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  1. TTT

    Brummies 2024...

    I'd be worried too if I was a Brummies fan. Reluctant to let the fans know the full 1-7 usually means that it's a poor side and the club are trying to shift as many season tickets as possible first before delivering the bad news. If you've got big name riders like a Lindgren for example then surely you'd want to announce them ASAP because it would help season ticket sales, No logic in holding big name signings back (If you've got one or two) Look at other clubs in the league who announced big names at a rapid pace to help with season ticket sales. PhilTheAce has been spot on this winter and if he say's Lampart is 100% in then that's another 5.00 pointer and everybody is certain on Z. Cook (Another 5.00 pointer) so Brum don't have a HL when it comes to the three announced and the two heavily rumoured riders. Brummies management really should've announced the full 1-7 on Friday, No excuse not to imo.
  2. That's a step in the right direction. Buster wouldn't even turn up, He'd be too busy counting the rest of the money that AEPG gave him after using a chunk of it to fund KL's 2024 side.
  3. TTT

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Is it time to fill in the blanks? 1. ? 2. Bowtell 3. D. Thompson 4. Gilkes 5. Barker 6. ? 7. J. Thompson
  4. 0.40 left a perfect fit.
  5. TTT

    Brummies 2024...

    Could very well be Zagar at No.1 if Phil the Ace is right about Lampart being a 100% cert, Z. Cook should be a lock. It looks dreadful but I wouldn't be surprised because 6 of these are IN by the sound of things so it's just a ? over Schlein. 1. Zagar 2. Z. Cook 3. Schlein 4. Brennan 5. S. Worrall 6. W. Lampart 7. Flint (RS)
  6. TTT

    Brummies 2024...

    I know most of us take the pish out of Sam's punditry on Discovery but as a Team Manager he could be a good appointment. He's out of his comfort zone when it comes to punditry, Sam's got a very strong American accent too which makes him stumble a lot too. However he's still a former World Champion who can be a good mentor in the pits for younger riders looking to kick on in their careers as well as other things.
  7. Only good news if Mo is sitting down with the consortium. If he's sitting down with AEPG's inside man (Buster) then it's irrelevant........I doubt Buster would even make the effort to turn up tbh.
  8. 1. Pickering 8.63 2. Hook 4.00 3. Riss 7.35 4. Castagna 5.30 5. Sedgmen 7.69 6. Coles 2.63 7. 2.40 left
  9. TTT

    Brummies 2024...

    Zagar and Sudden Sam imo.
  10. TTT

    BSN Streaming

    Premiership is good value because of the riders who'll be over here, Got some top names and the playing field looks more equal. Championship is terrible value though because you're paying more to watch a drastically weaker Championship product in 2024 than you watched this year....Pay more for less springs to mind.
  11. TTT

    Belle Vue 2024

    It's a good side but not a special one, It's a bit of a boom or bust situation where BV have got a young side where nobody apart from Mountain has reached their full potential yet therefore everyone has the scope to improve. If they don't improve again in 2024 then this team is bang in trouble, However if they do improve again (I think they will) then the sky is the limit for this young BV side. Bewley will be different gravy next season and he will be back to his old self so that's not a worry, The worry is Blodorn and B. Cook having to ride at 2 or 4 when they have averages that are inflated due to spells at No.6 for their respective clubs in 2023, That's where BV's 2024 fate lies.
  12. TTT

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Oxford are severely underrated imo, They've got at least 4 riders who can get around any track whether it's technical or not, It's a 3rd/4th placed team imo behind Ips/Sheff and possibly behind BV too, Way better than the overhyped KL, Better than Leicester that looks like a one track pony team and better than Brum who won't have any strong 2nd strings. Maciej Janowski only got the chop from the GP's out of wokeness to hit diversity targets, He finished 3rd in 2022 so he's not declining in the slightest, Like Ellis just one bad season. Chris Harris always puts the big boys to the sword in British Speedway, He's made a career out of it, Always gets written off but he's a top signing for anyone. Rohan Tungate is a rider who's improved in recent seasons, Seen what he's capable of when riding for Belle Vue as well as a few meetings for Ipswich in 2022, May struggle around Leicester but apart from that almost every track is big and that suits Rohan down to the ground. Charles Wright is a very consistent performer who's Home and Away average in 2023 are identical around the 6.5 mark (Excluding BP's) and he's going to ride at 2 instead of 3/4. Nicolai Klindt spent part of the season at No.1 for KL, When he switched to No.5 he then started to score double figures almost every week. Lewis Kerr has years of experience over the British youngsters at reserve in 2023 and he'll be the best reserve in the league imo.
  13. TTT

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    The drip feeding nonsense is pointless. Everyone knows at least 6 team members, Glasgow themselves confirmed three of them by not mentioning them in the press release in regards to other riders departing the club.
  14. Very clear top 4 in no particular order (BV, Ips, Ox and Sheff) Then Leicester in 5th because they'll win more Bonus Points than King's Lynn and Birmingham with the team they've got that's built to dominate meetings at Home. KL and Brum flip a coin to see who ends up with the wooden spoon.

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