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  1. Having listened to another clubs latest promoter interviews it was interesting to hear that Somerset’s riders were mostly signed up by other clubs before the AGM took place suggesting the usual back scratching going on around the top table mafia. Gutted we’ve ended up with the bad apple and he’s already hit the social media headlines for all the wrong reasons!
  2. Somerset signed Jason Doyle, a world champion , and their wage bill increased massively but the crowd level went up exactly zero percent. Good financial sense ?
  3. Might just be because the clubs can’t afford them. They are trying to reduce costs not increase them.
  4. Ringitsneck

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    What about Josh Embleton ?
  5. Ringitsneck

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    This would be the Saphires team ! I did say there would be a drop in standards , because most of the previous heat leaders in the NL will be riding as graded reserves in the championship so that equals out. Joe and Josh become experienced riders in this new level with the likes of Archie, Dean and others getting a chance to show there worth. Is that what the NL was intended to be , a platform for new youngsters ?
  6. Ringitsneck

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    So now you can name 5 Dave , you only need 2 more and there’s a few within a 50 mile radius who could ride in what will be a much lower standard NL including your own Dean Douglas , who does seem to get forgotten about at Brough. I know he’s a bit raw but he’s keen. There’s even a couple of potential young lads down the road who I’m sure would ride and others who attend their amateur meetings that could be considered.
  7. Ringitsneck

    Sheffield 2020

    You’ve just proved what I said....your a bell end.
  8. Ringitsneck

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    Not sure they / you can grade the likes of Cole’s, Phillips, Ruddick with all their experience in the Championship and NL the same as Kelly , Palin, Gilkes, who have one season in the NL. But then I don’t agree that J Smith or Thomas should be below some of the 4’s so it’s personal choice I suppose.
  9. Ringitsneck

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    Yet the guy who ran the ‘ training school ‘ says he doesn’t know where the riders will come from ? Strange statement.
  10. Ringitsneck

    Sheffield 2020

    Doesn’t matter where in the country I’m from, your idiotic conspiracy theory doesn’t belong on any page never mind a speedway discussion. You've contributed nothing , just made a ridiculous statement. Having lost a relative and two good friends to something you claim doesn’t exist is just insulting.
  11. Ringitsneck

    Sheffield 2020

    Unless this is supposed to be funny, which it isn’t, then your coming across as a right bell end .
  12. Ringitsneck

    SGB Championship 2021 Confirmed Signings

    Hang on, we have Josh, Archie, Danny, and Dean then throw in Alcock and we had Wallinger lined up so that is six to start with , throw in someone like Danny Phillips ( local and without a team ) and you have a team, and that’s without going looking far.
  13. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Well they are going to have to be heat leader class from the off as they wont fit into the reserve ‘ rising star ‘ programme, will they Dave?!?
  14. Ringitsneck


    I’d be interested to know how many new riders are going to be required for the 5 year plan to last that long. Looking at the youth rounds entry list we will run out of riders before 5 years is up as no one new has taken up the sport last year or this!
  15. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Meaning Embleton may as well pack the sport in now as he will never get a chance in championship. Age should not be a factor, experience should. We can all rattle of names of lads who didn’t start till late on, Craig Cook being a prime example!

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