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  1. SlicktrackSandy

    BERWICK v POOLE July 9th 7.30pm

    Indeed and almost two Turnips for the books on consecutive nights - but quite clearly the better team deserved the draw. They'll be dancing in the streets in Lilliput Land tonight for sure.
  2. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh vs Poole 8/7/22

    Indeed - and this could possibly be one of those matches where some ( Blue & Gold ) EMTV viewers may be watching from behind the sofa ! If anyone is old enough to recall "Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons" way back in the day, that suggestion may make sense.
  3. SlicktrackSandy

    Monarchs vs Cheetahs Championship 24/06

    Indeed - second all of that. If Nicholls had have been fit he most likely would have added another 5 at least to Flints score, but he wasn't and they did well with what they had and deserved their point. As expected Dillon Ruml 's 13 really kept them in the hunt and does seem to enjoy this track. Apart from Sam and Josh, who are imperious just about everywhere, the backup has been frustratingly inconsistent for most of the season. if Monarchs do win through to the play-offs that would be a reasonable bonus for the 2022 campaign, as early on some on here were predicting a bottom 2 finish for the 5 times League Champions..
  4. SlicktrackSandy

    Peterborough Panthers 2022

    Sadly so very true these days. Not exactly a cheering few lines of verse - typical of the 1600's ( allegedly ), but content bears an uncanny resemblance in mirroring the continued loss of UK Speedway Tracks in favour of more housing developments. Summer Of Discontent.odt
  5. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh 2022

    Monarchs have 7 Championship matches remaining and still have a chance of squeezing into the play-offs. The kind of injuries that Lasse and James have do take time to heal properly, so returning too soon could be counter-productive both for themselves and the team. If neither rider declares himself fully match fit by 1st July for the final 6 matches, then maybe the replacement(s) option would be the way to go. Would have a greater chance of making it into the top 6 with a fully fit squad and hopefully no r/r's. There do appear to be options available if necessary, but only the management know the latest on Lasse and James injuries situation and are no doubt will be weighing up the pros and cons after this weekends round of Championship matches. With Lee Complin now a Devil, maybe this Friday would be a good chance to have him also as this week's guest reserve - he did look pretty handy on a very difficult track last week.
  6. SlicktrackSandy

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Can recall that night. Was standing just behind him and his small ( numerically ) entourage at what is now the 3rd/4th bend. Just looked like a regular very young wee fella wearing classy shades. Most were pretty shocked to learn that he had a change mind with a list of complaints to support. One rumour was that he also wanted someone to do his clothes washing for him ( allegedly ), which was turned down. If that was true the guy must have felt devastated - honestly who likes to do their own washing especially when you are only 16 !
  7. SlicktrackSandy

    KOC Sat 4 June - Glasgow v Edinburgh

    Look on the bright side - one day he will make the right call and deserve the hero's badge !
  8. SlicktrackSandy

    Poole Pirates Vs Edinburgh Monarchs 1st June

    Very much the case - positions 2 & 4 looked to have been our potential weak spots since early on and with our senior reserve being injured also adds to the reliance on the other 3 to come up with big points for any chance of success. Not an ideal combination if we have aspirations of being in the top six at play-off time, but you have to play with the hand that is dealt - so will have to wait and see if it is good enough.
  9. SlicktrackSandy

    Edinburgh - new home required….

    Fully agree with that and indeed 26 years is an eternity in Speedway terms for a club to be able to have continuous residence at the same venue for that amount of time. From memory , the only current Championship teams who have also managed that milestone are Poole and Newcastle. Berwick are still at Shielfield but they did have a break before returning. From that point of view I guess we have been fortunate to have had such an enjoyable and successful spell at Armadale. Whichever part of the Lothians they end up settling for the third time - am sure the Monarchs will survive.......again !
  10. SlicktrackSandy

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Just 9 points and 2 bonus from 4 Monarchs on their home track is not a statistic to remember fondly - even against a title challenging team like Leicester.
  11. SlicktrackSandy

    Monarchs vs Lions May 13th

    Pretty much crucial that they do just that. Looking at latest green sheets and current form - limiting Leicester to just 1 league point would be a success I reckon. In addition, our top two will have their work cut out against their top three who are all capable of double figure returns. Potentially the best match this season so far as the day's' decent weather appears to favour ideal track conditions.
  12. SlicktrackSandy

    Glasgow Vs Plymouth 6th may 7.30

    Looks as if he will be the man this time. There was a film released in the 1960s called "A Man For All Seasons" starring Paul Schofield. In late 2022 we could well see a sequel to that as "A Man For All Reasons" starring Chris Harris ! By the end of the season wonder how many teams will not have included the ever reliable Mr Harris as a guest for whatever reason ? Fingers of one hand maybe ?
  13. SlicktrackSandy

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Heard the dreadful news at Armadale this evening. Shocked and saddened indeed. Condolences to all his family and friends. Nigel did so much over the years to help promote British Speedway at every opportunity along with Kelvin in their TV broadcasts. Speedway in general owes him a debt of gratitude for the cheerful and enthusiastic way he managed to get all the positive messages across over many years. He will be greatly missed.
  14. SlicktrackSandy

    Armadale Devils v Berwick Bullets

    The numbers do tell a tale i.e. Devils 4,6 & 7 = Paid 4 pts Bullets 4,6 & 7 = Paid 32 pts.
  15. SlicktrackSandy

    Armadale Devils v Berwick Bullets

    If the lads continue with their enthusiasm and keep enjoying their racing - gradual improvement will surely follow. The talent is there for all to see. EMTV Livestream purchased for this one and conditions should be near perfect for 7.30 pm. Maybe first night nerves for some, but Mike & Graham are seasoned professionals. They will be just fine !

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