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  1. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Sorry mate, I had to phone an ambulance for my wife not so long ago, there was no 6 hour wait, the ambulance was at my home within 40 mins, thankfully it turned out to be only Kidney Stones, but there was no way it was anywhere near 6 hours waiting. Speedway is a very dangerous sport and should be ready to cater for an emergency, the risk of a serious injury at a speedway track is far greater than most sports, it needs to be sorted because having no ambulance in a sporting evnt in todays day and age is totally unacceptable
  2. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham v Berwick

    I understand that, but any sporting event should not be allowed to go ahead without adequate cover, it should be mandatory that at least 2 ambulaces are available, at least 2 qualified medics should be at the tracks, riders should be allowed to go to the tracks knowing that in such a dangerous sport that their care in the event of an accident is second to none, Imagine this happening in F1, the drivers would be appalled and refuse to race, even Cricket and Tennis have adequate cover, Speedway needs bringing into the 21st century and should be making clubs have proper full cover for medical emergencies, whether that be riders or spectators.
  3. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Yes but ambulance would be still available, Only happens in speedway do these incidents, look at all other sports across the globe, there is medical cover for every scenario, speedway in the UK is now so second rate from the BSPA right down to the quality of riders who compete, and im afraid if an injury whether serious or not should be catered for.
  4. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Could have a medic or nurse at track to distribute morphine, there are trained personnel I would gather at Brum who could do it
  5. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham v Berwick

    I could bet my bottom dollar that Auty will be on his way to hospital now, in a car or a van, no way will he stay at the track for 6 hours, so what's the difference in taking him in a car while the meeting is going ahead
  6. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham v Berwick

    That's 4 schedules meetings now and not one completed, yes weather plays a part and is beyond anyone's control, but surely there should be something in place at ALL events to cover a non life threatening Injury, ambulances should only be used for major injuries or things like heart attacks, Brummies fans must surely be losing patience by now, no excuses tonight's meeting could have continued, as someone else said if its an ankle injury someone could of transported him to hospital via a car/van
  7. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham v Berwick

    47-43 either way,
  8. Would not surprise me Brian that Birmingham City FC, will take up residency at the stadium, considering the trouble they are having with the stands at St Andrews, in fact a little bird informs me that BCFC club officials have sounded out the council, it won't go down to well with BCFC supporters if they have to relocate to Villa territory, Brummies so unlucky with rain offs so far this season
  9. To be fair rain was forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday in Birmingham this week, so 2 and a half rain offs in 3 weeks, the half rain off being the 30 all draw with Leicester, it is tough on the new promotion at the moment but things will pick up for definite. Looks like it's gonna tip down again in a moment, gone quite dark Erdington area
  10. Darcy Ward was an exception, he was doing things that others could only dream about 16 years old, the injury that finished him robbed speedway of the greatest talent ever seen on a bike, I am pretty sure Ward would have had at least 4 world titles by now, trust me no one will ever compare to Darcy Ward, he was one special talent
  11. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Cant really see a massive attendance to be fair, Brummies fans know the tie is gone and Leicester fans know they have the tie in the bag, I get the feeling about 200/300 maximum attendence
  12. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Track had hardly any dirt on it, very slick, whether that changes before the first home meeting who knows
  13. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Pedersen was my guess, I still think it will be Adam Ellis
  14. Gerbat1875

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Brummies will probably reveal the final rider on Wednesday, I did hear a small rumour about someone coming out of retirement to sign, Bjarne Pedersen... Doubt if its true, knowing Brummies luck it will be Brent Werner haha

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