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  1. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    A typical THJ response, I expected no less. If you can’t remember me speaking to you umpteen times that’s fine, the last argument we had was with Mr.Phillips about certain goings on regarding alleged ‘ sponsorship ‘, But I am instantly forgettable and , unlike you, quite happy to be so. You have never liked being told your wrong but , as Ive already said, your consistent so crack on lad as you do like to be the centre of attention and we all know you “don’t give a flying fig.“ Before you say it...I will crawl back in my hole ....until the next time,.....hopefully on the terraces.
  2. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    THJ , you don’t like being ‘ outed ‘ but you’ve always been consistent over the years, never short of something to say even if it is somewhat ‘ exaggerated ‘. Standing near you season after season, even at Workington and Redcar has always been amusing but definitely not because of your ‘ jokes’. Still , this team forum would be one hundred pages shorter without your tittle tattle so keep it up.
  3. Ringitsneck

    2m rule scrapped from july 4th to 1m

    Reading the Newcastle threads it looks like them and not just for this season. Let’s hope not!
  4. Ringitsneck

    Edinburgh 2020

    Strange, as British Superbikes have just announced they are admitting pre booked crowds into their events from July.
  5. Ringitsneck

    leicester lions track hire ?

    Vision has little to do with it. Most of the clubs do not currently have the capability to do such a thing. It would need considerable investment from some and that is not going to happen in the current climate.
  6. If Grajczonek is turning down £200 + a point in Poland , never mind what he’s on at Sheffield, then you think ‘ reality ‘ will really kick in soon ?
  7. Ringitsneck

    leicester lions track hire ?

    As Scunthorpe has had to cease ‘ Private Hire ‘ sessions due to complaints from the noise Leicester is possibly the only track running sessions.
  8. Ringitsneck

    Could the season be extended.

    There's little enough for it during the normal season so no chance of them wanting to attend in November!
  9. Ringitsneck

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    You were doing well till the Glasgow bit... better stadium , YES, better race track? NO.
  10. Ringitsneck

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Ive seen poor meetings at Torun but , I agree, EWR has improved over the last few seasons.
  11. Ringitsneck

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Whilst the EWR track usually produces excellent racing it is not a good stadium . It is adequate but then the prices reflect the fact it's not Belle Vue and it gives value for money. Take away the Godfrey factor ( wish he'd stay off the microphone as he's so biased and insulting to visitors ), There is a lack of seating for the elderly but otherwise it gives reasonable views from all around, the food and public toilets are adequate , car parking is good and I'd rather attend the EWR than Leicester . The downside of the place is , from a riders point of view, the Armco barrier around the track which has added to certain riders injuries. There is a home advantage to be had due to the undulations around the track but then that isn't necessarily unique to the EWR. Only one changing room for all competitors with just one toilet and a couple of showers ,that can be for around 20-30 riders on a race night, never mind the 50 plus that attend amateur meetings. Despite all that it does produce good racing, certainly better than Shefield of the last few years and I would rate the racing as in the top half dozen in the country but it is not as good as Belle Vue, Somerset , Glasgow or Redcar in my opinion.
  12. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    Even Brian Clough lasted longer at Leeds than Pipe.
  13. Ringitsneck

    Premiership Junior League

    " use their own riders" ? Now that's interesting as most of the club's haven't run second half races for years and the fact that Sheffield are having to advertise for riders shows that the league already has issues. Add the fact that the matches will be run on ' school nights ' ( Monday's-Thursday's ) then the real yougsters out there are going to have to take time off school to attend most tracks in this league. I hope it does work but I see it just being the MDL/SDL riders being cherry picked or NL riders being classed as juniors as there isn't enough NEW youngsters to fill these teams.
  14. Ringitsneck

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    I quite liked the lad and thought he was doing fine at Redcar but they certainly did not shaft him. If you have a tantrum and a fall out with the management , expect concequences, but I do hope to see the lad get a chance somewhere.
  15. Ringitsneck

    Armadale Devils 2020

    You don't like Wallinger, now you don't like Phillips, you really do add value to this thread.

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