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  1. jrs

    Model Railway

    Thought this was interesting Steve, just noticed it on todays BBC news page. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-59531846 Looks like a great model of the Calder valley line. Amazing that it's 200ft long.
  2. jrs

    Football 2021/22

    Such sad news this morning that John Sillett has passed away, a man with a very big heart and personality, who along with his co-manager George Curtis led Coventry to their famous entertaining Cup Final victory over Spurs in 1987. And another sad loss to the club as George Curtis also died just a few months ago. Both of them would have been chuffed too see the City playing so well this season. I can still vividly see the pair of them celebrating at Wembley with a real sense of joy in delivering the Cup to the City. He had a great career having won the championship with Chelsea along with his brother. Thoughts are with John's family and friends. Let's hope the City can come up with a win this week in his honour.
  3. jrs

    Who is number six?

    Surely it's easier to start a new thread if you want to change the matter under discussion, rather than hijack a thread.
  4. On radio 4 yesterday I caught part of a discussion about the anti-vax and anti-mask industry. In the last year research has shown that the anti-vax professionals that our three follow have made in excess of £34m from their twitter accounts, facebook, webinars etc plus many other addons. Quite staggering really. Makes me wonder if our three professional anti-vaxers have profited from their nonstop barrage of anti-vax and anti-mask information on here that has often been proved to be false. In my experience amateur Twitter leverage campaigns have little success in the end.
  5. jrs

    Elaborate Scam Warning

    That scam has sadly been going for at least a couple of years. There have been warnings in all the financial magazines including Which? and money supermarket etc. My bank also has warnings about the scam on the security section of their website. The fraudsters are very plausible and sadly some people get caught out. I thought the FCA were bringing in new rules to help people in this situation. A very sad situation for anyone to find themselves in. Could advise them to get in touch with BBC radio 4 money box live, they featured a case a couple of weeks ago.
  6. jrs

    Azeem Rafiq

    Detention for you Roberts
  7. I'm sure you would if you were one of them .
  8. jrs

    University Challenge 2021/22

    It was a brilliant contest and I thought Bristol were going to knick it at the death. Both teams deserved to win.
  9. jrs

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    That turned out to be a very special day. Just wish I could have been at the party. A real shame that Foggia turned villain for the day when he took the new moto3 world champion Acosta out on the final lap in another crackling moto3 race. In moto2 it seemed like Gardner was playing with fire sitting in the pack where he could easily have been involved in somebody's problems, but he got the title in the end although I think Fernandez is a slightly better rider, and it'll be interesting to see how they both get on in motogp next season. And finally a good race win from Bagnia who is beginning already to look like a champion for next season. It ended the season well to finish without a runaway race winner and full marks to Miller who nearly got there in the end and Martin who looks good for the future . And to cap it all, what a day for Rossi ! Finished tenth only 13 seconds behind the winner at the age of forty two. I first saw him at Brno in 96 (if my memory serves me well) and it was obvious from the start that the gangly kid was different and very talented. Little did anybody realise quite what he would do for the sport over the next twenty six years. One big thing he brought to motogp was the fact that he had humour in his bones and he could make people and other riders smile and also learn how to endear themselves to the masses. The end of the race gathering of all the riders on their bikes to pay tribute really showed the human side of the sport and respect. His protege Bagnia certainly seems to have the talent, but could he fill Rossi's boots for twenty six years. Let's hope that the sport continues to grow. Thanks Vale for making Sundays so good, think you made a few shed a year yesterday. And a well deserved special award at the FIM season awards ceremony last night.
  10. Just like so many posts on here are taken from search engines.
  11. And why is Britney Spears given prominence in all news bulletins is beyond me ? Surely there are far more serious issues that affect the world. No more rants today.
  12. jrs

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    Well it's the final weekend of the season, Rossi made me laugh when he echoed my thoughts that it would be nice if the rest of the field let him take a podium in his last ever GP he even added that he'll pay for the party afterwards ! It'll be a sad day on Sunday and I hope they give him the farewell that he deserves . Touch wood the rain doesn't reappear for tomorrow. Congratulations to Pedro Acosta on clinching the moto 3 world championship last weekend. It was the usual cracking harum scarum race, and Binder robbed us of a deciding race this weekend by wiping out Foggia. For a rookie it's a great feat for seventeen year old Acosta, it'll be interesting to see what he can do in moto2 next year. And barring disasters it looks like Gardner will take the moto2 title tomorrow. The surprise of the year for me is that young Lecuona is leaving motogp for WSB next season, after having improved considerably over the second half of the season. Hope it's good weather and a good crowd for a special day.
  13. What I can't understand is why the media seem to think that people are actually interested in her !

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