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  1. Is this meeting being streamed can't see any info on either website
  2. Essex

    Redcar v Poole 13/5/22

    First stream I've taken must say commentary and picture excellent.Good start but only half way.Not seen many away tracks in this league but this track makes Wimborne Road look enormous.
  3. Essex

    Poole v Oxford 15/4/22

    Oxford were completely outclassed and looked a poor side winning only one race.I am no expert at all but the track looked in excellent condition maybe a bit more dirt on the outside but the chap On the tractor did rough it up before the start but don't think made any difference as Oxford riders just were to slow.Most of them have ridden Poole many times before and to have a hole free track that looked as flat as a pancake should have been ideal for them as it was for the home riders.

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