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  1. NSS1

    Belle Vue 2022

    More like it
  2. NSS1

    Belle Vue 2022

  3. NSS1

    Belle Vue 2022

    Denton is not a 10 minute walk to stadium
  4. NSS1

    Belle Vue 2022

    Yawn yawn this boring post is repeated more than only fools and horses
  5. NSS1

    Belle Vue 2022

    why the obession of people in manchester no knowing about BVA & NSS ?? same can be said for every area that has a speedway team/track !!! un-real
  6. we beat poland in heat 3 and beat the danes in the semi who previously beaten the poles 6-3 and we beat poland again yes we had a slice of luck but that's sport deserved win imo
  7. i think he may have rode in a under 21 meeting ?
  8. apologies to wrapped up in watching both days
  9. lebedevs has would have to check other rider ?
  10. they have all rode it before in previous SON /world cup only helstrom bangs hasn't the polish reserve also
  11. yes they are sweden & england are allowed due to injuries !!

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