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  1. heathen52

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    The old Wheatley Hill Greyhound Stadium has been doormant since it had a fire some years ago, now Im not local to Newcastle but is it to far from Newcastle ?, incidentally i emailed Newcastle speedway about this site perhaps 18 months ago, result I heard bugger all.
  2. heathen52

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Congratulations on signing Starke, Its about time Paul had a home Track a bit nearer to his home, recent home Tracks have included Ipswich, Glasgow, Kent, IOW and Newcastle none of them easy to get to from his home in Worcestershire or is it Herefordshire ?.
  3. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Does that still apply after last nights result ?, Brummies need strengthening of that their is no doubt, but looking at Nigels comments that will take money which is in short supply, Iv no idea how to get out of this chicken and egg situation of strengthening teams without costing even more money, simply put Speedway continues to live above its means and until such time as the BSPL grasp the nettle clubs will continue to go to the wall, that nettle being riders wanting more money than whats actually being taken at the gate, and some Teams prepared to pay those riders over and above a realistic pay rate, Speedway is in a race to the bottom not a race to the top.
  4. But the Brummies apparently dont need strengthening well despite picking up a couple of decent home wins they are destined for the wooden spoon, as for Leicester is this their year ? it could well be, but that will depend on other teams signings as we head towards the play offs.
  5. Yes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/speedway/61765392
  6. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Yeah, Starkey would be one of them, possibly along with Max Clegg who was a firm favourite with lots of Cradley fans and would add a few more on the gate, Im guessing young Pearson is in for the season come what may, which leaves the manager with the quandary of who would replace who, Starke for Auty would be the obvious one, Clegg for Pearson would be my choice but as I suggested I doubt that will happen for reasons stated.
  7. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I wonder if Laurence will have the gonads to strengthen the team with a couple of Newcastle riders ?.
  8. heathen52

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Sorry to say the dog track was run/owned by the Perkins family who decided a few years ago to close the Track and develop it, sorry for all the Newcastle fans lets hope there is a fairy godmother out there.
  9. heathen52

    Brandon Update

    Thanks for posting the video, The Grandstand is to far gone now, not much work to bring the Pits back to life, the far side stand would be the main stand maybe with the starting gate over on that side, without seeing inside its difficult to gauge what other buildings could be saved from demolition, but I personally cant see the landowners selling this for Sports use, especially if they have paid development prices for it, RIP Brandon.
  10. Firstly well done to the track staff as it had been a Hot day and there was little or no dust to contend with, secondly I enjoyed the meeting with some good racing mainly provided by Josh Pickering who was undoubtebly man of the meeting, I guess there are two thoughts to the result in that did Birmingham win it or Plymouth lose it ?, IMO and its only my opinion Plymouth lost it and here why I think that; Ht 4 Morley given as fell when it should have been all 4 back and Morley was good for a point in that race, Ht 13 Nicholls Ef when good for at least a point in that race thats my reasoning in my opinion, now the riders, I have to admit to being disappointed with the performance of Alfie Bowtell and Palm Toft, Ben Morley had whats best described as an up and down meeting, Scott was always in the mix of things, and Ben Barker couldnt really have done much more, Hans Andersson was steady, For the Brummies, As Iv already said Josh Pickering was man of the meeting, Ricky Wells aint a No1 whoever he rides for, Stefan rode well for his 8 points, and Sedgy was poor and seems to be a gating tart, James Shanes scored half decent but nowt more than he should have, Ashley scored half a dozen but hasnt really kicked on over the past few seasons. The crowd I would estimate as around 600 or 700 if Im being generous this on a lovely summers evening made up of aprox 250/300 in the upstairs bar and the remainder outside and downstairs, I and my better half availed myself of the offer to Cradley/Coventry fans but we simply couldnt justify 2 of us paying full price for a nights Speedway especially as she isnt really interested but came along as we had been in Town earlier and agreed I would go with her if she would come with me, so I guess £20 for the 2 of us, which from Brums perspective this Is better than full price for 1. Junction 7 being closed on the way home was a pain in the backside which meant going on to Walsall to get back to Cradley Heath (as if Petrol aint expensive enough) had I have known I would have gone the alternative route past the Baggies ground. Let me explain why 2 of us paying full price cant be justified by us, The wife wanted to eat at a particular restaurant in Town (Brum) drove to the Hawthorns Tram and parked up, return Tram fare for 2 = £8-20, Food for 2 = £26-00 (included 10% discount for cash), entrance to Speedway x 2 = £20-00 plus 2 x J20,s and whatever fuel we used getting there and back so all in all thats about £60 ish which is fair enough for an evening out, but if we paid full price for the Speedway that would have pushed it up to around £80 which some might say is fine but thats our weeks budget for entertainment so it comes down to personal choice, and when the footy season starts that usually gets the budget.
  11. As a Wolves football supporter I can tell you that you are way off the mark when you say that they have gaps in the stadium for home games, the only gaps you will see are the gaps between the 4 stands or a few gaps separating home and away fans, I think maybe a 2/3 home games didnt sell out last season, but back to Speedway the Sport itself has a problem in attracting any new blood at all, and its having big problems retaining what little support it still has and having a poor team doesnt help, the Brummies are falling down on all three counts, its a chicken and egg situation for them with regards Team strength invest in the team costs money dont invest support dwindles, I will say again Birmingham has a history of not supporting poor teams.. which brings us back to the Chicken and Egg.
  12. Sorry I have to disagree with your football comparison, Villa can fill there ground week in week out, Birmingham City are the equivelant of Brummies Speedway poorly run for seasons mainly due to lack of investment build a succesful Team and people will come to watch, T20 has had money thrown at it and so have the facilities, County cricket has fewer spectators than Speedway, whats the answer for Speedway ?, That I have no idea except 1 man and his bike for hire (Doubling up) is NOT the answer a bit more in the way of promotion/presentation might help but at the end of the day people pay/want to be entertained and Speedway is obviously failing in that.
  13. Having a proper No1 would help, but it seems a rider similar to Nicolai Klindt who was rumoured to have wanted a UK Team was either unwanted or unaffordable, there is no doubt in my mind Nicolai would have strengthened the Brummies when he was available, who is out there now Iv no idea.
  14. I think you are being harsh here mate, look higher up in the Team 3 Heat Leaders 3 wins between them tonight thats simply not good enough, Brum wont finish bottom but only because Newcastle are worse.
  15. heathen52

    Swindon Robins 2020

    No need for Greyhound racing to have spectators, they make there money from streaming to the shops and online, so no need for a nice plush stand and staff on minimum wages selling expensive warm beer and over priced fast food.

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