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  1. speedwayplus

    Edinburgh 2018

    That's not the case in this instance. This is a new planning application to approve the principle that the stadium can be demolished and houses built. It is not an attempt to extend any currently held permission. That's a very optimistic assumption Mr Blobby, would like to know what it's based on. The owner of the stadium applied for permission to demolish it and build houses on the site last year. The ONLY reason that application was rejected was because of the lack of places in the local primary school. It is claimed that there are now sufficient places in the school and therefore the only barrier to a successful planning application has been removed. With the stadium now only used on around 20 evenings a year, there seems little incentive to keep it open if you can sell it to a housebuilder for a seven figure sum?
  2. speedwayplus

    Speedwayplus Link

    Full service is now restored.
  3. speedwayplus

    Speedwayplus Link

    Apologies folks, minor problem with hosting company. Website should be functional again if accessed through www.speedwayplus.co.uk. The .com address will hopefully be accessible again in a day or two. Nice to know it was missed!
  4. speedwayplus

    New-look Retro Speedway Website

    A quick bit of detective work with Peter Oakes' 1978 yearbook tells me that Glasgow 77-1 must be Rob Hamman. The same rider appears in the 1977 team picture on the site. The give-away is the absence of both Derek Richardson and Benny Rourke from the side (though Benny is pictured in overalls). The only meeting they both missed was at Ellesmere Port on 5th April and the team for that meeting was made up by Rob - making his one and only appearance for Glasgow.
  5. speedwayplus

    New-look Retro Speedway Website

    Glasgow 87-1 and 87-4 are Derek Cooper.
  6. speedwayplus

    Former Stags and Saints

    Julian Parr is now a plasterer. There's a recent interview with him at www.speedwayplus.co.uk/julian_parr.shtml.

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