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  1. Maybe the Witches could move their home meetings to Monmore then he would be at home in the league and British final
  2. Just read in the morning paper Alun Rossiter is to announce he is standing down from Team GB later on today despite signing a new two year deal.
  3. bellevueace

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Soren Sjosten.
  4. bellevueace

    Belle Vue v Wolverhampton 19/8/2019

    Wolves should be right up for this now and I think they have a very good chance, their form at the NSS has to turn round sometime.
  5. bellevueace

    Belle Vue v Wolverhampton 19/8/2019

    The Vale cottage is supposed to be ok but only does food 12.00am to 15.00pm Mondays I think, its tucked away but about a 10-15 minute walk from the track, best to check their website.
  6. bellevueace

    Belle Vue 2019

    A mate of mine who used to go home and away in the seventies never went to the dog track, a couple of seasons ago he came with me to the NSS for the play off final against Wolves, loved it and now comes to the Colts as well as the Aces, a friend of his who had never been to speedway is now coming along too, hopefully this is a trend that will continue not just at Belle Vue but throughout speedway.
  7. bellevueace

    Wolves v Belle Vue 5/8/19

    Normal away form resumed, only Kenny did his job tonight.
  8. bellevueace


    Great effort from both teams, and some good racing, congratulations to Kent, deserved winners, good performance from Kemp but Gilkes really impressed me.
  9. bellevueace

    Belle Vue 2019

    I use the My Speedway app
  10. What always makes me laugh are some of those so eager to criticise the track cant wait to jump in after a few races, hence the racing improves and silence. Some seem to think its some sort of magical place where fantasy speedway is produced every race, mind you a bad meeting here can normally kick a good one elsewhere into a cocked hat. From what I hear Swindon is shaping up well and the racing is improving there, which is good news.
  11. bellevueace

    Ipswich vs Belle Vue 1/8/19

    Can see this as another pointless venture for us.
  12. Well Nikalai Busk Jacobsen is in for Aarnio for the rest of the season, hopefully he can replicate his poole form from last season, I would certainly settle for 40/42 points away we are far off that at the moment.
  13. Yes agree about the problem with the track being so good others love to visit, Swindon could end up with a similar problem as their track appears to be bedding down nicely. We really need to be better away as the margins we are losing by would not give us much chance of going through over two legs against any side at the moment. Keeping the away margins much closer is a must.
  14. You must hate the Extraliga then.
  15. We do but we need to do better than the 3 riders mentioned here, two go ok at the NSS whilst do nothing away, the other one does nothing home and away.

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