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    Football 2021/22

    This running onto the football pitches needs to stop. It’s only a matter of time before it happens at Old Trafford and they get awarded Man of the Match.
  3. MumsieCulpepper

    A voice of reason?

    People standing unconcerned close to serial explosions, under a cloud of toxic rare earth metals, and no-one is wearing a mask. If only we'd had a government campaign about the danger of inhaling stuff.
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    Joe Biden

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    Branch manager and assistant to the branch manager.
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    I thought my vasectomy would keep my wife from getting pregnant, but apparently it just changes the colour of the baby.
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    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    Say's the person who has made over 32,000 posts. It's inconceivable that someone's mind could work like that without being under the influence of self importance.
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    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I haven't got anyone on ignore, i just don't respond to childish and facetious posts from people who indulge in toxic abuse and personal attacks. It may surprise you, but most people really don't care what a handful of grumpy old men think on some two bit forum.
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    'the Donald' Trump

    This thread could get busier soon. Drum roll.
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    'the Donald' Trump

    Watch till the end.
  20. MumsieCulpepper

    Stop Oil and other vandals hooligans and anarchists

    Batteries do not make electricity, they store electricity produced elsewhere, primarily by coal, uranium, natural gas or diesel powered generators. So to say an EV is a zero emission vehicle is not at all valid.

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