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  1. Henryk Zyto - 1960 Coventry - R.I.P.

    I'm really saddened by this news. I remember as a teenager at Brandon when he arrived, thought he had a mystical astral name with Zyto sounding like a distant planet. He added a new dimension to the team, and really seemed to light up the stadium every time he came out on his bike. Henryk was a bit special and always had time for the fans. Somebody will put me straight on this but wasn't he nicknamed the "Michelin man" or "India rubber man" as he always bounced back up smiling after a fall. He inspired me to borrow my old man's Puch from the shed and learn how to slide a machine round a cycle speedway track lol. Thanks Henryk Zyto may you rest in peace , and in the memories of the thousands you entertained at Brandon.
  2. Berwickbandits2018

    It would be a veryvery nice newsletter lololol
  3. Berwickbandits2018

    Hope you've applied for the head of media and internet communications job
  4. Coventry City Community Day

    You must have worked as "an everything in triplicate" civil servant lol
  5. The problem with generalisations is that they are subjective. If you take all statistics and mean averages into account you will almost certainly end up with only one person whose situation exactly reflects the result of those statistics and averages. Everybody is influenced by their own personal needs and circumstances and priorities especially when it comes to leisure expenditure. To apply fairness into senior admission discounts promoters would have to apply a means test system, which rightly without doubt would infuriate people and lose even more supporters. Naturally everybody has to judge for themselves the values that they apply to the admission prices.
  6. Johnny Chamberlain Rip

    RIP Johnny Chamberlain Always thought he was a fabulous little entertaining rider. In my hazy memory I'm sure it was Johnny who was involved in an accident on what we would now call bend 3 at Brandon, where he was thrown high in the air and clean over the safety fence landing hard on the ground before the terracing. I always remember how silent the stadium seemed to briefly become, and it was probably the first time it sunk into my thick skull as a reckless teenager just how dangerous the sport could be. Thanks for the memories and my thoughts are with Johnny's family and friends.
  7. I only found out the date of the re-arranged match by accident. It might be helpful to some people if the thread title was amended to the new date. I'm not a facebooker or tweeter so being an old dodderer I hadn't heard about the new date. Every extra bum on a seat is important (tried to find an emoticon of a big backside, but no luck)
  8. I suppose Crescent Girl should be added to that list as well
  9. Congratulations, a thoroughly sensible decision. Hope we didn't pay a transfer fee though.
  10. As the master of the apostrophe it's time that Norbold was called into to investigate and apprehend the offender.
  11. Newcastle 2017

    If only our Berwick promotion could have been as proactive as the Diamonds and snapped up Bowtell, we might very well have had something to smile about this week. Good luck to the lad and you Diamonds, he might very well turn out to be the ace in the pack for you.
  12. Bandits V Diamonds 10/6/17

    The obvious solution for you is to become BanditGlory and change your allegiance, and as long as we keep winning at home I'm sure everybody will chip in with a few pennies to cover the admission of our lucky mascot.
  13. I would say it was just a little bit of friendly taking the mick out of Northern rivals by b4l, there are far more important things to worry about these days. Let's face it, sadly Berwick haven't had the chance to celebrate much this season. However I should think the Tiggers will be quaking in their boots at the thought of facing the marauding Bandits tomorrow lol
  14. Brandonbee 48 Rip

    That's such sad news. Thanks R and R for passing on the news, I am really shocked to say the least. It's always been enjoyable reading Alan's posts when speedway streams are live on the net at weekends. You'll be missed BrandonBee My thoughts are with Alan's wife , family and friends RIP fellow Bee
  15. It's a sad situation for the Bandits. It's time the management acted and managed the situation and took immediate steps to change things around. If they don't they will lose all the goodwill that they have built up in the town over the winter and early season, and attendances will drop dramatically. They must act fairly with those that are underperforming, no time for giving their favourites a second chance, it must be decisive ! Time to bite the bullet. With the goodwill that has been built this season a winning team will pay dividends, but the current mess will sadly lose scores of punters Congratulations to Dany on a superb performance, and with all due respect it's no good having ageing decent second strings as heat leaders. Berwick supporters really deserve a really good season. I notice Dany's winning times are consistently good, and so far he is the only Bandit to win a race tonight. Where do we go from here ?