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  1. Biffa

    Redcar 2022

    I agree and hope not
  2. Biffa

    Redcar 2022

    Wild guesses Ben to stay as promoter Redcar to move up as CVS wants extra teams Lewis, Charles & Jordan Stewart & Jordan Jenkins sign on for next year.
  3. Obviously there must be a reason it hasn’t happened but surely Glasgow visit on Tuesday & Redcar on Friday. To late now though.
  4. On Tuesday can Redcar now have. Guest for MPT & R/R for Sarj, or is it R/R for MPT & guest for Sarj ? speedy recovery to both riders as well.
  5. Biffa

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    Thank you, wasn’t sure if league rules applied or if it went to cup rules, more confusion.
  6. Biffa

    Edinburgh Play Offs

    Are Tac Subs allowed in the play offs?
  7. Ok. Thanks. Hard to follow at times
  8. Would the Eastbourne matches not be removed from averages? Obviously results removed so why not averages?
  9. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    Ok,my apologies, got the wrong person in mind then. Sorry
  10. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    So looking back at the Eastbourne programme, Lewis Kerr has an MPA average of5.61 from 14 meetings. Not exactly inspiring when it’s a numbers game. My opinion of course
  11. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    Clueless: maybe, then enlighten me more, in fact enlighten every one more. Supporter since 1977: seen thin & thinner over the years. ch958: have been on bus & car trips with you. Maybe just hit an age where entertainment & value for money comes before following “ the crowd” and going just because it’s the done thing. Not inspired by the changes hope they prove me wrong and we go on to win the league, the first since 1981.
  12. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    Well R/R has worked for 3 months or we would have changed ages ago. If we had looked hard enough the riders may have been there. Poole managed in the end. So we end up with an injury prone gater who I can’t really recall passing anyone, that has reached his peak and replaced one of the most exciting , upward going rider we had with a big future ahead ( management words earlier in the season). So much for the loyalty that Ben banged on about earlier in the season.
  13. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    So the rumours are right, very underwhelmed at these changes. Hope it works for Redcar, but sorry I won’t be there to see it happen. Like everything in life it changes, but not going to pay money for something you dont like.
  14. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    It may be better than R/R, sorry, will be better than R/R but it’s only my personal opinion that if it is who is rumoured then the entertainment factor will be less. Just my personal opinion though
  15. Biffa

    Redcar 2020

    Speak for yourself, I would sooner have what we have now than the rumoured one joining us. Very disappointed.

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