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  1. The following articles are included in this months editionTrains and Boats and Planes - a look at riders travel in the 50s and 60sThey Retired Too Soon -guys who gave the game away too earlyAlphabetically Speaking -The "I"s have itThe Italian Job 1966-a short season in the Italian Riviera.Big Birthdays -who is celebrating this month?Anyone Remember Number 13 -our monthly test of your recall skillsPreview of January's editionclassicspeedwaymemories.webador.co.uk/december-2023
  2. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    It wasn't too evident when they both rode together for Berwick in 2022.
  3. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Might be wrong but wasn't it said that Ben Basso had to practice on Saturday mornings and that was the reason he couldn't ride for Glasgow next season.
  4. Beirao

    Heat Leader -Spectrum computer game

    I took part in a postal game circa 1990 run by Edinburghs most eccentric supporter Geoff Chandler who ran meetings on a ZX computer and published a fanzine with results every fortnight. Crazy times!
  5. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    Far more remunerative more likely !
  6. Beirao

    How Many Teams - and How Many Years?

    Details of White City and Motherwell short seasons can be found at White City 1956 - https://scotopen.tripod.com/white-city-1956.html Motherwell 1958 - https://scotopen.tripod.com/motherwell-1958.html
  7. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    We've gone for a strong top three and our reserves may well be among the highest average pairing in the league coming in at just under 7. This squeezes the second strings leaving very little to play with. It may well prove to have been a mistake going heavy on the top three - after all only two are needed for heat 15. Bailey in place of Flint would have left more for the second strings and given us a better balanced side. Bailey may well outscore Flint next year too!
  8. Beirao

    How Many Teams - and How Many Years?

    Something I found in my files - a graph of senior teams over the last forty years. While my projection looks pessimistic given Oxford and Workington coming back, the trend is still downward.
  9. Beirao

    Glasgow Tigers 2024

    And 1969?
  10. Thanks Salty. Cradley United kept the Tigers, then of Coatbridge, off the bottom of the league, and provided us with what would turn out to be our last ever away win in the BL as we dropped down to the second tier for the following season. They were also our opponents on the one and only night Eton Muller rode for us at Coatbridge, so I have fond memories of your times as United.
  11. This edition is now on line and features Letters - readers write in November Obituaries - Jim Wells, Guy Allott, Bob DuckworthBehind The Iron Curtain - Edinburgh's tour of Poland in 1965What's in a (new) name - how teams fared after adopting a new team nameThe Summer is Over -when Glasgow's dramatic start to their inaugural BL season began to unwindNorthern League 1966 - the little known competitionBig Birthdays - who is celebrating this month?Anyone Remember Number 12 - our monthly test of your recall skillsPreview of December's edition classicspeedwaymemories.webador.co.uk/
  12. Beirao

    GB v. Poland at West Ham. July 18 1967

    A great night at Old Meadowbank ! However Dennis Law was less than happy at the "keepy up" as he felt off would have been better to bang in a few more goals - think he was right.
  13. Beirao

    GB v. Poland at West Ham. July 18 1967

    Got the date wrong? Here's my fuller story of that day https://classicspeedwaymemories.webador.co.uk/july-2023/anyone-remember-no8
  14. Beirao

    GB v. Poland at West Ham. July 18 1967

    If you'd been at Edinburgh' s Old Meadowbank the previous year you would have got an appreciation of how good they were and how good their bikes were. July 31, 1966, not a great day in Scotland on a number of sporting fronts!
  15. Beirao

    Rimini 1966

    Thanks again Chunky. When I managed to read the programme for the meeting which was on the link BL65 posted, it seems it was a 10 heat individual with all riders getting 5 starts and that the pairs totals were totted up at the end. Possibly all meetings were run on this basis.

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