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  1. What would you have suggested as the other course of action then? Refuse to ride wasting the time of all who had made the effort to arrange to travel and costing Workington a call off they can’t afford? The outcome of the meeting has no bearing on the appeal if the Monarchs won they would have carried on with it as quite frankly answers are required as to why a Workington have been allowed to declare an inelligible 1-7.
  2. 100% incorrect. The appeal has to and was placed prior to the start of the match as per the procedures for this kind of thing.
  3. gmuncie

    Berwick v Edinburgh 7/4/18

    Monarchs official site will carry updates as a last resort for you Sue. also no Joel Andersson for Monarchs tonight he hurt his shoulder in his heat 14 crash last night. Hope is he will be back on Friday
  4. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Not sure it’s that difficult really. Last season there were 2 price points one for buying online upto the day before and then the pay at the gate price. This year those remain but the same has been added for Bluecards so those coupled with the other benefits of the blue card such as prize draws for hospitality, reduced rates on tickets to other monarchs events etc make the blue card a no brainer for anyone who can’t commit to the season ticket gold card.
  5. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    It’s dependent on how you buy your ticket for example blue card holders who pre book online will pay less than blue card holders who pay at the gate. Full admission prices will be released shortly as far as I’m aware.
  6. gmuncie

    BSPA website

    Today’s one is a belter http://www.speedwaygb.co/news.php?extend.33938 what video doesn’t do justice is the context in a close local derby
  7. gmuncie

    Glasgow 2018

    Hopefully the changes have the desired effect. When Ashfield first opened it was one of the best tracks in the country then unfortunately changes had to be made due to the football and it was never quite the same.
  8. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Will definitely be on the Monarchs website and Twitter account also. facebook I’m not 100% sure on
  9. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Live updates for all matches home and away will be available on the Monarchs website and I believe the chatzone chatroom will still continue this season to allow for people to chat as meetings are ongoing
  10. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Nobody has to tell us anything on here but the rule book does state that the parties to the appeal will be given the outcome in writing with reasons for the decision on this instance that has not happened so the BSPA are in breach of their own rule book
  11. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Not quite Grachan it’s more like Edinburgh attempted to sign a rider that does not automatically qualify for a visa but that they felt did qualify under the discretionary rules (posted earlier in the thread) Edinburgh then built their case with testimony from Steve Evans, Greg Hancock and the UKVI BSPA management committee rejected the appeal (as is their right) BSPA neglected their own rules that state that the outcome of an appeal with reasoning will be provided to the relevant parties. Therein lies the gripe and where the accusations of bias come in as there has been no transparency and the reasoning for the rejection is yet to be received.
  12. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Why then did the UKVI say he met their criteria, the same criteria the management committee say they have rejected the appeal based on?
  13. Which rule were Edinburgh seeking to break? As per the rule book we applied for a discretionary approval for a visa for Becker. That was turned down (as is the discretion) however all Edinburgh are looking for is an answer and clarity as to why? The reason of to go along with UKVI rules has been blown out of the water as they confirmed to Edinburgh they were happy that Becker met their criteria.
  14. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    What decisions were these Taylorj or are you making a sweeping statement with no facts to back it up
  15. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    He does meet the criteria to appeal for an endorsement hence why the Monarchs did. As confirmed by the UK Visa and Immigration agency themselves.

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