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  1. Its British Speedway. It doesn't do professional.
  2. I hadn't spotted that. Does anybody in this sport know what they're doing?!
  3. BOTH professional leagues can confirm agreement has been reached on team building regulations for the 2022 season – and Oxford Cheetahs are back! Promoters have held a general meeting to discuss regulations and the Premiership will build to 39 points for six riders plus a rider from the Rising Star scheme. The Championship will build to 42-points for seven riders. These decisions are official with the traditional AGM no longer in place. Discussions on all aspects of the sport have proved to be extremely productive as clubs look to build on an entertaining but challenging 2021. It can also be confirmed that Oxford will return to the sport at their traditional Cowley Stadium home and will enter the Championship. The door has remained open for both Kent and Birmingham to also enter the Championship if new promoters can be found to take on the clubs and they have until the AGM to do this. The National Development League will stage an AGM soon with more clubs looking to enter than in recent seasons. Rob Godfrey, Chairman of British Speedway Promoters Ltd said: "The members of both the Premiership and Championship have held in-depth discussions over the past few weeks and months. "Riders are starting to be announced by clubs because there is an agreement in place in both leagues regarding team building rules. "We are delighted to welcome Oxford back into the sport at the same time as continuing to support Eastbourne in their hope for a return in 2023. We also hope Kent and Birmingham’s issues can be resolved to bring them to the tapes for 2022. "The 2021 season, particularly towards the end with the wonderful success of the GB national team and the brilliant Grand Final showcased by our broadcast partner Eurosport to a huge audience, underlines that speedway is still very much alive and kicking in this country. Long may it continue."
  4. He was right though. Take those two races Penhall won on the line out, and there was very little else in the way of racing
  5. Ivan Mauger once said the 81 final was overhyped because it was the last Wembley final. There have been several very good races in this meeting
  6. Fair. Wouldnt have backed on Nicholls winding the clock back to 2001 either
  7. Belle Vue's reserves have really let them down tonight. Brilliant effort form Peterborough
  8. Ryan Douglas is the only Wolf to come out of this disastrous performance with any credit
  9. Been men against boys really.
  10. All over now. We've capitulated like a pack of cards again
  11. MattB


    Or even a five minute plan
  12. Oh you can be sure if there's a way to screw up, then the BSPL will leave no stone unturned to find it
  13. Shush. You'll spoil the surprise...
  14. When they persist in having all the major finals in October, they really do get what they deserve
  15. Well done Peterborough. Place in the final is theirs to lose. To many of our riders simply did not turn up

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