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  1. jrs

    Corona virus

    It's Delta that pull the strings at Virgin now.
  2. jrs

    Corona virus

    We go back to the old efficient days of it being delivered by horse drawn van, same way as they delivered beer and pop in my youth. And you even get free manure for your gardens if you follow the horse for long enough.
  3. jrs

    bandits 2020

    Or it could be his favourite number at Bingo I suppose.
  4. jrs

    bandits 2020

    is that really his age ?
  5. jrs

    bandits 2020

    It's been reported that he was spotted at Gobblers Knob in Pennsylvania on groundhog day
  6. Yet another season has drawn to a close, and once again Crazy Sue and her intrepid texters and updaters have come up trumps again. So thanks Sue and your wonderful gang for providing such a brilliant service, we'd be lost with out you, hopefully more of the same again next year You really are appreciated
  7. jrs

    bandits 2020

    What Berwick need is a form of the squad system where Gappmaier rides home meetings only and a similar average more versatile rider takes the away meetings, job done.
  8. jrs

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Anyone would think it's April Fools day
  9. jrs

    Split Waterman RIP

    Really sad news. RIP Split Thoughts are with your family and friends.
  10. Great world champion, well done Bartosz. You couldn't get a better final meeting of the series, superb racing all night. Let's hope Tai has an injury free season in 2020, and that this years experience will help Robert for next years series, if he gets that wild card.
  11. I see Pearson and Tatum are back to their worst, not a single mention of the nesr disaster for Lambert in heat one, seems like they just want to out shout each other.
  12. jrs

    Brandon Update

    Sadly all the developers are concerned about is more money. I expect many are waiting and hoping that the Tories will come up with another scheme like "help to buy" that will push house prices up even further, or they are hoping for a post Brexit/non-Brexit bubble to come along eventually, not to mention the value of the land increasing whilst its stagnant.
  13. Who's Middleditch got lined up to replace the injured THJ in the final
  14. I thought Trump was happy when Sky went down, mind it cost him thousands of dollars to fix it.

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