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  1. RobbieB

    Wimbledon Memories

    Does anyone have the time for heat 1 Wimbledon v Hackney (British League) Tuesday 24 September 1981? Because I' am need this heat time to complete my Wimbledon 1981 file for the speedway researcher website and I cannot my meeting programme. The score is not available in the Speedway Star magazine.
  2. RobbieB

    The Colston Statue

    The main issue in this perverse jury verdict is that juries in England and Wales should reach a verdict after considering all the facts, and facts as to whether Colston actions during his lifetime were immoral is irrelevant, as a jury who must decide solely on a matter of fact and not emotions. There is a defence for criminal damage under section 5(2)(a) Criminal Damage Act 1971 that states a defence of 'lawful cause' if the person committing the act believed that the person owing the property being damaged would have consented to the damage being committed. It should also be noted that despite what the TV and radio may state a Crown Court does not have to authority to create a legal precedent, as these can only be created in English and Welsh courts by the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal (criminal or civil divisions) or the High Court. By the legal doctrine of stare decisis the Crown Court must follow judgments from the higher courts, as it is a lower (or inferior) court. Therefore, because this verdict does not create a legal precedent that affects the common law, lawyers, law students and legal academics will only give this verdict no-more than a passing glance. Because the Attorney General is considering taking this matter to the CoA on a point of law I will not elaborate any further on this particular caser.
  3. RobbieB

    Please ignore just a test message

    This is just a test message to check whether my messages are being displayed properly
  4. Brilliant result for Great Britain and makes-up for 2018 when we top scored and never won because of the rules, as they say what goes around comes back around.
  5. I have a Jimmy Ogisu autographed 1970 Internationale programme in my speedway collection.

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