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  1. Andrew2021

    Poole 2022

    What was the attendance like v Birmingham....
  2. 1978 Dean ,... I was there. Poor Dave. I think he should be given another chance..... And while I'm here... That 1973 run off was a shocker of a start!!! Never get away with it today...NEVER. I'll get me coat.
  3. Go for it Dean...
  4. Hahaha. He isn't the current champion because we were more than half way through this year's championship of which Ellis was relinquished. So when this is restaged, will the top scorer be given the wild card for next year.... And when next year rolls around, we can argue this year's winner should be given the 2023 wild card at Cardiff. All a load of blx
  5. And how many times has Bomber been there. And how many GPs has he competed in and utterly failed,!!!? Time to move on. This was Brennan's night or Bewley. NOT Ellis. Sick of this.
  6. That was last year Steve... What about Brennan's chance this year. What a poxy sport this has become
  7. What an utter effing joke. Brennan must be furious. Harris too. What bunch of silly to££ ers made this decision. What an embarrassment British speedway is. Up yours as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Just had a quick view on here and I'm still seeing the same old sour brats spewing out same old junk toward Poole. You need to get a life before it's too late really. Life goes pretty quick and all you've got to do with it is waste it on here. Tut tut. Poole Pirates. The most successful British speedway club. Yes it is. ps.. I don't read answers and reply. Thank you.
  9. Yes forgot previous meeting was cancelled.
  10. . I'm happy with the cover of programme of said meeting thanks. And maybe the insert. Why no official Poole programme though. Cheers
  11. Hi. Anyone on here or of the NID lot possibly have a copy of the Berwick v Poole meeting programme and could send me a front cover pic or scan of it. Thanks. Btw .. same for Plymouth v Poole Jubilee League meeting. Thanks
  12. Could anyone possibly pm or email me a programme cover pic or scan from this meeting. Thanks. And if any Poole fan has a recent Berwick v Poole programme they could do a front cover the same way id be most thankful. Thanks.
  13. Andrew2021

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Sad to see you go Newcastle. A great club with fabulous history of top riders.
  14. Andrew2021

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Great thank you.
  15. Andrew2021

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Hi. Would anyone have a Scunthorpe v Poole programme front cover scan or pic they could email me. Thanks

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