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  1. pcnorwood

    Belle Vue 2016

    To be fair to the Belle Vue promotion, they are use to a rutty track at the old stadium, maybe that's what they thought speedway tracks are all like. :-P Here's looking forward to what a shambles the World Cup will be. Major mistake offering it to a track that hadn't been built at the point of being announced. Let's hope we see back at Kings Lynn.
  2. pcnorwood

    Speedway, What Is It?

    Speedway is a business, that is slowly dying a painful death in this country. The standard of racing in the top flight or lack of it, is one reason why I haven't bothered going to any Poole meetings. Looking at alot of the teams, they dont excite me anymore. The flame is slowly dying inside me for a sport I used to love passionately.
  3. pcnorwood

    Riders To Watch In 2014

    Thanks for that guys, I am hoping to sponsor a talented rider next season. Its just nice to know who is doing it right out there atm.
  4. pcnorwood

    Disabled Fans

    Thanks for the reply guys/gals. Having just been diagnosed with Bi-Polar, I just wanted to know if I was entitled to any discount.
  5. pcnorwood

    Wanted - Dead Engine

    Hey, I am after an engine that is dead or unuseable, so that I can learn to take apart and rebuilt it. Thanks in advance. From HBKPCNBob
  6. pcnorwood

    Disabled Fans

    Hello, Could you tell me if being disabled that I'd get a discount on entry?
  7. We all love seeing new riders coming through the system, who are showing potential and the talent required to compete in our great sport. This post is for anyone to post in, who thinks a rider deserves our attention and support.
  8. I am 26 and for me I started losing interest 6 years or so ago. In my eyes British Speedway isnt value for money anymore. Watching Poole week in and week out winning comfortably at home bores me. I rarely see a meeting now where I think, Poole might lose at home tonight. Knowing that a result is almost a dead cert is one problem with the sport.
  9. Due to medical reasons, I am now unable to take my place on the 22nd March at Lakeside. So if anyone is interested in my place, please get intouch with Russ.
  10. pcnorwood

    New Track And Club Fees

    It does, if the building is built after the track outline is laid. That solves so many issues with planning etc. Anyway enough of the negatives, its obvious you lot are very gulible with what you hear on the news, if you are savvy then you aren't effected by anything in government!
  11. pcnorwood

    New Track And Club Fees

    Thankfully as I am forward thinking, I have solved many issues new tracks tend to have due to noise. Watch this space is all I am saying.
  12. pcnorwood

    New Track And Club Fees

    Ok, stuff it then, if you dont believe I can achieve this, then you do not deserve a World Champion!
  13. You don't have to be a rider, to know when someone has the right talent, mental ability to race speedway. I will be tapping up untouched resources and hopefully getting a production line going of 110% Committed, Passionate, Patriotic people. All we need is 10 "Chris Harris's" or "Ben Barker's", to have a fighting chance of being the best in the world. My aim is for us to become No.1 Speedway Country and knock Poland back down to earth with a bang.
  14. Does anyone know off hand, the basic financial requirements for building a track?? Then with a track in place, what costs are involved with the Promotional side to it? Depending on finances, I would like to open 4 totally different tracks, of various size in decent locations around the country. Then as a way of improving the riders I develop, I will have 4 different clubs run on them tracks, with all 4 competing at National League level to start with. After 1 season, I will then run one as an Elite League club, 1 as a Premier League club and one will drop to Amatuer level. So then, all riders I develop, can stay with my Training Academy all the way from Amatuer to Top Flight and once they are ready to compete at International level, then they can fly the nest, should they wish.
  15. If I am able to get this idea, or a smoother version to work, will you admit you were wrong, Matt? LOL, well I am a Holder and Ward fan, so that shouldnt be an issue having that on my sig. I am very patriotic and proud to be English and with my aim, I hope to develop enough riders from the other home nations, so we can be England - Scotland - Wales - Ireland - Northern Ireland again and have home nation test matches. Dont worry Marmite, i've had 20 years on negativity in my life, so the odd one or two who dont believe in me doesnt bother me. I just hope, once I achieve my goals is that they admit they were wrong. That then helps them develop as a person and I feel better about it.

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