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  1. this is going to be good for SPG 2 for first time in Grand Prix Season!!! on eurosport
  2. speed29

    Premiership Pairs

    is this one will be very different ???
  3. I Think lot of people speedway fans will go remembering West Ham 50 Years.
  4. Where is the opening for FIM Speedway GP 2022
  5. Im glad we got qualification now, but i just don't understand they not put on TV its stupid, and i got discovery plus on amazon prime but i cant find spg qualification!!!!!
  6. its really silly that qualifying is on eurosport on app on on TV
  7. Is qualifying practice will be on TV???
  8. I don't know if they put song Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins on FIM Speedway GP Season 2022 Opening????
  9. My choice it could Chris Louis commentating
  10. Yeah Ringwood Speedway 1937 to 1993 they called Ringwood Turfs, i think lot of Aldershot people missed Aldershot Speedway as well.
  11. speed29


    If Bradford will come back in Speedway!!! it will make Speedway fans happy , not only that we need bring some old teams back like Swindon, Reading and Coventry.
  12. speed29

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2022

    Yeah Speedway will be on Eurosport 2
  13. There was Fleet Falcons was Cycle Speedway in 1955, i don't know if Fleet will make join as Speedway Team???.
  14. I Can't wait for new TV Studio

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