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  1. Steve Turner

    R.i.p. 'nobby'

    Horrible feeling in my stomach when Chivsy told me about our old mate Nobby. But it was soon replaced with a warm feeling... memories of some great one-liners and put-downs, a wry smile, and the knowledge that he's now out of pain. Nobby, I salute you... You were an extraordinary, devoted, hard-working gentleman and it was my pleasure to have met you and known you. Rest in peace son, rest in peace
  2. Steve Turner

    World U21 Goes To Argentina

    Some would say if a young rider is serious about a career, he has to invest, he has to work to get sponsors, he has to accept that free holidays must be earned. Try and get up the ladder, or just play around at the bottom... Not me obviously
  3. Steve Turner

    World U21 Goes To Argentina

    Everything does round there When it's proper hot, they start very late, 9 or 9:30 so yeah they'll just keep running til whenever...they love it !
  4. Steve Turner

    World U21 Goes To Argentina

    Dodgy would describe the surrounding area quite well....but the track is amazing ! Yeah it'll need a bit of work, but nothing major. And the Argentine fans are just brilliant November's a good time to go as well, perfect weather.
  5. Steve Turner

    World U21 Goes To Argentina

    It's fair to say it's a breath-taking track They could have 8 riders in a race easily
  6. Steve Turner

    Polish Extraleague 2nd Round Sunday 10th April

    Lee Richardson's own words...Leszno is normally cool, but today it was the worst track I have ever ridden !
  7. They should be out, in full, on Monday.
  8. Steve Turner

    Old Silencers In Poland!

    May the 1st then, interesting...
  9. Steve Turner

    Team Viking - Official Statement

    Gutted for you both, well, for everyone ! Be proud of what you did. Good luck for the future, and thank you
  10. Steve Turner

    Old Silencers In Poland!

    Ah, finally you start to see the real problems ! You might have these people on to you very soon
  11. Steve Turner

    Old Silencers In Poland!

    Now you are being silly ....GdaƄsk maybe
  12. Steve Turner

    Old Silencers In Poland!

    It's bad news for the sport that Poland are sticking with old silencers. Simple as that.
  13. Steve Turner

    Slogan For Speedway

    Speedway - It gets in your blood !...and in your hair, all over your clothes, up your nose and down your throat !
  14. This will no doubt get discussed elsewhere, but that's got nothing to do with silencers. That's Dawid running to the PZM with complaints about Eastbourne

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