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  1. Certainly looks good on a 500 for a fifteen year old, it'll be good to follow his progress over the next couple of years.
  2. Correct decision , Lyager just went from gate 1 straight to the boards.
  3. Don't tell me Poole have signed Jeppesen please
  4. Steve see R&R post at top of page 255 But no mention of it not being on Premier tonight
  5. The only reason Laguta was so far in front was that the other three kept messing each other up.
  6. Heaven forbid it might be a Poole one two
  7. Give me the Polish commentators any day, and I can't understand a word they say except for surnames
  8. I assume it's for protection in the pits and changing rooms where they mingle closely. They are supposed to be in a bubble I assume to protect the series and Polish League speedway
  9. Best wishes to Adam and a speedy recovery Jonny.
  10. At the moment it looks a cert, as I don't get room service I'd better take a break for tea and hope things are better when I come back !
  11. Thanks DG, looks a good stream
  12. Broc Nicol to win the challenge
  13. At least we can still watch the Lodz match while there messing about in Gorican. I must say I prefer the Polish starting rules, everybody knows exactly where they stand
  14. Getting the best pic on dutch grasstracks Russian link , thanks dutch
  15. I'm getting a better quality pic on freestreams, but I can't get that or maniak to display in full screen, is it the same for everyone else ?

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