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  1. Edinburgh 2018

    Matthew is Josh’s cousin was over in Uk with him for a couple of months last summer
  2. Can only think of 2 for Edinburgh in THJ and cookie next year
  3. Talk Speedway has recently relaunched as a podcast Episodes so far include interviews with - Greg Hancock - Team gb fitness coach Paul Suggitt - BT sports Natalie Quirk - Glasgows Stewart Dickson And a very frank discussion with Rye Houses Steve Jensen All episodes are available completely free of charge by searching - on iTunes or any other podcast application you may use for talk speedway - on SoundCloud search for Talk speedway On our Facebook page On our website www.talkspeedway.co.uk We have plenty more exciting episode and features planned guys so please give us a listen and get involved
  4. As the Edinburgh correspondent for the star I guess the moral of the story is I must pick a cleverer fan next year 😂
  5. Speedway Tavern

    Could you post where this is available, is it a podcast?
  6. Edinburgh 2018

    Masters Erik Mark Sedgey Josh Sarjeant Ruddick
  7. Mark Riss sits out after his crash at Wolves last night R/R with rides for Erik, Pickering and the reserves
  8. Planning permission only allows one racenight per week at Armadale hence the need for double headers rather than multiple meetings in a week. Barring injuries I'm more than confident we will get through all 30 heats tonight the 1st match will start at 7 sharp and the turnaround between the 2 has been practiced this week and stands at 20 minutes so all being well it'll work out ok I think over the last 3 seasons the Monarchs have ran 5 double headers and only 1 failed to go the full 30 heats
  9. Kev Whelan has been on Facebook looking for a mechanic for a guest booking at Glasgow tonight so presume he is j the Sheffield line-up somewhere
  10. Redcar V Edinburgh 24/8/17

    Cheers Northyorksbear, while I was a little disappointed by certain aspects of the Monarchs performance I left the Media Prime thoroughly entertained and what more can you ask for and I always feel you need to give credit where it is due and last night that was to many parties. I've been going to see the Monarchs at Redcar since you guys reopoened and every visit I get more and more impressed by the facilities and atmosphere. That looked to be a decent crowd last night and everyone I spoke to from the person on the gate right through to Kevin Keau could not have been friendlier and helpful. More power to them.
  11. Looking forward to this tomorrow first visit to Ippo in 20+ years. Think a decent match awaits but unfortunately think the Witches will be to strong for the Monarchs
  12. Best I've ever seen Ashley ride. Lightning from the gate and attacked the track. Wasn't far off Wells when he came down in heat 15 as well. Definately Diamond of the match
  13. Apparently due to the length of time taken for the Belle Vue situation to be resolved the BSPA made a ruling prior to the season that Newcastle would get priority as they had signed him up first. The decision itself I don't agree or disagree with but the ruling not coming till the afternoon before the meeting is a disgrace
  14. He has a sub 3 average from a handful of matches at Armadale would think that would lead to him not being a huge fan.