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  1. MattB

    Edinburgh 2022

    They've jumped the gun by saying it will be ready in Spring 2023, when given the work that will be needed if and when they even get the go ahead is an extremely large ask.
  2. MattB

    Edinburgh 2022

    Exactly my point. Edinburgh have jumped the gun here and its led to people believing its in the bag when it's anything but
  3. MattB

    Edinburgh 2022

    Fair enough, but even a very basic stadium would need planning permission, which is generally known to involve reams of red tape. Look at Belle Vue, which took almost ten years from the plans being unveiled and the first meeting and the opening night that almost never happened.
  4. MattB

    Edinburgh 2022

    Don't get me wrong. I wish them well with the project and I'll be delighted to have egg on my face when the tapes go up on Edinburghs first match in the stadium. But getting planning permission, sufficient funding AND constructing the place all before next Spring? Seems a little ambitious. As I say, believe it when I see it
  5. MattB

    Edinburgh 2022

    Bit puzzled as to how Edinburgh are so confident of this being ready next Spring when they haven't got planning permission yet. Lots of hurdles still to negotiate surely Sorry, given what's happened with Reading and Swindon in recent years, I'll believe it when I see it
  6. MattB

    Start line shenanigans...

    3 words that are about as inappropriate to use about British Speedway as any others in the dictionary.
  7. MattB

    Programme content

    From what I can see some clubs seem to make more of an effort with the programme than others. Belle Vue always seem to do a very good programme and the Birmingham programme is also good. Even though its my team, i think the Wolves programme is poor value for money and was one of the main reasons I stopped buying programmes altogether.
  8. MattB

    Programme content

    I've not bought a programme for at least 10 years and in the last three or four I've started using the My Speedway programme app. Now with social media and "instant news" the thought of spending a cold evening writing things down (particularly in meetings with loads of changes) doesn't appeal to me.
  9. MattB

    Wolves v Sheffield 30/5

    After a somewhat slow start to the meeting, the second half was some of the best racing I've seen at Monmore for a good while. Sheffield had too many riders that were off it really
  10. MattB

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Got to say that in the three Premiership matches shown do far this season, there's been very little to get excited about in terms of racing.
  11. MattB

    Brandon Update

    My fear now is that with the number of intruders getting into Brandon (be it to take photos or trash it), how long before someone gets in there and ends up getting badly injured or even killed? A glance at the newest photos tells you how unsafe parts of Brandon are now. Brandon Estates and Rugby Council. This is on you. Sort it out
  12. MattB

    Brandon Update

    Looks like the arsonists have been busy at Brandon again. Newest photos are shocking
  13. MattB

    Wolves v Ipswich Monday May 9th

    It's the way they've always worked. Point still stands though. Wolves have made judgements in the past on the strength of 1 meeting. Doesn't help of course when Jorgensen turns up to a track that, although not one of his favourites, he actually rode well last week - only to find said track is set up completely different the next.
  14. MattB

    Wolves v Ipswich Monday May 9th

    They both have a say in picking any guests
  15. MattB

    Wolves v Ipswich Monday May 9th

    Not the first time CVS has picked a guest on the strength of 1 meeting. Summed up by him coming out to the tapes in Heat 8 when he wasn't even in it.

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