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  1. Rustington

    Zdenek Kudrna 40 years.

    I remember seeing him in the national fours at Wolverhampton. Every time he went into the first bend he knocked somebody off. There was a rumour that the other riders asked for him to be banned from the meeting.
  2. Rustington

    62 Years+ Club

    First meeting I went to was belle vue v Wimbledon 5th April 1958 I was 3 . My dad took me who saw his first meeting at belle vue in 1931 . He watched belle vue until he died in 2015.
  3. Yes I will and belle vue are taking 2 coaches to Peterborough.
  4. Where were the panthers fans last night ? I was in the South stand and there were only about 10 panthers fans , and before anybody says it's a long way to Manchester I live 260 miles from the nss.
  5. Rustington

    Sandcastles and Redcoats

    I remember going to butlins Skegness in 1965. I got hepatitis which has affected me ever since . Never went again!!
  6. Rustington

    Is anyone losing interest

    I'm feeling much the same . Been to Eastbourne and Kent so far but not being able to move all around the stadiums is so restricting. Off to kings lynn tonight And hope its a good match.

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