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  1. jrs

    Brandon Update

    My brother told me about this last night, it looks much worse than I thought it was. I’m absolutely mortified that in this day and age companies can get away with it, but that’s the way this country is these days . There’s zero real policing, this government don’t give a monkies about proper planning or what real people want. If you can afford it you can get away with anything these days. It’s the destruction of my teens and early twenties, it is sacrilege.
  2. jrs

    European Union - In Or Out?

    i think we know a few on here.
  3. What a charming pompous person you are. I suppose you’re quite funny really, good to see you can still throw a few insults about.
  4. Oh dear the great waffler can't even spell "off" correctly . Better go to the Learning Centre !
  5. Don’t forget he’ll need a translation in Arabic before he gives us the news
  6. jrs

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Strange I always thought it was referred to as "lower case". I thought "small case" was where Mrs Phloppy hid your sandwiches in the morning as you toodle around in your posh brown van
  7. Also on this site with Pol Div 2 match on the same channel.
  8. jrs

    Moto Gp, 2 And 3

    I thought Ogden did very well over the last couple of races and is now more or less on the pace of the front running pack. Once he gets used to that pace and the mayhem in the group he should start getting some better results, hopefully. And we're off again today at Jerez, should be a good weekend with speedwayGp as well. This year I've become more interested in moto2 as the racing has been closer and competitive, but it was incredible when they all went down like nine pins one after the other on Sunday. Believe the general opinion was another damp patch had appeared that caught them out. Thought it was very unfair that a lot of the guys weren't allowed to take part in the restart although they appeared to be ready to go. Jake really had a good chance of victory, but I often feel that he lacks concentration at times. Overall another good weekends racing, you could always dash over the border to wave the flag in Jerez on Sunday lol.
  9. jrs

    New Cross

    Saw the thread title and thought it must be about Easter and an ancient tale of the custom of dragging a cross and a frying pan through the streets of London, to a newly discovered sacred site.
  10. jrs

    Football 2021/22

    Do us a favour and let us win on Saturday Out of interest which Matt Taylor is your manager, is he the quick left back with a fair few rockets fired into the back of the net, ex portsmouth W Ham and I think Bolton., if I'm thinking of the right guy.
  11. jrs

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Brilliant experience for young riders. We really should thank the Poles for training our future(we hope) riders , and giving them wider experience and knowledge of proper quality speedway tracks.
  12. More Bowlarks from you Blu, when will you realise that apart from Ruff and an old man from Offas Dyke, nobody takes a blind nit of notice of you !!
  13. I won't accept a pretend ignore, i want the real thing . It's strange how Blu was so hung up on Sweden and the Netherlands a year ago, yet he/she/it ignores them now. Quite sad how the hangers on just accept everything
  14. You seem to be busy today, surely your maggots should need some attention from you, or are you on an alter ego day , if so you should be doing something for your patients or what ever else you do in your fake life. Oh i forgot you said I'm on ignore so maybe I'm wasting my time with this.
  15. What an ugly sight your legs are Mumsie …… can’t you buy a razor in fantasy land ? Blu will never fancy you with legs like that

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