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  1. Biffa

    Double barrelled names

    I agree but didn’t really want to prod our neighbours too much
  2. Biffa

    Double barrelled names

    Bradley Wilson Dean is another current rider.
  3. Biffa

    Redcar 2022

    Is it possible for someone to update the next meeting feature on the main Redcar Website (still has Silver Helmet showing). Nice to see the returning sponsors getting announced in the news section, good news for next season. Thanks in advance.
  4. Could/ would Jordan Stewart be able to or want to ride for Newcastle. Second in his state final over the weekend so must be getting his fitness back. Young enough and on the rise, just has to get his head around the track
  5. Biffa

    workington ..

    I’m not sure if I’ve miss understood who was wanting the money as I took it as the previous promotion having the rights to it, not the BSPL.
  6. Biffa

    workington ..

    Could you not go another route and become the Cumbria Comets?
  7. Biffa

    Redcar 2022

    I agree and hope not
  8. Biffa

    Redcar 2022

    Wild guesses Ben to stay as promoter Redcar to move up as CVS wants extra teams Lewis, Charles & Jordan Stewart & Jordan Jenkins sign on for next year.
  9. Obviously there must be a reason it hasn’t happened but surely Glasgow visit on Tuesday & Redcar on Friday. To late now though.
  10. On Tuesday can Redcar now have. Guest for MPT & R/R for Sarj, or is it R/R for MPT & guest for Sarj ? speedy recovery to both riders as well.
  11. Biffa

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    Thank you, wasn’t sure if league rules applied or if it went to cup rules, more confusion.
  12. Biffa

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    Are Tac Subs allowed in the play offs?
  13. Ok. Thanks. Hard to follow at times
  14. Would the Eastbourne matches not be removed from averages? Obviously results removed so why not averages?
  15. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    Ok,my apologies, got the wrong person in mind then. Sorry

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