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  1. bellevueace


    I wonder what they do with the missing copies, just bin them? I presume they must collect them for delivery?
  2. bellevueace


    Thanks for your response Phil, i have e-mailed the office, i say they are inept because sadly that is my experience albeit if i am in a minority, i have absolutely no problem paying extra for Royal Mail delivery as i appreciate the conditions you have been operating under over the past twelve months and the team at pinegen have done an unbelievable job with the magazine content. I will happily phone the office and pay to cover any extra cost, i always thought subscriptions covered delivery when i buy Spanish language magazines from Unique and Newsstand you also pay postage, just add it to my yearly subscription.
  3. bellevueace


    Another day another non delivery, thats three weeks with no delivery, im going to e-mail pinegen to ask to be put back onto Royal Mail who delivered last weeks copy first post Saturday after it was posted Friday dinnertime, if there is no difference in cost why would anyone use this inefficient new outfit? They are totally inept.
  4. bellevueace


    I contacted the speedway star offices yesterday at noon, this weeks copy was posted out by Royal Mail for me and arrived first post this morning, speaking for myself i would pay any extra on my yearly subscription for that reliability, i know theres a digital copy but sitting in front of my pc reading is not for me, i like a physical copy i can take to work relax on the sofa with etc, ive checked my post code against the delivery areas on News Team website and they do deliver in my area, it will be interesting to see if i get any deliveries from here on in, it seems all i can do is keep e mailing the office if it continues not to arrive, very frustrating.
  5. bellevueace


    Hi Phil I e-mailed the office and got an immediate response, they have extended my subscription by one issue to cover the mag that never arrived two weeks ago and have posted me a copy of this weeks by Royal Mail, if this news team continue not delivering the only solutions i can see is to pay for postage myself to have the mag sent by Royal mail if possible or cancel the subscription and buy the mag as and when i see it on the shelves, i cant e-mail the office every week, the team at the star have worked wonders to publish a great magazine over the past year, it would be a pity if this new delivery company result in people cancelling,
  6. bellevueace


    Last weeks magazine never arrived and lo and behold this weeks is another no show, i always recieved my copy first post Thursday and always on Friday even during the first lock down. This new personal service is bobbins, i order Spanish language mags from Unique in Newcastle and Newsstand down in Essex, both deliver the day after ordering, i have bought several cd,s during the past few weeks all delivered within two to three days so there is no problem with Royal Mail where i am. If this carries on after 51 years of buying the star this will be the last sadly. Im going to contact the office and as i dont want a mag over a week or two old will ask if they can extend the subscription to cover the missing mags.
  7. bellevueace


    No thanks, I'm hoping it will arrive along with this week's, rather than contact pinegen and have them sending out another copy and ending up with two I have no problem if it doesn't arrive buying one from the newsagent on this occasion
  8. bellevueace


    Well I've still not received last week's star yet, delivery had got back to normal just after Christmas so don't know if the latest disruption is due to the new courier, I'm not bothering contacting pinegen as if it does arrive will be a week old and hopefully this week's will arrive.
  9. bellevueace

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Hadnt Doyle signed a deal in Sweden as well as Poland but dropped his Swedish commitment to stay loyal to British speedway? Seems the most loyal rider to these shores is an Aussie and full respect to him.
  10. bellevueace


    Would love to get Oxford back, always enjoyed going there, its been sadly missed.
  11. bellevueace


    Got mine today, its arrived a few times on a Monday during lockdown even once on a Tuesday, as long as it gets here thats the main thing.
  12. bellevueace

    SON 2020

    I emailed BSI for a refund after being contacted by them stating my tickets would be valid for next season, if i want a refund by October 31st contact them, still nothing and that was weeks ago.
  13. bellevueace

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    What about those fans who bought PC meeting tickets before the lockdown? Are they being refunded? Surely the club dosent expect fans who already hold tickets to pay again to stream?
  14. The real ale pubs around Kelham Island make it a winner for me.:)
  15. Prague is a nice city to visit but its even better when you know you dont have to sit through three hours of boredom, best to visit when theres no GP, then have a speedway weekend at a GP staged on a decent race track.

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