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  1. Crikey Wolfie , you're in desperation mode again this morning.
  2. Don't worry Badge he's obviously managed to get into a beer garden a day early. Maybe we should have an anti-village idiots riot on the 24th to liven things up for him, as he's obviously bored
  3. jrs

    'the Donald' Trump

    I recognise that, I've seen quite a few of them, it's an incubator from a maggot farm in Suffolk.
  4. jrs

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    I thought the scarecrow outside number ten was a bit of an embarrassment. He couldn't even be arsed to brush his hair.
  5. jrs

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    I reckon if it was left to Phillip he would have said carry on as normal. Times have changed, he knows that he was respected and will be well remembered at his funeral by most of the country.
  6. Special Dispensation in the best interests of Boris Johnson. Oh I nearly forgot, there are elections next month.
  7. And you can add Colin Murray to the list, his self importance and fake accent get right on my t*ts
  8. jrs

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    Sad news , RIP Prince Philip , so close to a century. ! Thoughts are with the Queen and family, you did your bit Sir and you often made us laugh.
  9. jrs

    Tiger Woods car crash

    Pleased he's improving. I see that he was driving in a 45mph zone on a known dangerous road, but went off the road whilst accelerating at a speed of around 80mph. They believe he may have hit the accelerator and not the brake !
  10. jrs

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Rolls Royce are a subsidiary of BMW . Tata are an Indian company Rolls results are no surprise, good European management in a buoyant luxury car market. Benefiting from China and the middle East. And Bentley are owned by **
  11. Made me laugh yesterday. One headline was 12000 fans allowed into Hampden Park in the fresh Glasgow air, but a full house at the Crucible trapped in doors. I know it goes under the guise of an experiment, but somebody in snooker must be pulling the right strings in the Tory party.
  12. It would be even better for Labour if you went up to offer support to a lame duck Tory candidate. That would guarantee a Labour victory
  13. What was critically wrong in this country, and it always gets brushed under the carpet, is why were we not prepared for a pandemic or major emergency. Very seriously we don't invest in proper contingency plans, mainly on the basis of it being costly. I doubt this government have learnt a lesson from it and we will be caught with our pants down again before too long.
  14. jrs

    University Challenge 2020/21

    Lawson got on my nerves as well, the two lads on the left were the best for Magdalene, I've always been a light blue in the boat race, mainly because my brother supported Oxford. Old habits die hard eh. Thought Rout was good for Warwick. It was really a win for the Bees as Warwick Uni is more or less in Coventry lol.
  15. jrs

    University Challenge 2020/21

    Pleased Warwick won it, they've been very consistent throughout the competition. Actually got six correct, two guesses, and four geography questions including the African grid references, I was quite shocked.

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