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  1. Redcar handed fours

    If its been done to death, why did you bring it back up then.
  2. Redcar handed fours

    As the saying goes "size doesn't matter". Its the shape. Would a track over 1000m mean the racing would be even better?
  3. Redcar handed fours

    Redcar isn't tight or narrow, what are you on about?
  4. Redcar handed fours

    I didn't say cramp/squash, just all in one place. Other than the shock of the first meeting he got it spot on.
  5. Redcar handed fours

    When the track first opened I think I remember reading that CVS preferred to only have two sides open (home straight and bends 1 and 2) to compact the supporters and make it look fuller. The back straight has only been used once, and that was the first meeting when the crowd was a lot more than expected so opened it up to spread people out. I cant see it been opened for the fours unless a different route into the pits is found as that's the route (touch wood we don't need one) the ambulance uses.
  6. Redcar handed fours

    2 years ago when Havvy got the replay . Wasn't a bad meeting either, but the track is loads better now
  7. Redcar handed fours

    Every week when I used to write the match reports for the Bears website Saying that you seem to be banging on about this a tad OTT and suggests an underlying something you have against Redcar. At the end of the day its going to be at Redcar like it or not and know one knows if its going to be a good meeting or not. PS. Wasn't 2016 at Redcar?
  8. Redcar handed fours

    11 teams in the league, 5 of them are further north than Redcar. That makes Redcar spitting dab in the middle.
  9. Redcar handed fours

    Theres the whole of the cart track to park on like I had to at the very first meeting. motorcross carpark also. The whole motor sport facility is massive, parking will not be a problem.
  10. Redcar handed fours

    Can Everything will be taken into consideration. Redcar CAN stage this meeting and will do a good job. Nowt to doubt. Seen Peterborough on TV, great track and seen some great racing, not all the time though. Seen some great racing at Redcar too, so have you. How do you know it wont be great at the fours. The fours is like the world cup, riders up their game, Same will happen at Redcar. 100% sure it will be a cracker.
  11. Redcar handed fours

    Do you mean on the track or facilities?
  12. Redcar handed fours

    Probably last season. The Bears were in the hunt until the end when injures (having one or no Redcar riders in the line-up) took there toll. That and throwing away a couple of home meetings mid season. Having a track that most riders like and are prepared to have a go makes it harder for the home team. Some riders have tracks they hate and don't put the effort in. I think Peterborough last season was a good example. Both sides were evenly matched but all seven Panthers put the effort in and beat the Bears twice and took a draw in the cup and league one including Lunna as a guest who always does well at Redcar. Yet the Bears still finished higher in the league.
  13. Redcar handed fours

    Not only a neutral track, but a track that most riders love to ride. You see it week in week out. opposition riders up there game which makes Redcar have to up theirs. As an example Aussie riders and saying to Redcars new rider Jordan Stewart "you will love the track".
  14. Redcar 2018

    Theres that word "us" again. I think he didn't want to ride for Havvy. As you were a Havvy basher at the time I don't understand how you are swapping things around to try and make your opinion correct and blaming the rider for doing the same thing you were doing.
  15. Redcar 2018

    Do you mean "us" as in the fans, That's not true. I think he fell out with our promotion at the time.