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  1. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Im sure the Management will try to avoid any clashes with the Commonwealth games Athletics being staged across the Park at the Alexander Stadium.. https://www.birmingham2022.com/venues/alexander-stadium/
  2. Maybe the leaseholders decision to stop running Greyhound meetings is all part of the plan to reduce the community use of the Stadium, and then get the Stadium designated for future redevelopment, mind im stuggling to work out how Stadia UK will benefit financially from redevelopment unless there aim is to be the developers.
  3. heathen52


    In answer to your final sentence re Cradley Fans attending other venues, Im told there are a fair few Cradley fans that attend Monmore reguarly at a guess somewhere between 50/100 it may be more but certainly not less than 50, as for Cradley fans that attend Birmingham there are a few, I myself go on the odd occasion and always see Cradley fans sprinkled around.
  4. heathen52

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Where do England go from here, we have had lows over the years but this Team Joe and Jimmy apart even Stokes only shows occasionally nowadays, may as well pick a Team of all rounders at least Jimmy would get a rest now and then, joking aside we simply are not good enough and need to get back to basics or forget about the long form of the game, changing the Coach (Silverwood) wont help a lot because whoever comes in still has the same players with the flaws that they all have. I would start by playing the best wicketkeeper that we have in Ben Foakes the playing of Buttler and Bairstow is just to cover the weaknesses we have in the batting line up, 68 all out is a total embarrasment, this series will be a 5-0 whitewash and I cant see any game going into a 5th day.
  5. heathen52

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Correct, Trials to start in April but when will the actual Greyhound racing start ?, If he cant get any Live streamed meetings then he wont/cant run without any spectators, which then begs the question what happens with the Speedway. Boothby aint got the money to repair the Grandstand otherwise it would have been done.
  6. heathen52

    Edinburgh 2022

    If the Stadium has got Planning Permission for 80 Houses then whoever has made an offer must be offering big bucks. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/speedway-continue-armadale-despite-permission-21277831 Eighty Houses at todays prices is a lot of money, Speedway rent is loose change by comparison. Seems it is under offer but reading this advert there is only one way it will go... https://www.realla.co.uk/details/24115510
  7. heathen52

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    They may as well create more ashes by burning the Stumps sad to say this england Team do not have the mental toughness to build big innings, to much limited overs Cricket has taken away the need to bat for 5/6/7 hours at a time, Having said that limited overs Cricket is what spectators want to watch nowadays. Test match cricket has a limited life span left which is why i opened by saying burn the Stumps again to signify the ending of Test match cricket in its long format.
  8. heathen52

    Brum offer.....

    THJ The HSST were set up from the old Cradley Heathens supporters club, and were advised and guided by Supporters Direct then when HSST was formed we became a member of SD until the end of 2018 when SD merged https://www.thenews.coop/130902/sector/mutuals/supporters-direct-merge-football-supporters-federation/ with the FSF, and became more or less a Football focused organisation, HSST then continued on without being members of any organisation so maybe they now need to update who they are namewise and go back to being a Supporters Club which in essence is what they have always been but the thinking back in the day was that being a member of SD would bring them added benefits though Iv always wondered what they were.. Incidentally when I was a board member and HSST were members of SD we always had to submit our accounts to the FCA Iv no idea wether or not this is still the case.
  9. heathen52


    I think a NORA/IOW type meeting may be feasible perhaps once a month, however I guess the Moss family now have other interests and it is no doubt time consuming even running once a month, it cant be under estimated the time and Staff needed to run even once a month. I guess its a case of where there is a will there is a way but is there ?.
  10. heathen52

    Brum offer.....

    Im surprised by what you have said as you are usually right, however down here we have the "Heathens Speedway Supporters Trust" who have been in existence for a number of years now, and while they are not set up to promote/run a Speedway Team they are there 100% to support any promotion that runs Speedway for the Heathens and have funds available as when and if ever a suitable piece of land is ever found, I know this for sure as I am a previous Vice Chairman which is why im surprised by your comments. Stay safe have a Merry Christmas and goodluck with whatever project you support for 2022, Im guessing its Northside .
  11. heathen52

    Brum offer.....

    I thought a Supporters Trust was the way they were going ?, for sure as a supporters Trust you can hold shares.
  12. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Maybe the smooth talking Laurence could persuade one of the following to make another go of Speedway in the Uk, Mason Campton, Lewis Rose, Victor Palovaara or even the Zak Wajtknect who would probably put a few bums on seats as he was well liked when he rode for the Brummies, mind im fully expecting to see either Vissing or Adam Ellis announced as one of the Team for 2022.
  13. heathen52


    Such a shame Buxton cant find someone to takeover the reigns and enter Buxton back into the NDL, no no-one is going to make a fortune running Buxton but by the same token I wouldnt think anyone would make a big loss either and running some Flat Track and Training schools could subsidise the Speedway promotion. I always enjoyed my annual visits up to Hi edge and on a sunny summers afternoon it could be breathtaking up there, but on a bad day it is enough to freeze your wotsits off..
  14. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Are The Brummies a new company If so can they get a sponsors licence for overseas riders ?, If not then there options may be even more limited.
  15. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I know Brum will have a tight budget to work to but this will need to be balanced against having a poor team without having a proper No1, past history over a number of years have shown that Birmingham fans will not turn up to support a poor Team, so far no rider has been announced that makes me want to go and watch them. I know its not easy but Tolley, Rogers and Co need to give this a great deal of thought, Thomas will be a big miss for Birmingham as i think he has more scope for improvement than either Morris or Shanes.

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