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  1. Jenga it's only a short drive over to Berwick every Saturday and they will be very appreciative of your financial support here. Keep us entertained mate with your posts and good luck.
  2. Traditional Northumberland weather for tonight, sunny blue skies and temperature in the 20's and just a light breeze, perfect for speedway. Time for people to get off the beaches and get into town
  3. jrs

    Berwick v Redcar 9/6/18

    It's really surprising what "crescent girl" gets up to during a meeting
  4. He's getting worse, becoming a nasty rider to cover up his deficiencies.
  5. Poor old auntie doris suffers from double vision
  6. Just noticed this article on the main BBC news page today. It might well interest those in East Anglia who follow cycle speedway, seems like Len Finch was quite a character, and a sad ending. A bit before my CS days. RIP Len http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-44174853
  7. Over the years many of the best riders have been very lightweight, and the great Peter Craven never had a problem ! Hopefully his feet are kept firmly planted on the ground as he has a fantastic opportunity to develop into an incredible rider. Disappointed to here Pearson and Tatum constantly rabbit on as if he is unbeatable. A bit more maturity and common sense approach from them is more likely to be helpful to Bewley.
  8. This is a thread about a seriously injured rider who's livelihood has been wrecked, and who is going to need a lot of support this year to get him back on his feet, let alone earning money. It's not another thread about Poole. It would be nice for once if people stuck to the thread title.
  9. It would be great if Belle Vue managed a collection for him tonight. His injuries are horrendous and he is still in critical care https://www.daveyracing.co/single-post/2018/05/14/MITCHELL-DAVEY-INJURY-UPDATE He is a fellow forum member and many will probably remember one of his original posts and videos asking for rides when he first came over here about ten or eleven years ago. I wish one of the good guys of speedway all the very best for his recovery, it's a tough time for Donna and the family and I wish them well.
  10. Thanks Osirian for posting that update. Just when Mitchell had started the year so well this happens. Wishing Mitchell a speedy recovery, and thoughts are with family and friends. Good luck
  11. jrs

    Stoke v Brummies NT Sat 21st April

    For a fifteen yet old Leon is well known for his ability and his experience from European racing is almost certainly helping him enormously. It will be brilliant if he can build on this fine start and who knows what stage he will have reached by the end of the season. Heat leader with any luck ! Keep nurturing him down in Brum and hopefully he will truly develop into a man who will reach the top, the people of Berwick and the borders have great faith in him.
  12. It would be a nice touch if "Falkirk Bandit" got a mention tonight, and even better with a hard fought victory in a spectacular meeting that provides a suitable memorial ! I well remember his weekend ramblings on the forum after a few jars, they would put a smile on anybody's face. Thoughts are with FB's family and friends at this unbelievable difficult time. RIP Falkirk Bandit
  13. jrs

    Henryk Zyto - 1960 Coventry - R.I.P.

    I'm really saddened by this news. I remember as a teenager at Brandon when he arrived, thought he had a mystical astral name with Zyto sounding like a distant planet. He added a new dimension to the team, and really seemed to light up the stadium every time he came out on his bike. Henryk was a bit special and always had time for the fans. Somebody will put me straight on this but wasn't he nicknamed the "Michelin man" or "India rubber man" as he always bounced back up smiling after a fall. He inspired me to borrow my old man's Puch from the shed and learn how to slide a machine round a cycle speedway track lol. Thanks Henryk Zyto may you rest in peace , and in the memories of the thousands you entertained at Brandon.
  14. jrs


    It would be a veryvery nice newsletter lololol
  15. jrs


    Hope you've applied for the head of media and internet communications job

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