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  1. Biffa

    Newcastle 2020

    Yes, Pelaw Grange. Thanks for that just knew it as Birtley. Looked tidy at the time but was over 15 year since I last worked near it.
  2. Biffa

    Newcastle 2020

    Does anyone know if the dog track in Birtley behind Drum Industrial Estate is still open? Only passed it once years ago. Always thought it was in a good place, think the railway was behind it and not many houses around, but there probably is now. Just curious.
  3. Biffa

    Glasgow 2020

    I know this may sound strange, but can Glasgow be punished for not completing the season? Technically the season started as we had the Ben Fund, although I know that no league speedway has taken place. Personally I agree with Glasgow in what they have done, but we are talking about the BSPA here!
  4. Mark Lemon must have had a few, well into double figures I would guess
  5. Biffa

    Newcastle 2020

    Maybe it’s just an E
  6. Biffa

    Newcastle 2020

    Where would Nathan Greaves fit into this team, and what would it leave for the last rider average wise
  7. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    Would anyone put Adam Roynon ahead of Phillips or Buckhave. Similar average to Buckhave but very injury prone.
  8. Biffa

    Kent Kings 2020?

    I might have missed something somewhere but I thought Kent only had planning approval for Monday’s. This would rule them out of the Championship due to fixed race nights, or has their planning changed ?
  9. Was in the local paper that Leicester had offered the 12th but Jade said that Redcar wanted a date sooner as that was too long to wait for the tie to be concluded

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