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  1. heathen52

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    Yes its actually the captain that mows the lawn and uses the same sit on mower for speedway.
  2. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Why whats changed ?, except Brum have won.
  3. heathen52

    Brandon Update

    Exactly what happened to Cradley, albeit the local authority did NOT give planning permission but the developers appealed (which is yet another string to there bow) and won, there is nothing further that can be done you cant appeal against the appeal decision so there is usually only going to be one winner, and its mostly the one with deepest pockets.
  4. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Honesty wouldnt go amiss.
  5. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Im surprised your still here .
  6. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Oh dear, The Brummies continue to shoot themselves in the foot one PR disaster after another, I hope the consortium have deep pockets because they are certainly going to need long arms if they continue in this vein, that 1000 per meeting has today got further away..
  7. heathen52

    Swindon Stadium 5th May 2022

    Im led to believe those Lorry Like Trailers which can be seen in the Car Park are supposed to be the new stand, but as I say they look more like Lorry Trailers..
  8. heathen52

    Swindon Stadium 5th May 2022

    The modular type buildings down near where the old car park was are the new stand , though it looks to me that they are already dropping apart.
  9. heathen52

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe 4/5/22

    WMs Mike Taylor covering the match which is definately on.
  10. heathen52

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    As I see it a riders job is to win races or at the very least to beat his opposite number, a managers job is to make sure his team wins then to make sure the opposition takes no league points, surely thats what the Sport is all about it is after all a competitive Sport if not then there is no point in competing, instead we should just play tiddly winks.
  11. Call that watering ?, 1 lap around the outside of the Track that was it, the riders dont even use the outside line that was watered so what was the point?, Track very bumpy in places and overtaking at a premium Leicester were easy winners and apart from Wright Redcar were disappointing.
  12. heathen52

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Im afraid that by following the BSPL refund policy the club have shot themselves in the foot, it has/will been a PR disaster, somehow the promotion need to make sure incidents of this nature cant happen again, but how to entice disgruntled supporters back through the gates is an entirely different proposition, I almost went to the meeting against Berwick luckily I didnt and I will be very reluctant to attend any meeting that has minimal medical cover in the future, not only at Birmingham.
  13. heathen52

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Just said on WM news Josh has a broken leg, speedy recovery Josh.
  14. heathen52

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Again it seems Speedway is intent on shooting itself in the foot, through a combination of things most of it being through its own rules, the minimum spectators that attended the meeting should be reimbursed is to attend a meeting of their choice either free or at most for a fiver on production of proof of attendance at last nights meeting, as for the Ambulance situation I am amazed that the BSPL even allow meetings to be staged with only 1 ambulance in attendance we are discussing a dangerous motorsport here not the local village fete, and surely as someone else has suggested its not beyond the realms of imagination for the BSPL to negotiate an annual fee with a private service to provide Ambulances at every official meeting the SJA instantly comes to mind as being an obvious choice, but again the BSPL fails to take a lead, I hope Josh makes a speedy recovery and Birmingham do what is right by the paying public.
  15. heathen52

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Like him or loathe him he was Speedway through and through, RIP Nigel.
  16. I have heard that the Rugby League team "Midlands Hurricanes" are hoping to use the Stadium for home games whether or not that comes to fruition we will wait and see, with regards football and relocation, I would have thought Walsall Fc would be best suited to use the Stadium for home games especially when they allegedly pay aprox £500.000 per year in rent for there current ground, though that would mean them moving the few miles from Walsall.
  17. Just got back home from work, their have been showers on and off most of the day, at around 12 noon I was delivering within 1/4 mile of the track and actually went past the Stadium on my way up to Tamworth, then as I was heading through North Brum and Sutton Coldfield areas the heavens opened up, throughout the afternoon there were showers again some of them heavy, If any of that later batch of showers hit PB after the earlier monsoon then their was no chance of the meeting going ahead, Have to say I feel sorry for the promoters because Poole are always guaranteed to attract a decent crowd I understand why the promoters left it as late as possible, but in the end I suspect they had no option.
  18. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Is it this https://www.mnamedia.co.uk/chronicle-week-launches-as-britains-biggest-free-weekly-newspaper/ https://www.expressandstar.com/news/business/2018/11/02/chronicle-week-launches-as-britains-biggest-free-weekly-newspaper/#comments-disqus or even this https://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/2021/news/axed-editor-involved-as-title-launches-on-patch-of-defunct-weekly-he-ran/ Its one of them I would think.
  19. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    One can only hope JA has no machinery because he is getting the ones that he does have repaired, If not then it doesnt look great on his part and certainly wont help the Brummies hopes of being competitive.
  20. Have to say I agree, the sport is dangerous enough without taking personal stuff on Track, poor show BWD.
  21. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    I have to say that in all the years LR has been a team manager this is probably the best 1 to 7 he has ever assembled, It just needs Brum to have a reasonable season with regards being injury free and they should make the play offs, the comments about AE being a gater are probably correct but tell me how many top riders cant gate and when Adam does gate how many catch and pass him ?. Their is certainly improvement in this team points wise if they can add some consistency especially in the lower middle order.
  22. heathen52

    6 man Teams

    Also we are now seeing the long term effects of doubling up, which stopped the progress of numerous riders who then couldnt get a team spot so dropped out of the sport, most of the current issues within the sport have been self inflicted by the BSPL who live for the here and now but its rapidly becoming then and now, with the now becoming smaller and smaller and less and less viable.
  23. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Im very much of the "OLD" school Wolves were and still are the enemy, so I only go to Monmore when Cradley are/were their, I went to PB three times last year luckily not to any of the dustbowl meetings, I will hopefully attend a few meetings again this season but that will very much depend on what team LR puts together, right now the signings dont inspire me with a great deal of confidence in the season ahead however if 3 rabbits can somehow be pulled out of a hat that could all change,but if the rabbits are all rabbits then I fear for what lies ahead. Grow up mate, I take it you are happy with your Team?. When I do go to PB I always wonder over to a couple of genuine Brummie fans (Father & Son) and have a chat with them they always offer to buy me a drink but Im teetotal, Oh by the way I know for a fact at least 2 Cradley fans go to PB on Sundays to help with the work needed to get everything ready, is your owner a former Cradley regular or not ?, so lets put the whinging comments to bed shall we.
  24. heathen52

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Will the relevant paperwork be completed in time for the name to be released to the various media outlets over the next 24 Hours?. There are just 18 days before the Brummies first fixture at Leicester even less to the P&P but still 3 riders short, fans must be getting just a Teeny bit nervous either LR is playing a very good game of bluff or the Brummies are in the mire.
  25. heathen52


    Boris said up to 3 years here for close relatives of UK Passport holders, cant get much closer than his wife and daughter, obviously common sense needs to be used in these cases something that I know from personal experience the Home Office ie UKVI are a little short of. In my case the refusal of my first application for a spouse visa were, 1, The letter from your employer appears to not be from your employer. 2, We are not satisfied that your marriage is legal because You have not included your divorce certificate from your first marriage (correct) Instead I had sent them an affidavit issued by the British Embassy in Manila with red seal, one of the requirements to obtain this affidavit was that I had to produce my divorce certificate at the British Embassy. So I then had to re-apply with another fee again in excess of £1000 and another IHS fee which had risen 50% since my first application, and Included yet another letter from my employer giving more details and more evidence from him that he was my employer, and Included my original Divorce Certificate, this time the Visa was approved, At no time did UKVI attempt to contact me to ask for further information they just refused the application, all of which creates a great deal of stress and puts pressure on relationships through no fault of people but because people supposedly capable of doing jobs simply dont have any common sense.

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