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  1. Technik


    Laguta is at 30/1 because that's what the bookmakers think his chances are given advise from their staff Speedway is a very small sport in the world of bookmakers & has very little history in gambling. And Russian speedway has had minimal involvment at world individual level since the 60's/70's eras. with all the SGP events now taking part in Poland & Czechia I think these odds are even more generous
  2. Technik

    Corona virus

    indiscipline & an I'm all right Jack attitude are the biggest danger to all of our future. it's easy to blame any number of things but when you are advised to stay home how many of us found an excuse to go somewhere we didn't need to be & qualified it with "well it's only once" I'll be OK. Look at our own Prime minister stood outside Number 10 telling the nation to stay indoors, The Queen gave the same advice from her study. Days later Boris is in a Hospital bed but 94 year old Betty from Windsor is doing well.
  3. Technik

    Riding in Poland

    I guess that shows the difference between private medical treatment & NHS standard practice. You can't just walk into your local A&E & expect a CT scan. they take time & cost a lot of money & man hours.
  4. Technik

    How many tracks will run meetings

    At present I think there will only be amateur events. However should we get the go ahead to allow limited paying public within a stadium I believe there will be restrictions such as pre-booking of tickets to be in allocated seats which will be in a permanent stand at upto 20% capacity & no standing spectators. Riders limited to a single mechanic & only one team manager with the minimum of pit staff. If we can show discipline in this regard maybe there might be hope.
  5. Technik

    Corona virus

    I think it's at the stage now where our promoters are becoming more worried about the financial losses if they were to run a shortened season into November. We have seen the indiscipline over the weekend with pubs allowed to reopen & as yet premier league football has not been granted a facility for any public attendance. I would hope the BSPA can be sensible at this point & stop stringing us along, We are aware that many stadiums are rented & their staff are in furlough & that many new problems have to be solved like protective shields at entry points, themo checks for all that enter the stadium, restriction of access from area to area & employment of more stewards to police social distancing. All this costs money & who is prepared to foot that bill. There are many clubs like IoW & Plymouth that rely on the holiday season & Peterborough who race at the EoE showgrounds that has cancelled all events this summer, then Poole & Kent who have hired Leicester as they are unable to access their own tracks to practice. I think it's time to bite the bullet.
  6. Technik

    Reading Speedway - Smallmead.

    Smallmead was a fantastic race track which was a credit to it's curator Doug Harris & Jeff Sealey. The size & shape of the track complemented the bikes used at that time, it might not be as exciting now as most riders use a very short stroke motor. The Stadium at it's best looked like a garden shed which was OK when it was tucked away at the end of Bennett Road over the river & onto the dirt track. It's sad to think that in the early days we had to wait to start racing as traffic would be queueing down to the Basingstoke Road & beyond. If only some of that money had been put into the up keep of the stadium. The writing was on the wall when the new by-pass was built followed by the football stadium then Kennett Island & the hotel. The Dore family sold their interest to John Posthlewhite who had very little idea of how to run the business & by the time Legg & Holloway stepped up it was only a matter of time. Even the return to the Racers name & dropping to a level that was more appriciated to the dwindling crowd. It was a blight on the landscape & the council would be easily swayed with the weight of investment from the surrounding area. Driving past now I'm not unhappy that the stadium has been destroyed, I know that I will never see racing in there again. conversely I feel sorrow every time I go past the Cowley stadium in Oxford it's still there & what would it take to get racing back on track their fan's must be depressed when they see their stadium
  7. Technik

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I have read over the weekend that the Danish will allow schools to reopen on Wednesday but shopping centres & pubs clubs & restaurants are to remain closed. In Sweden there is a daily low of 17 related deaths recorded Both countries leagues have been rescheduled for a start date in mid-june let us hope that can go ahead
  8. Technik

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    As I see it at the moment the daily deaths are getting up to 1000 per day. I hope it will not go much higher. before anything can even be talked about that level must be at least halved then we can start talking about easing back on the lockdown but that cannot be implemented until daily deaths fall below 100. So far as a return to opening sports & entertainment arenas I feel the guidelines will be by number & it will be valued on the maximum available capacity. So if the limit is 500 persons & your capacity is 2500 you will not be allowed paying public inside your arena. Cinemas & theatres maybe allowed as they can limit ticket sales but major sporting events will be another issue
  9. Technik

    Adventure Boyz

    I got the DVD from my local store AMAZON. It's a great little film it's a bit of a Home Alone spoof at times but it's not offensive or a blatant copy. It's fun & interesting it shows a good bit of speedway without it dominating the film This is clearly a low budget project but has been put together well enough. It might not make the Oscar nomination list but it is an enjoyable watch.
  10. Technik


    I'm going for an each way bet on Laguta. I think his odds are great value
  11. Technik

    Rye House 2020

    Rye House under the BMR flag was made into a fantastic race track. All the improvments were looking good except the god awful infield & then the end of the money. To come back the infield needs to flat for a start.New electrics installed conneced to the main grid. As for the raceday I think Saturday would be best but I think an earlier start time, possibly 17:00 might be better.
  12. Technik

    Riders to improve in 2020.?

    I will be looking at Jason Edwards at Eastbourne, He should be pushing for a top 5 spot early on & will be an entertainer. Ellis Perks at Leicester I feel he could end up being top rider at Leicester by the end of the season. Somersets Anders Rowe, I think he will start at reserve & will be back at number 2 when the averages change pushing for heat leader status
  13. Technik

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Mental health is often refered to as an invisable illness. There is no way I can discribe it as it manifests itself within the individual. But some can hide it well enough so only those that are close will know anything. Listen to Smokey Robinson & The Miracles preform their hit "Tears of a clown" it will help many understand what a sufferer is going through
  14. Technik

    Danny Ayres RIP

    I have seen the rise of Danny Ayres from his early days when he came from moto X he would enter the turns foot forward & get round like a 50P onto his detirmination to ride faster than he was able. Until it all fell into place & Danny Ayres the speedway rider arrived. But through all of this his humour dedication & humility shone out. The title "Mr Entertainer" feels so inadiquate in this day & age he was the ringmaster & we his big top. He will always be remembered for his 2019 British Final but for me so much more. The thing Danny Ayres was best at was being Danny Ayres RIP Danny Ayres "The GREATEST Entertainer"
  15. Palin is more experienced than he is given credit for. he has ridden in the youth championship at all levels, NL last season as well as many continental events where he has held his own.It is my sencere opinion that Jordan is more than ready to step into a Championship reserve berth in 2020

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