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  1. Send James Sargeant over to Poland for intense training
  2. Looking back at it I reckon Woryna was a tad unlucky to go,. seemed to me that Wozniak may have opted to get off knowing Woryna would go. Well done Noviak, that's what speedway is about
  3. Is Gorzow on the same channel ? Thanks
  4. jrs

    Mr Garrity

    He quite possibly has reappeared on the forum already
  5. jrs

    Soldier Boy

    Well done sandman, I trust he's enjoying it. I did win £30 on Saturday, doubt that'll help get me to the Caribbean though
  6. jrs

    Soldier Boy

    Seems strange reading sandman's posts again after all these years, he was one of the forum's real characters. He just seemed to fade off the forum. Anybody know if he still posts ? My old brain tries to tell me he was living in the Caribbean on a boat !
  7. jrs

    Phil Disney question

    So Phil disnae ride anymore !
  8. Same here whenever I could escape homework and chores, a simple little game that gave years of fun, and even winter tours to India, the mysterious lands of Oz and New Zealand.
  9. Probably Ronnie Smiths father
  10. I was thinking along the same lines, that some inventive youngster, probably Ronnie Smith, might have had his own invented game and even typed up a programme for it. I remember in the early 50's brother and I had an "Owzat" game, and we would have county games and test matches with full eleven man teams, and occasionally include ourselves in the teams. These matches were often abandoned though as my brother would often storm off when he was losing. He's still a bad loser lol. There wasn't much else to do in those days with no TV or computers.
  11. Thanks rusky for posting the link. That's a rely enjoyable watch and great to see and listen to how peoples lives and direction change. And well done Tai as well.
  12. jrs

    Corona virus

    You were warned on several occasions !!
  13. jrs

    N.Klindt at Tesco

    If he missed the gate he'd probably have problems trying to pass me let alone the old lady
  14. Weren't they called standpipes ? Memories of '76 and the aftermath of the '87 hurricane. I saw one last week when the water authority were testing water quality outside my place, and they used a temporary standpipe and left it gushing with water for 30 minutes.

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