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  1. PistonBrokeAgain

    Sheffield vs Belle Vue 30/09/21 POSF 1st leg

    About 2 miles from the track and started raining about 30 minutes ago......
  2. PistonBrokeAgain

    Panthers vs. Tigers 20/09 Live on EUROSPORT

    Good result for Sheffield...look what happens when Batchelor can be bothered! One question though....Why do Sheffield keep using James Wright? He is doing worse now than before he was dropped! Surely someone like Josh MacDonald would be a better shout for the play-offs?
  3. PistonBrokeAgain

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield (Eurosport) Monday 06/09

    I would have thought club asset Josh MacDonald or even Paco Castagna would have been a better option, should averages allow?
  4. PistonBrokeAgain

    Belle Vue -V- Sheffield (Eurosport) Monday 06/09

    Why oh why do Sheffield keep using Bickley? He offers diddly squat in terms of points outlay! Can Sheffield not re-call James Wright?
  5. PistonBrokeAgain

    Sheffield 2020

    Honestly think we'll do better with a 6 man team and r/r
  6. PistonBrokeAgain

    How Well is Your Club Promoted?

    The question is..... How can you promote something which is, quite honestly drab at best right now? Promoters from week to week don't know who will be riding. It's time to get back to basics...upright, reliable bikes, local riders if possible who are willing to give up an hour or so of their day to take their bike to local schools and give a talk about this wonderful sport. It's not hard to promote this sport, it was done quite well in the 80's/90's but the powers that be seem to just expect us to turn up week after week to watch what is essentially 15 minutes of "entertainment".
  7. PistonBrokeAgain

    Kings Lynn Stars v Sheffield Tigers 19/08/21

    No Ellis tonight....Chris Harris guesting for the Tigers
  8. PistonBrokeAgain

    Tigers v Panthers 22/07

    I can't understand how Sheffield keep using Bickley? He will never trouble the scorers and was one of the most over-hyped 15 year olds in history! Surely Drew Kemp with his track knowledge would've been a better shout or Leon Flint? Can only see an away win tonight....

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