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  1. gmuncie

    Birmingham v Edinburgh

    And most of them stink
  2. gmuncie


    If Birmingham are struggling financially then double headers which are generally loss making for any club running them would be suicide. 2 sets of wages and travel expenses to pay on one gate an absolute no go I’d suggest regardless of curfew
  3. gmuncie

    Poole vs Edinburgh 4/8/21

    A little bit of an arrogant summary you could argue, you Edinburgh got lucky losing the toss as it gave them 1 and 3 in 13 and 15 but there is a pretty easy counter that if the Monarchs had won the toss and it was the other way round that Poole would not have had such a handy lead at that stage so all swings and roundabouts really.
  4. gmuncie

    Poole vs Edinburgh 4/8/21

    I promise he will be a ‘Benjamin’ on the stream
  5. Mea culpa, got my Zane K’s mixed up
  6. Could anyone advise the best way to get from the town centre out to Arlington please Heading along to this as had flights and accommodation booked already for when this was meant to be a double header with Armadale. Is a taxi my best option? Looking at Google maps public transport seeks a bit sparse cheers
  7. It’s a cracking shot Ian commented as such on the Tigers fb page as well
  8. gmuncie

    Edinburgh vs Glasgow - 23/07/21

    Must have been some advantage the Monarchs were expecting being on gates 4,3 and 2 as all 3 were done by the time McGregor made a twit of himself. Michael Max while out overseeing it was happy that what was being done was fair as well the only one with an issue was McGregor If you wish to see the evidence (not sure anyone can be that bothered watching what a tractor does) then the clip is here : https://vimeo.com/578838651/48335fd34b Only person that had any issue was McGregor and I believe his gripe was he hadn’t been told the gates were going to be ripped up
  9. gmuncie

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Cheers Bickley and Bowtell are Championship riders though so is it up to a certain average or level?
  10. gmuncie

    Poole Pirates 2021

    With apologies if this has been dredged over already and this isn’t a snide or dig what is the ruling that allows a facility for Smetana?
  11. gmuncie

    Rising Star averages

    Why? surely if the aim is for these riders to improve then potentially moving into the main body and challenging themselves is a good thing, no point protecting them the scheme makes it easier for them to get a team spot and also gives certain benefits like guarantees on points money and fuel and tires provided by their clubs
  12. Another tough looking match for the Monarchs this week as they look to turn around what has been a sluggish start to the season at home. No easy task against the current champs As far as I know Monarchs are as programmed with I assume a couple of question marks as it stands for Leicester after crashes for Howarth and Bates last weekend/Monday Tickets still available but if you can’t come along why not give it a watch from the comfort of your living room by buying the stream on the link below https://www.edinburghmonarchs.co.uk/emtv/live/0sWp2ebQg
  13. It’s not ‘Willy nilly’ though there is an agreed order of what takes priority across European speedway and cup matches fall below league matches on it. If this had been a league match Sam would have been there as he was at Redcar last Sunday despite his polish club having a match at the same time
  14. Joe Lawlor still injured Tom Woolley deputises
  15. gmuncie

    Edinburgh v Redcar 28th May

    Amazes me more don’t, if we get nigh on 200 a week there’s an extra 2k income per week why wouldn’t every club in the country want that

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