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  1. bellevueace

    SON 2020

    I emailed BSI for a refund after being contacted by them stating my tickets would be valid for next season, if i want a refund by October 31st contact them, still nothing and that was weeks ago.
  2. bellevueace

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    What about those fans who bought PC meeting tickets before the lockdown? Are they being refunded? Surely the club dosent expect fans who already hold tickets to pay again to stream?
  3. The real ale pubs around Kelham Island make it a winner for me.:)
  4. Prague is a nice city to visit but its even better when you know you dont have to sit through three hours of boredom, best to visit when theres no GP, then have a speedway weekend at a GP staged on a decent race track.
  5. Underlines the fact the best riders dont guarantee great racing, ive seen better racing in the NL than what weve seen tonight.
  6. bellevueace

    Alan Wilkinson

    Was really shocked when i read about this, RIP. Wilkie was a dedicated ace and a great skipper, hard as nails but fair, the two memories that always spring to mind when talking about Wilkie was his jaunt up to the refs box at Kings Lynn to contest a decision, and taking on all comers in the infamous match at Hyde Road v Leicester.
  7. bellevueace

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Just hope this latest injury added to the one he suffered with Glasgow and the bad one with Workington doesnt stop him progressing as he was expected to do, he wouldnt be the first rider whose early potential didnt materialise due to picking up injuries.
  8. bellevueace


    Mine has been on time for the past three weeks now so hopefully that continues, have to echo Piccolo,s statement the Speedway Star team have done a terrific job.
  9. bellevueace

    Swindon Stadium

    There were plenty of people being negative about the NSS ever being built, they were wrong so why shouldnt Swindon also succeed? Hope they do.
  10. bellevueace

    Swindon Stadium

    Manchester council were supportive of speedway throughout the difficult process, Gaming International appear not to have that.
  11. bellevueace

    Maurice Morley

  12. bellevueace


    Thursday morning is always my delivery day for the star, understandably since the lock down its been up in the air, mainly now i receive it on a Monday, strangely enough though the other week it didnt arrive so on the Tuesday i e mailed the star and first post Wednesday it arrived, so dont know why the mail have a problem with delivery at other times. Worth the wait though they have done a great job producing the mag considering there is no racing, always some good articles to read.
  13. bellevueace


    Never said or hinted it was superior mate, just stating my own preferred option.
  14. bellevueace


    I much prefer to read the star sat on the sofa to staring at a pc screen, great mag, had it on subscription for years good value, yes it arrives late at the moment mine came Monday instead of Thursday but thats understandable at the moment, well done for continuing to get it out.
  15. bellevueace


    Thanks Phil, not a problem, for once, if it dosent arrive Monday i can always get it locally otherwise i could end up with two copies.

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