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  1. Is that Hitler on the left with the bike lol
  2. There will always be 2 sides to any story, mine was should I go as it’s only Newcastle but then again the racing is sometimes better with a struggling team visiting, in the end the choice was made for me
  3. Put it on the speedway forum ?
  4. Tell that to the Newcastle supporters who arrived at the gates
  5. Lovely weather and blue sky for the last half hour
  6. I didn’t know and i’m only 15 mins away with no rain
  7. Well there are supporters from Newcastle and people from Hull outside the gates certainly disappointed who didn’t know
  8. Apparently the meeting is off, a family member has just arrived to face locked gates.
  9. Got to be honest, I have never heard of Joe Alcock, I must get out more.
  10. OldtimerRay

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Sedgmen 14 from 5 rides at Oxford tonight probably better than gating tart Ellis would have scored
  11. OldtimerRay

    13.05.2022 - Scunny v Oxford League

    Keep taking your medication Lewy
  12. OldtimerRay

    13.05.2022 - Scunny v Oxford League

    Could do with Kinsley to at least score a couple of points, not scoring at home is not good enough, reminiscent of the Danny Phillips days.
  13. OldtimerRay

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe 4/5/22

    Now that would be ideal
  14. OldtimerRay

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe 4/5/22

    I’m sure one of them would be better, just an odd point or 2 from Kinsley tonight would have given Scunny a much needed point
  15. OldtimerRay

    Birmingham v Scunthorpe 4/5/22

    Kinsley is just not up to the job, an average rider in the National league and not championship standard, if Scunny have any aspirations of making the play offs a change has to be made and quick, it just needs someone who can score 2/3 points rather than no score every time.

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