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  1. RoundTheBoards

    Kent v Belle Vue 5th Aug

    So that'll be "No. I can't come up with a better team than the one Kent had. I take back my comment about them needing to be disciplined for a terrible team. They did the best they could under incredibly unfortunate circumstances"
  2. RoundTheBoards

    Kent v Belle Vue 5th Aug

    If they'd put out that team, they would have been fined. Since only 4 of those riders are legal. Connor Coles cannot guest at Belle Vue as he has already had his quota of guest bookings. Josh Embleton is in the Armadale 1-7 with a 3.54 average. So couldn't come in as an unattached 3.00 rider as he is neither unattached, nor 3.00 Not so easy is it? Want to try again and see if you can actually come up with a better team that actually complies with the rules?
  3. RoundTheBoards

    Ipswich 2022

    As far as I know, a temporary injury replacement has to be a 1-for-1 change. You bring in a temporary replacement with a lower average than the injured rider, and when the injured rider is back fit, he can retake his place. But that's not what Ipswich have done. They've made a redeclaration of the team, combining the averages of two outgoing riders (plus a bit that they were under the points limit) and redeclared with 2 new riders up to the points limit. It's not a 1-for-1 temporary injury replacement,. In fact Tungate's average is quite a bit higher than Riss. As for the "IRR" on the BV website, that's just a cock-up. "IRR only comes into play if a rider is injured during a meeting and withdraws. Whoever wrote that on the website hasn't a clue what they're writing.
  4. RoundTheBoards

    Kent v Belle Vue 5th Aug

    And still we wait for him to tell us who the better guests would have been...... " Kent need to be disciplined for putting out such a terrible team"..... Yet still unable to tell us who the better team would have been
  5. RoundTheBoards

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 8 august

    The redeclaration has to be submitted 72 hours before it takes effect (so 7.30pm Friday to ride at 7.30pm the following Monday). Ipswich submitted their redeclaration well before that.
  6. RoundTheBoards

    Kent v Belle Vue 5th Aug

    Has to be unattached 3.00 for Halder and KIng. Anyway, we're still waiting for the moaners to tell us who the guests are that would be better than D Thompson and Blair.
  7. RoundTheBoards

    Kent v Belle Vue 5th Aug

    Still waiting for your answer on the better guests you'd have chosen..... As the doubter has been completely unable to name any better guests, I'd say he's been proven totally wrong. Wouldn't you?
  8. RoundTheBoards

    Mildenhall 2022

    Who said there'd been no falls anywhere? We're discussing a track which seems dangerous and has far more than its fair share of falls and injures more than its fair share of riders. Why don't you go through all the NDL matches and count the number of falls and injury withdrawals at each track? I think we all know which track will top the list. But we'll be interested if your figures show otherwise.
  9. RoundTheBoards

    Mildenhall 2022

    The exact same riders who appear in plenty of other NDL matches around the country and manage to stay on their bikes at Belle Vue, Oxford, Leicester, Berwick.... etc etc...
  10. RoundTheBoards

    Mildenhall 2022

    Three withdrawn now... And at least 9 falls. (i've lost count) When are Mr Vatcher and the SCB track inspectors going to stop turning a blind eye to this weekly carnage?
  11. RoundTheBoards

    Mildenhall 2022

    Another bad track at MIldenhall today. Another crashfest. Another 2 riders withdrawing from the meeting injured. Don't the SCB employ track inspectors? Why haven't they been to Mildenhall? They certainly need help. It's a great stadium and potentially a great track, but how can the SCB stand by and see all these crashes and several riders injured every meeting, without doing something about it?
  12. RoundTheBoards

    Wolves v Belle Vue 20 June 2022

    No Brady Kurtz tonight. R/R from BV
  13. RoundTheBoards

    Oxford Cheetah Cubs 2022

    Rumours down Exeter way say Henry Atkins making his Oxford debut at Belle Vue tomorrow, replacing Ben Hopwood.
  14. RoundTheBoards

    Belle Vue 2022

    You did. but no problem. Let's just hope Plymouth, Mildenhall and Armadale can complete their teams soon. I don't think you understand how football works either. They don't just have 11 players. A top Premiership team will have 30-odd players, a lesser team maybe mid-20s. They have two transfer windows a main one in the off-season, and a short one mid-season. Quite often transfers are made in the last few minutes of the last day of the window. The only similarity with speedway is that it doesn't matter whether a player is signed on the first day of the close-season transfer window, or 5 minutes before the window shuts. He still is eligible to play at the start of the season.
  15. Topic header is wrong. It's The League Cup, and all the Premiership teams are in it. (Two groups on a round-robin basis, and the group winners to the final.

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