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  1. Audiscore

    berwick bandits 2021

    Well why are we waiting for some news from the AGM last week. Or has everyone lost interest .
  2. Audiscore

    Shamima Begum

    She only wanted to come back when her situation became uncomfortable for her. She left to support a faction so I dont see that this is our problem any longer, cant she go to her husbands family she is now a married woman .Why does everyone think this country can support her.
  3. Audiscore

    bandits 2020

    I don't get Polish Speedway however the reason the word rumour was used was the fact that I had not heard officially Hope this clears the issue up.
  4. Audiscore

    bandits 2020

    So the rumour was correct, was told in wooler on Friday ???
  5. Audiscore

    bandits 2020

    See practice again this evening at Shielfield Park.
  6. Audiscore

    Corona virus

    Most cover is provided by private staff and ambulances paid for by the promotion. Not normally NHS staff, I take the point on board they will be stressed by speedway accidents at NHS hospitals.
  7. Audiscore

    Corona virus

    Why they need to call a meeting about this dint know. Common sense should prevail, the season should be postponed until the pandemic is contol led. Riders can't get here, others can't fly out causing real problems It's a shame the controlling body can't make a desicion.
  8. Audiscore

    Newcastle 2020

    Scraping the barrel now.
  9. Audiscore

    bandits 2020

    There always one negative comment and usually from you. Each year this promotion have made improvements on this site at least they are trying to improve the fans experience on race nights. Look back and see what the previous strong teams on paper have done, not always what was ecpected of them.. We have still got speedway in Berwick ,on a positive note if you attend you will see the other teams racing in Berwick anyway.
  10. Audiscore

    bandits 2020

    We all want a team ,with a decent number 1 this year. Will boost the attendance numbers and reignite the interest.
  11. Barkers up here now but no TJH nothing on Web site .
  12. Who's racing for the bandits, Barker not listed, believe TJH doesn't seem to be there.
  13. Audiscore

    berwick bandits 2019

    Crescent girl, why would you need th know who has bought tickets,
  14. It's because people are committed to the sport continuing in Berwick. So hats of to something that creates this community spirit,to little of that these days. At least the promotion make people feel part of something . Good luck tonight lads.

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