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  1. I wonder of there will be any British involvement this year with all the restrictions
  2. My opinion is mixed. The Nora product is excellent at allowing many classes of competition & it can have a very fluid programme depending on how many turn up for each class. The problem with the possibility of more venues using this same idea is the chance that riders will have a favoured track & will not attend events at other venues. Then bigger prize money will be offered & we're back where we started. The team on the island have done well this year & I hope it continues for them as it gives those that just want a chance to race to have a go without the commitment of being part of a team & be expected to travel from Kent to Devon then up to Scotland stopping at East Anglia on the way home to have 3 rides at each & still hold down a full time job
  3. Technik

    Playoff dates

    I think the play off result might come down to selection of guests. No rider can represent more than one team in the play offs so that only leaves those from Ipswich or Kings Lynn or CL riders not with a PL team of course the RR option is available buit only for one rider in a team.
  4. Technik

    SGP Vojens 2021

    I think the biggest change is the internet & social media. back to the 20th century & the only people we talked to was our own group of friends about meetings that we had seen. Now people from all over the world can share their opinions & have no idea who they are talking to. So what me & my group feel is good close racing at our local well prepared track is deemed to be dull & boring on a bumpy slick track from one person in Jobrovia while another in Northen Ostland states it was one sided & strung out. Different people have varied opinions but now it is much easier to have a worldwide voice. I believe the racing has always been good it's the world outside speedway that has changed
  5. Technik

    SGP Vojens 2021

    I think Speedway Star offers Tai excellent coverage. I have to ask the reverse question, Do you think Tai supports British Speedway?
  6. Technik

    SGP Vojens 2021

    Maybe Nicki Pedersen has the right idea. Brace for impact, fall, wait for red lights, get up once exclusion light comes on. walk back to pits with helmet off if he is in the re-run. sometimes taking a dive is for the best result for the lead rider. It can be said "He could have stayed on" but for what reason? A rider is leading only for a desperate lunge inside him then the charging rider forces him to stand his machine up & head to the fence then watch the other two riders pass as he regains control & continues metres behind. So many times a rider has to go down for a race to be stopped. So why should a rider ever try to stay on if he believes he has been unfairly passed?
  7. Technik

    SGP Vojens 2021

    We don't know the full extent of the incident. If Freddie was KO'd or declared himself unfit or the Doctor says he is unfit to ride then there would be little point in a re-run
  8. Technik

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    It was a fair night of racing Danny King was clearly the top rider on show but Bjarne Pedersen rolled back the years to give him a run for the money in the final. It was good to see Crumpy take the "B" final even if he was given a flyer but the old man needs a little help sometimes. Still an awsome superstar. Downsides, It was very dusty even if they tried to keep the dust down with watering every couple of races it was far to dusty. Also this led to the first 12 races taking over two hours to finish. but the worst for me was after they gave out the riders for the final & I with many others had marked down which helmet colour each rider would wear in each final they came out in a different order, Thankfully it was noticed & my programme remained correct to the announcments (Thanks control box)
  9. I believe Jason Crump will be back next season stronger & fitter than this. I will agree he may never be the force he once was but he will be on a very competitive average when March 2022 comes around
  10. Technik

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    It appears Richard Lawson has a broken collerbone. Such a shame for the end of his season, nice bloke & always 100%
  11. Technik

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    So your saying Newman would be there anyway. I know he is without a team at present but I didn't understand why he would travel to Plymouth just to be a reserve when I think he is possibly better than half of those nominated. I think I would have put Henry Atkins at reserve. I know his father is the meeting sponsor but the lad has not raced this year since the injury. He may have had a session around the circuit or after a meeting but theres a big difference between practice & racing
  12. Technik

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    So can I assume a 12 rider individual & this will be the riding order? Pleased to see young Henry Atkin getting a run out after his injury. Also suprised to see Kyle Newman at reserve
  13. Technik

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    What is the line up? I try to make a trip to Plymouth each year & this might be my day
  14. I picked a home win but I'm shocked at the performance of the Glasgow side, Only offering any defence at the very end with a 5-1 in Ht14. I'm sure the Ford family will be happy to pay the extra wages after a massive win & hope it brings more in the gate next week
  15. Technik

    Ipswich 2020

    You don't need to undergo an SCB review for "Family Issues" It is well documented that he has a mental health illness & this was the problem again. The problem is he is playing this card each & every time to get out of trouble & many now think the boy has cried wolf once to often.

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