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  1. rjsj9803

    2019 Predictions

    Skybet have full listings
  2. rjsj9803

    2019 Predictions

    Well the bookies predict Poole as red hot favourites at 9-4. They have Ipswich as wooden spoon candidates at 20-1 I think this is the 11th year they have had Poole favs at season starts
  3. rjsj9803

    John Chaplin

    R.I.P John
  4. rjsj9803

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Tai might be the best I see maybe 10 to 15 times a week on television a year, but personally that puts him behind Collins, Loram, Lee etc who many of us watched weekly in the flesh.
  5. Cook scored 6 last time Lynn were there
  6. Toft weighs about 3 stone wet through no wonder he flies round there he scored 16+1 there last year
  7. rjsj9803

    Where is SCB

    Not sure I agree with the out of sight out of mind approach sorry, or with those saying there are no 'physical' victims. This man had 108 Cat A images and 100s more B and C including new borns to 15 years old, this is not a victimless crime! He is going to be released in a matter of weeks so bugger the idea of ignoring it. I almost guarantee he will be on here with an alias with us happily chatting away to him without any idea, very very soon!!
  8. 1996 Ryan Sullivan v Mikael Karlsson bonus point run off, Mikael 'clipping' the fence and pulling off a cracker. 2004 Max v Andersen play off at Monmore For me 1991 BLRC Ht 19 Sam vs Hans both unbeaten with Sam going on to lift the title. Strange 2 out of 3 are rare match races.
  9. rjsj9803

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Having watched a Swedish league match on the box earlier the crowd seemed similar to UK meetings but the team strengths miles apart here we have Hans Andersen and Steve Masters as heat leaders in Sweden both at 6 & 7. I have similar ideas to most here about how to improve it , but what is it that the Swedish league does to attract pretty much all the top guys considering the gate revenue appears similar? Jeez we can't even get a British world champion elect to ride here these days!!
  10. Typical Woffy tantrum with his burly back up boys, well done Fred 1st winner from white at the right time
  11. rjsj9803

    A sorry from RR2017

    Well Steve you know as well as I do I had a suspension maybe 7 or 8 years ago for 3 days for sending you a private message telling you where to find me at Monmore to discuss differences and sadly you ran to admin and that was that, and here you are close to a decade on doing the same rubbish on most threads I might as well pop this in here as to save you a carrier pigeon to admin ok son
  12. rjsj9803

    A sorry from RR2017

    This is a worrying trend people apologising after years of trolling, God forbid if Stevebrum ever wrote one it would make the Encyclopedia Britannica look like a Jehovah's witness pamphlet
  13. Surely they need it to clean the dust off their own windows
  14. rjsj9803

    BT Sport TV Fixtures

    It is a tad lopsided with Poole in 3 also, maybe they are giving those without playoff hopes a bit of exposure?

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