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  1. Unfortunate to all of us in the rest of the world, Speedway wouldn't have a future if it wasn't for Poland. The sport has been in free fall for years until Poland reminded us what we had been missing. Arguably the NSS in Manchester is the best track in the UK and in reality it is a carbon copy of a successful formula in Poland. I would love to see the sport thrive and have GPs all over the world but lets be honest, at the moment only Poland can sustain multiple GPs at a profit. The racing this year has been, at times, excellent and a credit to the sport. We need to use such events to re=engage public interest in the sport.
  2. Yes the majority of the meetings have been in Poland but as a result we got racing. The rest of the speedway word take note; crappy little tracks with one line and no dirt kills the sport. Bartosz, not unlike last year, would have won this year whatever tracks the meetings were on. He is, as the moment, the best rider in the world.
  3. RedOx69

    highest avg rider

    In all of those remarkable Nielsen seasons it has to be remembered that he never just chased the win and would team rider whenever he had the opportunity. Not only a the best no.1 in the 80s but also the best team man. He made very average riders look like world beaters.
  4. That's right, Geoff lived in a couple of places in Oxford and Bill was his spanner man. I seem to recall Bill driving round in Geoffs old car for years and years after, a black Ford. I also recall Bill spannered for Richard Hellsen, Wayne Muddle and Klaus Lausch at various times. Richard stayed for a while after his spell at Oxford and was still there when riding for Kings Lynn.
  5. The testing has all but stopped - For the general public they are only testing by exception and in the most extreme cases. If you don't trust someone that has gone through and is from a medical family, check with your local doctor.
  6. I would be the last person to quote Corbyn, I detest the man. There is sooo much miss information right now to avoid panic. The deaths will roll in as the virus spreads, just look at the numbers elsewhere. The country was lead down a path and we are now going to have to deal with it. Am I getting over it, yes, but I am in good health and not over the age of sixty. Per my previous quote, there is no testing going on in hospitals anymore. The testing has all but stopped. They check for other known illnesses, if that doesn't work and then if the symptoms match they determine you have corona but it isnt added to the stats. (My nieces are a doctor and a nurse and they have also confirmed they are no longer testing - London hospitals) I hope you have locked away yourself (if sick or elderly) and are avoiding elderly friends and relatives. The spread is much larger than we currently believe.
  7. I have Covid-19 and I can assure you that we have not been told the truth and that there was/is inadequate management of the situation. The government could have shut the country down weeks ago and limited the spread. It chose not too and to take a policy of assuming that a large percent will get it and then it will die out due to people becoming immune. What they failed to consider is that in order for this to be effective 250000 will die. Now that this has been realised they have changed policy but it is too late. Now for my own experience; I was admitted into hospital late last week after a visit from the paramedics. I spent 6 hours in the wards unsupervised as they tested me. I was tested for everything except corona, ( "we don't test for corona in the UK anymore" ). After 6 hours the doctor told me that all other tests are negative so it has to be corona (but as it hasn't been officially confirmed, as we no longer test in the UK for corona, it doesnt get listed as a confirmed case in the statistics). After reacting well to the IV I was told to go home and self isolate until it has passed. In questioning how I get home, the doctor recommended a taxi. I asked what type of taxi driver will take a corona patient who was still being sick, to which he had no answer. So I was in the hospital, confirmed by the doctor as having corona and what did they do? The answer; nothing, I was left in the public areas and had free access to roam. I was sick several times in the public bathrooms and nothing was done about it, no attempt to clean or sanitise leaving everybody else exposed. When I was deemed OK to be discharged, I was shown an open door to the main public area, where I was subsequently immediately sick again. Have the government played this well? No, they took an ill advised high risk strategy that will lead to thousands of deaths. They didn't want to learn from the Chinese example because at a time when the economy is struggling they didn't want to be seen as the government to take steps to put more pressure on. They can always blame corona afterwards if things get really bad rather than taking a proactive approach. Are the health services prepared. No, my own experience indicates that inadequate processes are in place to limit the spread. Are the numbers being covered up? Yes, we have no real idea of the true numbers as almost all testing has deliberately stopped which makes favourable reading for the media releases. Is they proper screening at the airports? No, I was already sick when coming through UK borders on Friday. I wasn't sick when we took off but took a bad turn on the plane. No one checked me. I have travelled to other countries in the last few weeks and they were all screening. Have we we been giving a false sense of security and are still living in denial? Hell yes, most in the UK now, as a result of not reacting and taking the learnings from elsewhere, coupled with an ill advised high risk strategy will get it. I wish you all good luck, trust me it isn't pleasant....and not going away soon
  8. As a child I used to live next door to Geoff in Oxford. He would also spend time with my family. I used to tell him he wasn't as good as Anders Michanek and every time he beat him in the second halves he would come round to tell me. As a 4 year old I wouldn't have it. Geoff used to talk to my father ( argue/debate they had opposed views on safety) about his preference for solid safety fences rather than the chain link, " because you can bounce off them, rather than getting dragged in". I remember the day that we were made aware of his passing and the recalling of the "safety fence" discussions. Very sad, great guy.
  9. RedOx69

    Notoriously Dirty Riders

    Over the years you see so many you would consider hard but not necessarily dirty. The worst bit of sportsmanship I have ever seen however was from the talentless Rosco . Rosco had little ability but occassionally could gate. On one particular night at Oxford he made the start in front of the recovering from a serious injury Andy Hackett. Hackett, after taking a year out from injury, was just starting to find his feet again. Rosco leading coming out of the fourth bend was struggling to hold Hackett off. As Hackett tried to over take going down the straight, Rosco turned right into the fence. Hackett never had a chance and never rode again, career over. Ironically, Rosco later signed for Oxford but was never accepted and never seemed to understand why.

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