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  1. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    That is against the BSPA's own rule book. Whilst we all know the rules are being bent you will not find their names listed at more than one track. The ' offenders' have put puppets in the title roles. ones that spring to mind are Chapman, not listed as promoter at either Ipswich or Peterbrough is he? but as the co/ owner ? The Bates put Machin in at Leicester, and Dickson, whilst they covered Sheffield. CVS , promoter at Wolves and a shareholder at Redcar, not a promoter. Are there others ?
  2. Ringitsneck

    Redcar 2020

    The question mark intrigues me. Is that a question ? Or an answer?
  3. Ringitsneck

    Redcar 2020

    Please let it by Pipe! Then we might just get a team manager at Newcastle. But could it be our George? We get all the Bears rejects so about time you got one of ours.
  4. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    Yes, he's not liked and if you've spent any time with him , know his previous and listened to his ' surmons ' you can understand why. Lets hope he talks less and let's the results speak for him.
  5. SPONSORSHIP AVAILABILITY AND DETAILS A few more people have been asking about the details of the packages available to sponsor for the Farewell Meeting. There is an opportunity for your company to sponsor the whole meeting. That package is still available. For further details please contact us on the email below. Full rider package is £200 and this sponsorship gets you..... Entrance for 2 and access to the VIP Lounge Pie and Peas meal Drinks vouchers Programmes A photo with your sponsored rider (sent on to you after the meeting) Access to the centre green to watch some of the action The racejacket of your sponsored rider Parking within the stadium CURRENT AVAILABLE RIDERS Lewis Kerr Jordan Stewart Kevin Doolan Ellis Perks Anders Rowe Emil Grondal Sam Masters Heat sponsorship £100 Entrance for 2 people Programmes Drinks vouchers Pie and peas meal Parking within the stadium 11 HEATS LEFT AVAILABLE Tyre sponsorship £50 Entrance for 1 person Programme Drinks voucher CURRENT AVAILABLE RIDERS Lewis Kerr Jordan Stewart Paul Starke Ellis Perks Anders Rowe Emil Grondal Sam Masters Craig Cook - now reserved Fuel/Oil £20 Programme Drink voucher CURRENT AVAILABLE RIDERS Kevin Doolan Anders Rowe Emil Grondal Sam Masters Craig Cook All of the above packages also include yours or your company name in the programme advertising you as the sponsor. If you would like to take out a sponsorship, please get in touch by emailing RobbosFarewell@hotmail.com
  6. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    His local club wouldn't give him one, at any level. Speaks volumes.
  7. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    Thank you George. No matter what standard of team we have had over the last few seasons you have kept the sport going when it would have been easier to say goodbye. We all know the sport is dying and love him or hate him, he kept us afloat. The Diamonds are now in a similar situation to that lot down the road when Havelock left the Bears and we know they have turned their fortunes around Now we have the new broom and hopefully a brighter future.
  8. Ringitsneck

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    I think Mr.Pairman has hit the nail on the head. Simply a case of rules being enforced, either by the SCB or the BSPA. Whilst it appears to some to be a witch hunt , it isn't. If the people involved still want to run a team, they can! The NJL are all ' amateur ' teams run by volunteers not the club's themselves, the idea is to give youngsters a chance of rides so the name should make no difference.
  9. Ringitsneck

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    "Information I have been told/ read" So your just spreading rumours then? The SCB are supposed to run the sport as they are the rule enforcers/makers, the BSPA run the clubs, hence Vatcher attending NJL AGM's as he tells them the rules they have to adhere too. Vatcher will also be the controller of the MDL/SDL. Perhaps you need to replace Godfreys name with Vatchers?
  10. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    He will easily be a big scorer around Newcastle and compared to others that have ridden in this league he is still a yougster.
  11. Ringitsneck

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    If your rumour spreading is true, and we have no evidence that it is , then why would the head of speedway want to do away with basically an amateur junior development league that has no fininacial effect or any other implications on him , his club, or speedway in general other than to benefit it? They/ he have not impacted on the NJL although I understand Vatcher does attend their AGM. Th NJL have had Castleford and Halifax appear in their league and also have had Barrow, Sunderland and other 'extinct' clubs in their competitions. There has got to be a legal reason for any interference as Godfrey's own track provides more opportunity's for juniors than any other track in the country.
  12. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle Gems NT 2020

    Not sure how I feel about this new rule. The Cradley situation a few seasons ago was exactly the same as Newcastles yet they were allowed to pick an all star team to compete in the trophy which did make it a fiasco so I understand the BSPA not wanting a repeat of that. But why has it taken the BSPA so long to take action ? Do they and Jason Pipe , the so called head of the NL , not speak? Perhaps Newcastle were ill advised on how they could make up the side?
  13. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    Because Poole's track is as bad as it gets, why else would I mention it? If it was free , then thank you Redcar.
  14. Ringitsneck

    2020 Fixtures

    Don't blame Redcar, the BSPA assigned them the meeting. As for the SoN clash, don't care , I'd rather attend a league meeting any day.
  15. Ringitsneck

    Newcastle 2020

    You can make Poole's track look smooth in a photograph. We all know it isn't! Jonathan will do a tremendous job and nice that that lot down the road have let us use ( hire?) their blade but the proof will be when the bikes get on it, then it might just need a teak here and there.

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