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  1. sjw ministerofport

    Swc Final Tickets

    Thanks racers and royals
  2. sjw ministerofport

    Swc Final Tickets

    Will there be Polish league meetings on the Sunday after the WC ?
  3. sjw ministerofport

    Swc Final Tickets

    last year at Prague it cost us about £50 total for two combined tickets, saying that it was not in the main grandstand.Sector B for us this year, more money for Tyskie.
  4. sjw ministerofport

    Swc Final Tickets

    Hi Bruno we still do a few foreign trips when we can afford to but I aint paying £135 for tickets. We will be paying for cheaper tickets and hope to enjoy the trip as muh as Prague last year.
  5. sjw ministerofport

    Swc Final Tickets

    Does one ticket cover the price for the race off and final? Last year one ticket paid for both at Prague.
  6. Thanks for the help racers and royals and merry Cristmas
  7. Planning to fly to Tegle and go by train across to Gorzow but there isn't a time table that we can find that far ahead. Has anyone travelled this way and if so is it fairly easy? Any help would be appreciated,thanks.
  8. sjw ministerofport

    Herbie Hancock

    Couldn't wish for a better way to use my 1000 post than to wish Greg many congratulations on his win and as home straight said doubt there would be a more popular winner of the World championship.
  9. sjw ministerofport

    British Gp 3d

    Loved the 3D coverage, it certainly was different.Only one problem for me was it seemed a little dark and i had to have the brightness up to nearly maximum. Well done to Sky especially as it was the first motor sport to be in 3D.Just hope the World cup and the other GPs will also be shown in 3D. To be honest though we are all just lucky to be able to see speedway on TV.
  10. sjw ministerofport

    British Gp 3d

    Just bought a 51in 3D tv and really looking forward to tonight. We were going to Cardiff but have decided to take the 3D coverage instead. Will miss the social side of the day which for me is special. So hope you all have a great day.
  11. sjw ministerofport

    Italian Gp Terenzano

    Thanks for that Snapper, a hire car it will b e then.
  12. sjw ministerofport

    Italian Gp Terenzano

    Is it possible to get a bus from Udine to the track, or would it be better to hire a car for the trip, thanks.
  13. sjw ministerofport

    Torun Gp

    Managed to get our tickets but it has taken my mate and me all day and have recieved an email to say that the money has been taken. Only problem now is we cant print em out.
  14. sjw ministerofport

    Italian Gp Terenzano

    I have ordered our tickets for this gp but could not get grandstand tickets as they had all gone. So this is just a warning for anyone who is going maybe there eont be any tickets on the day.

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