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  1. Derrickn

    Edinburgh 2022

    After having a go at Workington,this Shovlar fellow now seems to be calling Edinburgh out.Hope he gets the same response as he got from Workington.
  2. Derrickn

    workington ..

    Think Bruce did some laps on his ice bike round the IOW track last year.
  3. Could you not just sign a rider on a week to week contract,or even day to day.In most occupations that would seem immoral,but this is speedway,and needs must.
  4. Derrickn

    Programme content

    Really,you only need an A4 sheet with the scorecard on one side,and fixtures and announcements on the other,given free with your admission,or 50p to cover the printing..Everything else you should be able to find on your clubs website.
  5. Derrickn

    Ipswich v Peterborough June 23rd

    You dont even get rewarded for coming first in the super heat,you get rewarded for not coming last.How woke is that.
  6. Derrickn

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Brian Brett was my abiding memory of the Diamonds.He used to come up from London,with his bike,on the train,and I had the pleasure of accompanying him on part of one return journey,as far as York.He was happy to share the sandwiches he had been given,and we had a great talk about all things speedway.He would have got back to London about 2-30,where his van was waiting.He would have a few hours kip,then off to work as an industrial window cleaner.He said he would finish mid afternoon,then drive up to Long Eaton,for another meeting.This was a top rider,English international,but riding speedway full time was not an option.How times have changed.
  7. Derrickn

    Start line shenanigans...

    Halifax had a concrete starting grid in the fifties,and I don't remember it being dug up when they reopened in 65,so maybe they laid the granite over it.When the tractor came round on the track grade,they always lifted the grader when they past over the starting grid,so could have been something still there.I also remember a concrete starting grid at the old Stoke stadium at Sun street.I am sure a material could be found that would put an end to all the ridiculous gardening that goes on,and would make all gates equal .
  8. Derrickn


    Yes,I would also.Wonder if it could be an option.
  9. Derrickn


    If everybody used an adblocker,there would be no free forums.A football forum I am on charges £10 a year for add free viewing,would you pay that on here?.
  10. Derrickn

    Start line shenanigans...

    They should tarmac all starting grids,would speed the meeting up no end.
  11. Derrickn

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    I thought he was very good.Sounded like someone who enjoyed his night at the speedway.
  12. Derrickn

    6 team league

    It was a six team league that killed the National league in the early sixties,and paved the way for an amalgamation with the Provincial league in 1965 to form the British league,which brought about a golden era in British speedway.As I see it,the only way to save speedway in Britain is for the same to happen again.Some will say there are not enough quality riders for one league,but many of the Provincial league riders were hardly household names,yet many developed into top riders.I know that in the sixties and seventies,most riders had other jobs,but maybe that's the way it will have to be again.
  13. Thanks for the correction,but if the Monarchs can do it,why not Glasgow. I think Plymouth and Poole use the same production company to reduce costs,but I don't know how many people tune in to their streams.
  14. I thought the streaming they did last year could only be viewed outside a 25 mile radius of Glasgow,so aimed more at opponents supporters than home fans.
  15. We just used to put some sawdust down,and got on with it.

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