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  1. Think you will be fairly comfy tonight, can see Dan struggling at this stage of his comeback, the track is a new one for Lidsey, don't expect much from Berge, having said that Fricke Bjerre Worrall and Wells can get round Monmore but Wolves fly round there.
  2. Understand your point mate but we got constant slating over the dog track being poor even though it kept the club alive. Suppose what goes round comes round.
  3. If we ride as we did against Peterborough at home I can see Wolves capilalising and getting a double, I didn't feel we were convincing at all. Dan will struggle at Monmore as he's still feeling his way back and Jaimon has to learn the away tracks so wolves should be comfortable at home. Will settle for a good home win.
  4. Signed I really hope a new site can be found, I always enjoyed my trips down to Lakeside.
  5. bellevueace

    2nd leg play off final

    Congratulations to all at Workington on winning the title, well deserved I'm chuffed for Laura and hope the town really gets behind the team and come out in force next season. I always enjoy my trips up there and have seen some great racing. The Comets are certainly the comeback Kings this season.
  6. Considering everything comes down to the final four meetings of the season its no wonder the regular season matches are so poorly attended, they are just seen as qualifying matches and as we see every season the crowds only turn up for the finale where something is actually at stake.
  7. Poole had a big dose of good luck over the semi and final but I don't think Ellis purposely went out to be as bad as he was, wonder how he feels in himself having let the Stars down so badly? As for Poole in football parlance their name was on the cup, similar to when Man U won the Champions league againt Bayern, these things happen in sport.
  8. I would have said whoever won the league this year would just have been the best of a bad bunch, that is just down to the watering down of the product season after season. Next season really is make or break for the sport in this country.
  9. Not really the best climate to sell a speedway club though if you want to gain the maximum for your business.
  10. Well done Poole crap guests and losing MPT really did for Stars. I didn't see much of Andersen but surely he couldn't have been any worse in reserve than lambert? Pity the racing didn't do the occasion justice.
  11. Ellis would have been better staying in and watching it on TV
  12. Stars just need to gate from now on as passing is very much at a premium, got to say over the two legs the racing hasn't been great.
  13. I kept getting told how good he was on Monday when asking questions about him, thought he would have stepped it up around his own track though. Far too little too late from Ellis, Howarth has reached his level and has proven a poor guest for Kings lynn as well as for Somerset.
  14. Shouty doing his best to try to make it appear exciting, ive been disappointed with Jorgensen and yet again im left wondering why the Stars persevered with S lambert.
  15. Never got the hype that surrounded Ellis, tie over wouldn't mind some good racing to end the season.

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