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  1. Liesdale

    My Mate Ian Wright

    ...or maybe it should be written in English?
  2. Liesdale

    Has Millard Got The Push ?

    FFS, some people will always find something to moan about.
  3. Liesdale

    Has Millard Got The Push ?

    What have you been drinking?
  4. Liesdale

    Dave Jessup In Next Issue

    Can you also ask him why he decided to test a new engine in a KO Cup final for Reading against Kings Lynn, which ultimately cost the Racers the cup?
  5. Liesdale

    Take Speedway To New Places

    I was thinking much the same. Why take it to the nips when the Reading public haven't even been fully engulfed yet?
  6. Liesdale

    Away Support Any Ideas?

    I think the lack of away support in speedway is that you know with the home side having home advantage that you are almost certainly going to end up on the losing side when you travel away. The beauty of football is that even a team bottom of the league could go away from home and beat the team at the top on their own ground. That will hardly ever happen in speedway. Out of all sports, speedway teams make their home advantage count more than probably any other team sport in the world.
  7. HE NEVER SAID THAT. If you care to listen properly he said he didn't know if he had the motivation to win LAST NIGHT'S GP.
  8. Liesdale

    Målilla Gp

    <stalker mode on> The trouble is Steve gets away with things on here that others would be banned or warned for, because many misguidely mistake him for a big lovable wind-up merchant. Where as in the real world he has nasty vindictive side to his nature. Constantly slagging every other club and rider (Twick or Poole riders apart), for doing the exact same thing his own club and riders do all the time. A very bad loser if nothing else. </stalker mode off>
  9. Liesdale

    Målilla Gp

    It's hardly rubbish when it's a reaction to a post asking for a rider to be given a smack in the mouth, when in all honesty the decision could have gone either way. I'm sure if the situation had been reversed you would have been up in arms if Lindback or Rickardsson had been excluded when he never touched the other rider. You obviously detest all things Crump and anything anti Poole, but I'm sure you'd love a rider in your team that gave the same commitment to his British club, rather than one who cherry picks his meetings around a GP.
  10. Liesdale

    Målilla Gp

    I wish someone would do that to you.
  11. Liesdale

    Målilla Gp

    Nicholls is long overdue.
  12. Liesdale

    Målilla Gp

    British Speedway is full of weak referee's, promotions and officials. Too often it's accepted that as soon as it rains it'll be off. Far too many meetings in this country get rained off or abandoned that shouldn't be.
  13. Liesdale

    Målilla Gp

    That decision could have gone either way to be honest. My first thought when I saw it live was that Crump would be exc, but after watching the replay he never actually touched him, but did he take his line away. I would say it wasn't deliberate or dangerous, just a racing accident. Nobody was really to blame tbh.
  14. Liesdale

    El Pairs

    And you can guarentee he would have said something completely different if the same thing had gone in Poole's favour.
  15. Liesdale

    El Pairs

    Can't wait to hear shovlar's version of events when he next logs on. What with his beloved Pirates getting knocked out by some dodgy countback system, and then to top it all off Crumpy wins again. Life is wonderful at the moment.

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