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  1. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    News on our brand new 50/50 draw!
  2. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    We are not disputing this fact, but what we are trying to do is change it. And without change and introducing a younger demographic to the sport, I think we can all agree that speedway in this country is on borrowed time. And considering we now have over 1500 followers on our facebook group, I think it's safe to say that when we put a post out, it is actually reaching quite a lot of people.
  3. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    Good evening THJ, We here at the Supporters Group would just like to assure you that we are totally aware that not everybody has access to Facebook, and we are also especially aware that our older generation of supporters will most likely not see any posts put on Facebook by ourselves or anyone else in management. This being said, however, Facebook still remains the quickest and easiest way to gain the opinions and thoughts of a majority number of supporters. This then helps us make decisions as a club, who have listened to what our supporters are thinking. Surely this can only be a good thing, yes? So while we are pleased that you are "still laughing now", if you could try and refrain from insinuating negativity in to our hard work and efforts to incorporate our supporters opinions, that would be very much appreciated. Many thanks. P. S we are yet to receive the email you previously mention in this thread this evening. Rest assured though, every effort will be made to access it at our earliest convenience. Regards, NSSG
  4. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    The email address to request any information regarding refunds on season tickets or any other information regarding tickets etc is Info@newcastle-speedway.co.uk This email address has been given out numerous times on press releases by the club and nobody should have any issues in contacting any of the promotion/management as we are all readily available to speak to. It would be appreciated if third parties would not try to relay false information or information that hasn't been confirmed officially by the club as this just causes unnecessary histeria and headaches that are not needed at this difficult time.
  5. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    Good afternoon to all. The promotion at Newcastle would like to make a statement through the Supporters group in regard to the current rumours and to hopefully help people stop worrying about our situation at Brough. Due to the covid 19 pandemic and for the benefit of greyhound racing at Newcastle there had been talk of staging greyhound racing on a Sunday and live streaming into bookies. This had been talked about for a bit and would of been more then just for a short term period, moving us onto the only other day available at the stadium, a Monday. Thankfully the greyhounds have opted out of Sunday racing and have decided on taking their extra meeting mid week now. This was advised to us yesterday, Saturday. One issue we do have at the moment is with exception of a handful of track staff and a racing manager, all office and grandstand staff are furloughed till later in the year and the main grandstand areas are all locked down, which for speedway are very much needed to operate. We have put a proposal to the stadium in regard to the grandstand and are waiting for a reply. We will update you all as soon as we can. Many thanks.
  6. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    I run the Supporters group, and I assure the post was not removed at all by the "insistence of Mr. Grant". If you look on the Supporters Facebook page, all monies that have been raised at the social events are clearly detailed in posts on the page (the last one being 9th Feb). There would be no need to ever have a post removed of this nature. There are a lot of opinions that circulate on this forum (but not limited to) and not a lot of truth from what I can see. It still astounds me that to this day, there are still people who will gladly find a problem to every solution! Without Rob, Newcastle Speedway would not even be in anyone's consideration this year, never mind running. As with any company in trouble and under new management, things must change in order to sustain longevity, and if people actually care about Newcastle being able to continue to run for many years to come, then I would expect them to be showing slightly more gratitude and trust in the person that's saved speedway on Tyneside, as he could also have so easily decided to walk away from his decision to save our club. As for the website, it has been stated before, but I will state it again, that the new design of the website was already agreed before the takeover. It may not be to everyone's taste, however it runs off the same web design as many other clubs in the country, and we will continue to run with it until at least next year. Finally, in regard to Jason. Rob is more than entitled to have the people on HIS team that he sees fit. It may not have seemed fair to Jason, but unfortunately in business decisions have to be made that may not be popular, but will benefit the business in the long run. Everyone at Newcastle wishes Jason well and there is no animosity between us or him, it was just simply a business decision that needed to be altered before the season began. I sincerely hope this clears up a few issues on here.
  7. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    Hi. Newcastle Speedway Supporters Group are putting a bus on for the Ben Fund on 29th March at Scunthorpe. Reservations need to be made to the Supporters group with a deposit of £10pp. We will be leaving Brough at 10.30am. Give me a message if you're interested. Many thanks.
  8. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    With our NL Trophy team for 2020 now announced and 90th-anniversary meeting line-up not too far in the distant future, for those of you who aren't on Facebook drop us a message on here to get your tickets reserved for our upcoming Race/Bingo night with the full Diamonds 2020 team there to also answer your questions! Tickets £5pp (includes hog roast and cold buffet) 7pm start South Gosforth Social Club 07/02/2020
  9. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    Good morning guys. Just wondering if there is anyone else on here, who doesn't access Facebook, and is wanting tickets for the Xmas party this coming Friday 20th? Many thanks
  10. NSSG

    Newcastle 2020

    Hi guys, for those wanting tickets for the party please send an email to nssg@newcastle.co and I will reserve your tickets. If possible payment in advance is welcomed as their have been 100 tickets sold and I would like to get people through the door as quickly as possible. All details will be given through email. Thanks.

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