if he's not sharing paranoid hysteria, and is retaining a sense of humour, then good on him. At a time of crisis I'd rather be in it with someone with a sense of humour like Dan, than a humourless moaning sod like DBP.
  4. PotteringAround

    Corona virus

    Excuse me if I prefer to believe the NHS experts rather than you. p.s. Covid-19 doesn't cause sneezing. Someone coughing and sneezing likely has a common cold (which he could pass on) rather than Covid-19
  5. PotteringAround

    Corona virus

    Because the virus transmits very poorly outdoors. Even in a 60,000+ crowd at Manchester United or Arsenal, if there was a fan with the virus, the absolute worst he could probably do is infect the two people sat either side of him, but that's far less likely than the chances of infecting the people either side of you in a supermarket bog roll queue. I'll wager the calling off of football is more about protecting the players who have an asset value of billions, than the fear thousands of fans could be infected. I'm guessing "county indoor bowls" isn't an outdoor stadium sport. More a few people in close proximity indoors.
  6. PotteringAround

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    So that says there's nothing to stop anyone flying out of Denmark. And whilst people "without a worthy purpose" for entering Denmark can be rejected at the border, it specifies that people who live and work in Denmark are OK to enter. And we can track all the flights coming and going.... So there doesn't seem to be a problem.
  7. PotteringAround

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Why do they tell these porkie pies when it's so easy to check the truth? Flight EZY8268/U28268 from Copenhagen to Gatwick landed 9 minutes ago, and you can easily see all the other scheduled flights between the UK and Denmark as they take off and land.
  8. PotteringAround

    Premiership Junior League

    Really? Where does it say it's not regionalised? Just says all 7 teams are involved, and they'll race opponents over a 4-man 6-heat format. Doesn't say whether the opponents are every other team in the entire league, or just every other team in the regionalised group.
  9. PotteringAround

    Training track Lancashire ????

    Maybe he means he missed out on the great toilet roll hoarding craze? Perhaps that's why he's having to "wind it back in".
  10. PotteringAround

    Training track Lancashire ????

    No. You thought it was near Buxton. So "wind your neck back in" (Whatever that's supposed to mean).
  11. PotteringAround

    Training track Lancashire ????

    What's Buxton got to do with it? Buxton is in the East Midlands, not a million miles from Stoke (And why we haven't got the Stoke and Buxton promotions working together running a combined team from Buxton, I don't know. But that's a different story). He's talking about a training track for Lancashire. (Lancashire runs from the Lake District down to the north of Manchester). As for not going down well with Belle Vue, I think they'd welcome a facility to train up North West kids, as they seem to be the one Premier League side interested in youngsters. If I were thinking of a training track in Lancs, The first thing I'd do is contact Belle Vue to get their input and help.
  12. PotteringAround

    Training track Lancashire ????

    Belle Vue National Stadium run the No Limits training days, but I've always thought the NSS track is too big to learn on. You need to learn to turn a bike somewhere very tight like Buxton, Scunny training track, or the old Sheffield training track. A training track in South Lancashire close to Manchester might prove complementary to the NSS
  13. PotteringAround

    Leicester NDL 2020

    Kean's brother?
  14. PotteringAround

    Predictions thread

    Erm., No. If you know nothing you can't know something. Knowing nothing and knowing something are complete opposites.
  15. PotteringAround

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    He's British, and has never ridden here under a foreign licence, so of course he gets 2.5% discount off his average.

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