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  1. Technik


    I don't think it would be a wise idea to replace BWD or Congreve, I'm almost certain that neither would have traveled 12,000 miles from NZ without a substantial financal input from Newcastle speedway. I'd say Mr Grant would be keen to see his investment show some return in the not to distant future. All the time BWD is on his starting average he's an asset for a "Horses for courses" guest facility whilst he's still on sick note duties
  2. Technik

    European U 23 team championship 2022

    Petr Chlupac is no slouch either, it would be no suprise to see him as top Czech on the day
  3. Technik

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    There was a lot of green light go starting tonight & Birmingham worked it out. I have to say Oxford need to take a good look at a few riders returns around their home circuit.
  4. Technik

    Song Title Game

    Star - Kiki Dee
  5. Technik

    Dennis Waterman RIP

    He will be greatly missed. He has been involved with many top TV shows over the years The Sweeny, Minder & New Tricks to name 3. One of the small screens top actors. May he Rest in Peace
  6. Technik

    Riders ...under power, racing or not?

    There is a rule that a rider can be disqualified for not making a bonefide effort to race. But if a rider is tailed off in 4th & is still on the track & has not stopped moving forward my opinion is until he has been lapped he can continue & claim any points he may qualify for. The Referee will not know why he is traveling so slowly, it might be a mechanical issue or even personal injury. Nobody likes to see a rider give up & just roll around the track but we all stand up to clap the efforts of any rider that pushes their bike for half a lap for a single point. From what I can make of it a rider that makes no effort & comes last has already been punished with no points money & the fans disapproval so why the need to disqualify him as well
  7. Technik

    World Snooker prediction competition 2022

    Trump -V- O'Sullivan. I think Ronnie is playing more freely & expect him to take an early lead putting pressure on Trump. I think Ronnie will win by between 3 -5 Frames
  8. Technik

    Oxford vs Redcar KOC 27th April 22

    In the first meeting the outside gates were the best in the early races. I only judge from gate to first turn. What happens after that & who scores what points are from racing.
  9. Technik

    World Snooker prediction competition 2022

    Williams -V- Trump Higgins -V- O'Sullivan
  10. Technik

    Oxford vs Redcar KOC 27th April 22

    Great meeting. I think advantage Redcar, without Gilkes at reserve for the home team it could have been a very different score.
  11. Technik

    World Snooker prediction competition 2022

    Bingtao -V- Williams McGuire -V- O'Sullivan Bingham -V- Trump Lisoowski -V- Higgins As much as I like Williams he is not getting enough big breaks to survive at this stage.
  12. Technik

    World Snooker prediction competition 2022

    I'll go for these. Selby -V- Bingtao Page -V- Williams Wilson -V- Bingham McGill -V- Trump Robertson -V- Losowski Saengkham -V- Higgins Xintong -V- McGuire Allen -V- O'Sullivan
  13. Technik

    Oxford v Poole 20/4/22

    As I understand it there was some dispute over stonemans rides & with all the changes & rechanges with the reserves I can see that some confussion could happen. But he did take his 3 rides as required so eventually it got sorted & apologies were made over the tannoy. But all in all a good event some close racing I'm sure the track will bed in & the dust will go away. well done to Poole I had a slightly bigger margin I think Ruml & newmans scores were a step in the right direction If Heeps can make the same improvment I believe the Cheetahs can do well this season
  14. I would guess that the promotion at Oxford will wish to hold out for a few weeks as they expect the maximum capacity to increase from its existing 2000. The first two events at Cowley have sold out (Long may that continue) & as the work there gets closer to its finish I think the capacity can near double

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