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  1. gmuncie

    berwick bandits 2019

    Thanks for the clarification George, logistically difficult but as normally is the case Berwick promotion forward thinking and on the ball. fingers crossed for a dry night and a bunker crowd
  2. gmuncie

    berwick bandits 2019

    Are there options to only attend one of the double header? Might put some fans off who were at the original stagings in essence for Tigers fans having to pay £15 to watch the Monarchs match and the Monarchs fans £20 to watch the Tigers match.
  3. Could you confirm the indivudual scorers for the Vetlanda vs Piraterna match please? Have seen a couple of conflicting scorecards
  4. gmuncie

    riders not signed

    Neither are on the sidelines both have signed for Scunthorpe
  5. I would never dare say that, I just nip into a studio and blether about speedway for an hour every week. There’s no illusions of stardom haha
  6. I normally avoid posting on this forum these days due to the incessant nonsense that is posted continuously by some and this thread is no different to that ( nice to see Ian and George now they have been replaced as main photographers in the West by the excellent young Taylor chipping in having not been in attendance) However a few things to clear up from last night 1- yes the track was prepared with too much grip on it at the start of the meeting that can not be denied however this was not intentional but a misreading of the conditions 2 these conditions were not directly involved in the cause of the monarchs injuries, I will concede that they were the indirect cause of Joel’s as he slid off due to the difficulty in turning in heat 2 but it was the fact he got hit by Zach W that caused his injury (zero fault of Zach’s btw), victor’s fall he gated level with the two hammers tried to throttle off to move inside then realised he was to far into the corner throttled back on and the bike took off on him causing him to bail out. 3 if the track was so bad and no one was attacking it then why was there a sub 55 second time and multiple sub 56 second times all within 2.5 seconds or so of the track record 4 the delay caused by Joel’s injury allowed track grading to be done and from there on in the track was perfectly rideable and the riders that attacked it got their rewards.Including Lakeside riders, haven spoken to 5 of the riders involved in the meeting last night (2 Edinburgh and 3 Lakeside) they all said the same, the track was difficult to start with but was more than raceable a season the meeting progressed. 5 At no point did Erik say the track was ‘very dangerous’ he said it was to grippy to start with which was dangerous as mentioned above this was alleviated by the re-run of heat 2 though I’m not saying last night was a good meeting as it was pretty poor all told but this was not down exclusively to the track conditions. it takes 2 teams to make a good meeting and increasingly over the last few weeks awaybteams appear to be defeated by their attitude before a wheel is turned. It strikes me it’s never the monarchs that come away from a meeting home or away complaining win lose or draw we have guys that go everywhere and get on with it, other teams could do with a bit of the same not to mention the fact that the makeup of our team since the introduction of Richie and Victor we basically have a top 5 who are all heatleader calibre at the Dale that is why we are turning teams over.
  7. Looking forward to this tonight, last time he was at a Armadale Archie Freeman was worth the cost I admission for his second half rides so more of the same tonight hopefully
  8. What would you have suggested as the other course of action then? Refuse to ride wasting the time of all who had made the effort to arrange to travel and costing Workington a call off they can’t afford? The outcome of the meeting has no bearing on the appeal if the Monarchs won they would have carried on with it as quite frankly answers are required as to why a Workington have been allowed to declare an inelligible 1-7.
  9. 100% incorrect. The appeal has to and was placed prior to the start of the match as per the procedures for this kind of thing.
  10. gmuncie

    Berwick v Edinburgh 7/4/18

    Monarchs official site will carry updates as a last resort for you Sue. also no Joel Andersson for Monarchs tonight he hurt his shoulder in his heat 14 crash last night. Hope is he will be back on Friday
  11. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    Not sure it’s that difficult really. Last season there were 2 price points one for buying online upto the day before and then the pay at the gate price. This year those remain but the same has been added for Bluecards so those coupled with the other benefits of the blue card such as prize draws for hospitality, reduced rates on tickets to other monarchs events etc make the blue card a no brainer for anyone who can’t commit to the season ticket gold card.
  12. gmuncie

    Edinburgh 2018

    It’s dependent on how you buy your ticket for example blue card holders who pre book online will pay less than blue card holders who pay at the gate. Full admission prices will be released shortly as far as I’m aware.
  13. gmuncie

    BSPA website

    Today’s one is a belter http://www.speedwaygb.co/news.php?extend.33938 what video doesn’t do justice is the context in a close local derby
  14. gmuncie

    Glasgow 2018

    Hopefully the changes have the desired effect. When Ashfield first opened it was one of the best tracks in the country then unfortunately changes had to be made due to the football and it was never quite the same.

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