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  1. Well done the Aces a win on the night a nice bonus. Damian suprised me and with Dan and Jye a bit off too it augers well for rest of the season.
  2. I remember the Aces pulling back a similar deficit against Exeter at Hyde Road so Wolves fans don't want to throw in the towel just yet. As mentioned above Cookie is struggling, Rohan dosent go well round Monmore, cant see Damian doing much either, theres no reason Wolves cant do to us what we did to them, if Wolves get off to a good start and build momentum who knows?
  3. The point hes making is that no tracks closed through the introduction of air fences
  4. I feel the same about the play offs tbh where a team finishing 4th umpteen points behind the table toppers can be crowned champions. Strange how many people who decry the British final format or the SoN format are big advocates of the play offs, where the same formula is used, in effect losers cwn end up overall winners.
  5. Best ive seen Howarth ride the NSS
  6. I remember going to Gothenburg in 1977 just days after Collins shattered his leg hitting a grid cover at Hyde road, it was a very wet meeting and Collins shouldn't have been riding but gave it a go having to be lifted on and off his bike, he actually finished second in that world final and would have actually won it but I remember Egon Muller coming off when PC was in front but due to his injury he couldn't replicate it in the rerun, I strongly believe only for that leg injury he would have equalled Ivans three in a row, PC was that dominant at the time, throw in his maximums in the consecutive WTC finals, world pairs titles and the host of other titles allied to his outstanding ability on the bike of which ive not seen since and no Tai doesn't eclipse PC. Titles won don't tell the whole stories of a riders career, and if that had been PC in his prime last night his team riding skills would have seen Rob through or if not it would have been nip and tuck. I think the sands of time have eroded the memory of how good PC was, another example, at Hyde Road his handle bars broke in half, he won the race holding the forks with one hand and the throttle with the other, don't think we would see that today
  7. Well overall two superb meetings, Woffinden was brilliant and Lambert came of age, I was hoping we would get Poland in the final as I thought Lambert had the beating of Dudek, having said that when Tai went chasing for the win in the final my first thought was why, surely it would have been better to hold up Saufutinov to give Robert a better chance of gaining that third spot? Emil didn't look overly quick in the final and Rob wasn't that far away. Im chuffed with silver but a bit gutted for Tai as his riding over the two days certainly deserved a gold medal. At the start I said if GB don't win it I hope Russia do and the two best teams contested the final. For the first season of the new GB setup it already looks far more professional and I can only see a bright future for us, as tai said its only the first year of a five year plan, and what a great start, well done lads.
  8. To be honest mate to me its still England
  9. A great performance from Woffinden and Lambert, we all knew Woffy was capable of this but Robert has really come of age tonight, they appear to have a great understanding and Woffinden is showing a lot of the other top boys was the concept of team riding is all about. I thought we might be able to sneak a medal if Lindback didn't turn up but wasn't expecting us to go as well as this. If Emil starts tomorrow as he finished tonight Russia will take some stopping, Poland cant be as bad again but we have every chance of a medal, no doubt Woffy will carry over the form into tomorrow, if Robert can produce the same again tomorrow could be a very special night for Team GB. Well done lads great job so far.
  10. As for the fitness programme being implemented Ivan Mauger stated this being one of the the key areas over 40 years ago and he didn't do too bad did he? As for the psycology again he was well ahead of his time, seems todays riders are just catching on.
  11. Changes cant be made.
  12. The selection would have been interesting if Worrall had not been injured and was continuing his fine form and he was also our best rider in Poland in the WTC. I noticed at the GP in Wroclaw and again last night that when Woffinden and Cook were being interviewed the body language didn't point to any connection between them at all, Woffinden seemed happier riding with Lambert which you can understand as I think Robert would give him the best back up and will probably get most races in Poland. Just got the feeling Woffy and Cookie not overly enamoured with each other?
  13. Made me laugh when T&P kept banging the team riding drum, riding alongside each other when the opposing pairing are way behind not posing a threat is not team riding, far different when you have a rider buzzing around your back wheel for 4 laps. Only Woffinden looks to have the ability to actually team ride for me. Everytime ive seen Lindgren this season hes been awesome, great rider and really on it at the moment.
  14. So what about the Cardiff GP?

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