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  1. NoRightTurn

    GP betting 2020

    Ah thanks, I work for 365 and I'm not able to have an account. I know ladbrokes have done some heat betting in the past, I'll just have to keep an eye out later.
  2. NoRightTurn

    GP betting 2020

    Couldn't see any books with reliable heat betting which was gutting after a long wait for some GP punting! Unibet had a weird X Rider to win heat Yes/No market which i was using though, getting some great prices on Laguta although lost a fair bit of profit on his one dodgy ride. Hoping skybet get the heat betting up tonight so i can have some proper fun, think I ended around £60 quid up so plenty in the war chest and I definitely missed out on a couple of heatwinners depending on what their price would have been. Be interesting to see how much form carries over really, Doyle and Dudek both had decent last rides, maybe could get some big prices on them early on considering they struggled at the start. Laguta is 9/2 for the championship with bet365, it says 16/1 on my slip
  3. NoRightTurn

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    Sounds like they will offer refunds if required: I'll keep mine for next year as it was a bit of pain to get tickets with the website crashing. We're still planning on travelling to Poland as it stands.
  4. NoRightTurn

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    I've dabbled in the UK meetings before but it's frustrating when a team mate gets in front and your selection settles in behind. Who do you back heat betting with? I can't punt with 365 and I haven't noticed them on Unibet yet.
  5. NoRightTurn

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    I'm on Grudziadz off scratch in the next meeting, investing some winnings on Woffy beating Vaculik in a match up (4/6). Can't wait for the GPs to be back so i can get involved in some heat betting!
  6. NoRightTurn

    Extraleague 2020 odds

    Does anyone have any good stats sites they use to pick out bets? Looking for like rider point totals ideally.
  7. I'm keeping my tickets, we went for the VIP ones with the buffet and free bar etc as this was out first Warsaw GP. Gutted to have to wait but I'd rather go when hopefully things are much more normal.
  8. NoRightTurn

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    Looks like majority of EU countries will be exempt from the 14 day quarantine, announced today/tomorrow: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/01/75-countries-exempted-quarantine-individual-air-bridge-plan/ We've currently not no accomodation booked but not sweating too much over that. Just need an announcement soon as to whether it's on or not!
  9. NoRightTurn

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    This is getting silly, I've still got flights booked but i don't fancy risking the travel if I'm not going to be able to enter the event. I can't see how they will be allowing full capacity in 1 month. I don't mind what they do - postpone for later in the year, cancel it and keep tickets for next year, but the waiting is conerning, or offer refunds and state that they're only admitting x amount of people. Just some news would be good!
  10. I can understand provisionally rescheduling, especially as it's Warsaw and a temporary track, but I would be very surprised if it goes ahead in August.
  11. NoRightTurn

    Corona virus

    I mentioned in the Warsaw GP thread but Poland are closing the borders to foreigners from this weekend. Hoping the world can get ahead of this thing but I can't see how unfortunately. Tough decisions for all sports to be made soon. At least we're not mid-season though.
  12. Not looking good at all, BBC reporting that Poland is closing their borders to foreigners from Sunday. I can't see a way that this gets resolved quickly unfortunately. This was to be my first Warsaw GP too and with Stoke gone I'm going full speedway cold turkey!

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