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  1. I've been a good predictor of many things as you know.
  2. TTT

    Panthers v Stars 04/07/22

    Phew! Our 3 and a half man team falls over the line.
  3. Both. BV should walk the league with that side as it's strong from top to bottom. Sheffield were never any good to begin with and I was the only one who said that before a wheel was turned.
  4. TTT

    Panthers v Stars 04/07/22

    How costly is Harris' bike failure going to be when cruising out in front?
  5. Did tell ya about Wolverhampton's reserves before a wheel was turned this season. Obliterated yet again.
  6. TTT

    Panthers v Stars 04/07/22

    So we can use Basso in 14. Lyon is the best manager in the league so he knows what he's doing.
  7. I'd rather get predictions wrong then walk around in public with a set of horses teeth in my mouth.
  8. TTT

    Panthers v Stars 04/07/22

    No some pretty good racing tonight.
  9. Sheffield really are an awful side.
  10. TTT

    Panthers v Stars 04/07/22

    Wouldn't be shocked if he retired at the end of the season when we announce that we're not going to run next season. Nicholls could follow him too considering he's got a career in punditry / presenting. Full time Eurosport commentating role for Nicholls is on the table if he wants it.
  11. TTT

    Panthers v Stars 04/07/22

    Why Jenkins bothers turning up I'll never know considering the prices of petrol these days. Never going to score a point unless it's a 3 rider race. Hans Andersen is a very lucky man too. Only reason why he's still here is because of what he's done for us in the past. Would've been sacked if he wasn't a club legend imo.
  12. TTT

    Speedway Betting 2022

    Tasty 13/2 Treble imo. FRICKE -1 vs. J. Holder (Jack is having a poor year) BASSO 0 vs. Jorgensen (Basso should score double figures tonight riding with Hans Andersen) DOYLE +1 vs. N. Morris (If Doyle doesn't get excluded then you can put him down for 13+ add on the point and Morris has to get 15 pts)
  13. TTT

    Panthers v Stars 04/07/22

    KL with R/R. Panthers with fitness concerns over a couple of riders. Basso and Jorgy are the key riders tonight.

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