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  1. Watkins

    Where is SCB

    If u goto this is gwent.tonights argus states another perv from Bettws Newport but not the same guy did think it was first
  2. Correct there are heavy showers in south Wales
  3. Waiting for that lady to give that guy a slap
  4. Thankyou for another great season of swedish speedway on freesports
  5. What u will see are a load of young poles ready for the future frightening I've seen previous meetings over the last few weeks they are good
  6. Nothing to do with the gp but a Asian friend went to Pakistan for hols had a coke bottle full of whisky when he got to Pakistan the security guy wanted to see into the bottle my friend said his son had a pee into the bottle on the plane off u go sir
  7. Last week think it was Wednesday afternoon junior meeting was on have to say nice one sabmar tv
  8. U may have a problem finding parking unless u want to pay at a car park by the station for some time u could park on yellow lines no traffic wardens, but they are back big time. If u get to Newport early try the civic centre area by the station plenty of free parking on the roads.ps be careful on m4 around Newport speed cameras are active.
  9. Watkins

    Freesports Success

    Thanks both
  10. Watkins

    Freesports Success

    Ok remove the gp coverage what are the stats for league racing uk/Sweden on tv
  11. Watkins

    Freesports Success

    when u said we're doing well was that a quote? From freesports

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