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  1. SilverBee is sadly missed on this forum, and I think it must be at least a year since he was texting on updates. A sharp wit and a half. But full marks to all of the others, texters and updaters for doing a difficult job whilst trying to enjoy themselves. Don't know how texters manage on our freezing cold nights when meetings are running late.
  2. That's brilliant news to know that Mitch is well on the road to being fit for next season. I hope all goes well tomorrow.
  3. I'm guessing Sue must have been doing it for about eight or ten years now. Shame we don't see her much on the forum these days. It's been invaluable to me for staying in touch.
  4. With the end of the season just around the corner I would like to thank Sue and her very special team for the magnificent service that they provide. For many many years we've maybe taken the updates site for granted, but believe me each and every texter and updater, and Sue's right hand people are really appreciated. Thank you guys
  5. He might very well want to ride in the UK next year, and without doubt all supporters would love to watch him racing here. He really is becoming a fantastic GP prospect and for him the economics of the job will eventually have to dictate where he works. Like the rest of us he is still waiting to find out whether or not we'll have speedway in the UK and at what level next year, because he'll need top quality competition to keep him progressing. I must admit he has really impressed me this season, not only in his racing but in his off track demeanour and interviews. Good to see him smile and look like he's enjoying life.
  6. Ford probably thinks it's time to get out whilst the business still has some value left in it. And I doubt he wants to stay around and try to help speedway in the UK recover from the mess that he has contributed to in a big way this century.
  7. Shovlar will need his emergency underwear now
  8. It's obviously fake news as it's not an "Official" thread.
  9. Cheers, with Adam having previously spent time at Poole just wondered if he was their asset.
  10. One thing missing in your dreams of passing, the NSS track
  11. Are there any Poole agents in the Somerset team ?
  12. jrs

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    thank you Ghost
  13. jrs

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    You need the hot windy weather that we have got ! Not got premier sports so will have to rely on updates
  14. I see updates have Clegg at number 1, is Connor Mountain out injured ?

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