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  1. Richard Tyrrell

    Speedway Memorabilia

    Hi Steve, nice to talk again. Maybe we could meet half way for a handover? Now where would 75 miles each get us to?
  2. Richard Tyrrell

    Speedway Memorabilia

    I have a large box of Reading programmes, a large box of Swindon programmes and a large box of assorted track programmes that I inherited from a very good friend of mine. He lived by himself and used to get to speedway most nights of the week ie Reading, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Oxford where he lived, Swindon. Sadly he is no longer with us and I have just got round to thinking about getting rid of the boxes to a good home. But where? Anybody any ideas? Whoever gets them would have to collect from near Oxford. Oh yes, he also left many Oxford programmes but I'm still reluctant to get rid of those although I've got most of them myself! All the programmes go back years from early 1970s.
  3. Richard Tyrrell

    Wimbledon Stadium: Some Important News

    The Wimbledon situation is just the latest reflection by a bunch of greedy bastards.
  4. Richard Tyrrell

    Rebel With A Cause!

    OK folks, I stand corrected. I know you shouldn't believe all you read in the papers but I'm a simple soul and was posting from memory. Today's Oxford Mail actually says "Read by 53,233 people in print and online every day" so, yes, I was wrong. Even that figure seems to have reduced by around 5,000. The speedway pages as mentioned have all been sponsored by local businesses and serve at least to keep what has been a regular reminder of the good days to the fore and, hopefully, the good days to come.
  5. Richard Tyrrell

    Rebel With A Cause!

    Hi Steve Roberts, long time no see! You wouldn't know, living in York, that the Dag Lovaas page in the Backtrack to which you refer has been one of a series of full page adverts that have appeared in the Oxford Mail over recent months, sponsored by local companies. Spencer Timmo has been very prominent in doing this along with others associated with the Save Oxford Stadium project. The pages have created a lot of interest for local speedway fans with Hans Nielsen featured in one of them, the Isle of Wight team in another and a page featuring all the Oxford race jacket designs from 1949, amongst others. The Mail claims an over 58,000 circulation but we're having to be very patient for any decisive news.
  6. Richard Tyrrell

    Todd Wiltshire Interview

    I enjoyed watching Todd ride at Oxford but remember a few years ago posting on the Oxford website that is was obvious when he was riding in a Grand Prix at the weekend. His performances in those weeks were below his usual standard and I said that maybe he was saving his best bikes for the GP. His then wife replied on the site and I was well put down! I enjoyed reading Rob's latest article on Todd, Rob has certainly come on in the speedway journalism department! The one question that remained for me, having read the article, was why did Lanney and Horton hang around to make so sure the bikes were removed so suddenly at the end of the Poole meeting? An unexplained mystery?
  7. Hi Folks, I have just posted my feelings, as below, on the Facebook page 'Save Oxford Greyhound Stadium'. I know you can't please all of the people all of the time but feel better now I've had my say!: The latest copy of 'Classic Speedway' dropped through my letterbox this morning. What a pleasant surprise to find a tribute to the first Great Dane, Arne Pander, who is pictured on the cover. I well remember his first meeting for the Cheetahs, he was an overnight sensation as hardly anybody had heard of him before he came to Oxford. There are eight pages inside with several pictures. It is a good article but what a shame they had to wait so long before writing one on Arne. I questioned the owners about this a few years ago and even sent them a photo I had of Arne (in the traditional yellow sash body colour) but nobody did anything about it when, in conjunction with 'Backtrack', they seemingly go to the ends of the earth to find other older riders. In the article Colin Pratt says he was the only speedway related person present at Arne's funeral. That's sad considering how popular he was back in the day and I just felt that such an article could not be published a while ago when Arne would have realised he was still remembered and appreciated. Richard Tyrrell
  8. Richard Tyrrell

    Sitingbourne To Go Elite?

    That's exactly my point - Circus Speedway! The riders don't really belong anywhere. A reason to keep Elite League at arms length, in my view.
  9. Richard Tyrrell

    Sitingbourne To Go Elite?

    Friday night Elite League speedway? This was killed years ago, along with Saturdays, when the Grand Prix stared. So Sittingborne might elect for that - another promotion lured into Circus Speedway with a team one week and loads of guests the next throughout the season due to international commitments. 'Circus Speedway' - the term used when 'top' riders belong to two or three teams throughout Europe and breeze into town to ride for 'their' team once a week. (As an aside, I wonder how Kings Lynn supporters feel that Rory Schlein was injured riding for a Polish club? Bad enough that he is injured at all, lets hope he gets well soon, but 'your' rider riding for someone else?
  10. Richard Tyrrell

    I Wonder Why....

    Car racing would be far better if they put the fastest cars at the back. That would be far more interesting over 70 odd laps as opposed to now where I believe sometimes happens that the fastest car leads for 70 odd laps, start to finish. Is that racing?
  11. Will there be a second half tonight?
  12. Richard Tyrrell

    Posf2 Poole V Kings Lynn

    What, no second half??
  13. Richard Tyrrell

    Eastbourne To Close Down

    I think that this is the way for speedway in this country to re-invent itself and I congratulate Eastbourne in taking this initiative. As has been said, back to the idea of using local lads making the grade as has already been shown by the National League. There certainly won't be any international rider costs which has become, along with the Grand Prix series and farcical teams made from guests etc, the bane of top class speedway. If people want to watch the top stars why not watch the GP, Elite League or Swedish League circus on the tele. Or a progressive promoter might just arrange for an all star individual meetiong once or twice a season, or even a foreign touring team from Sweden or Poland etc of equal ability to the home team. The options are endless. And with some regularity with race nights, riders in the team and a variety of entertainment, who knows, people might just come and watch!!
  14. At the Oxford City Planning Meeting where, having displayed the intended housing plans on the stadium site, Galliard's application failed. One councillor said "It would be like a ghetto". Another said "I am voting no because I don't want someone in the future to know that I put my name to it. It would be a horrible place to live". 220 homes on the Oxford Stadium site - how many on the Wimbledon site?
  15. Richard Tyrrell

    Speedway Star Xtra

    Yea, me too!!

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