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  1. rjsj9803

    Your best speedway year

    He wouldn't have caught Hans though but for engine failure when half a straight ahead. That bike of Mullers was a rocket ship that day but totally fluffed the start in his last race.
  2. rjsj9803

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    And running off with the riders after a track invasion at Peterborough )
  3. rjsj9803

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Yes Dudley Wood 93, that was one meeting I remember for the wrong reasons too, over the moon with our new signing walloping H&H in his first 2 rides at the place, then yeah erm fenced in his next and out! Loved watching Mikael round Peterborough, 1996 run off between Sullivan v Max then I think (unsure), Mikael hitting the fence in a classic and just winding it on.
  4. rjsj9803

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    The good old days Steve lol 2 of my biggest memories were going pillion with Finn Thomsen and George Hunter. Then going to 1977 Jubilee fancy dress a few weeks later with a face scarf Finn gave me, with my homemade Wolves bib, dads safety goggles etc etc!! I was hooked!
  5. rjsj9803

    Corona virus

    Bye Rimmer I have no interest in your mass debating.
  6. rjsj9803

    Corona virus

    And until now I had self isolated on the other thread on corona virus, I didn't even know this one way running and yeah I am going to stick with this one!!!
  7. rjsj9803

    Prediction thread

    Well this is how the bookies have it... Belle Vue 9/4 Swindon 3/1 Peterborough 4/1 Kings Lynn 11/2 Wolves 6/1 Sheffield 16/1 Ipswich 20/1
  8. rjsj9803

    2020 Premiership odds

    Belle Vue 9/4 Swindon 3/1 Peterborough 4/1 Kings Lynn 11/2 Wolves 6/1 Sheffield 16/1 Ipswich 20/1
  9. rjsj9803

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Welcome back Sam. I can't see any logic building 2 pts under strength but there is a 'hope' that Morris can get close to his pre injury 2017 average of 8.77.
  10. rjsj9803

    Wolverhampton 2020

    We had Hamill 06 and 07 those weren't my favourite years. As for having H&H as a spearhead I would have struggled to have any passion, CVS and PA took a calculated risk in 06 07 and it semi paid off I guess, but to have both from a Wolves turnstiles perspective it could have been Monmore suicide. There are rivalries and then there are rivalries and hammering spoons was always my favourite followed by Coventry then the rest.... It didn't seem the same wateching H&H at Brandon, so for me we not only lost the Cradley/Wolves but also took the edge off Cov/Wolves for a few years. Hancock is a great Ambassador for speedway and 50 odd yrs old a rarity still there or there thereabout with guys less than half his age at top level, and he is a genuine decent bloke....... but he was a huge gating tart and massive roller (when you were allowed) and is still a Spoon. I will still pay to stand on almost empty terraces at the few tracks Wolves go to in 2020 look around get a coffee and enjoy the racing, but it won't be the same as eating a pork sandwich on the back straight of a packed Bomb site arguing the toss with spoon rivals, and that's just how it is. A 1991 gem from Hancock introducing the Wolves faithful to the bird )))))
  11. rjsj9803

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Pleasantly surprised we kept Nick, he looked a steal on his 2019 start average and looks a good bet this year, I thought Swindon may have tried to get him back, withstanding injury i think he will regain full form in 2020. Had visions of him doing the same as Cam Heeps having a storming year after just one with us for Ipswich.
  12. rjsj9803

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I would never boycott my team over an individual rider 2006/7 paying to watch Hamill the spoon week in week out was a bit tricky, but your team is the bigger picture.
  13. rjsj9803

    Sheffield 2020

    Hmmm yeah a regular since 1971 just pushing 50 years, and yes I was at Cov the night of NP/Carter spat
  14. rjsj9803

    Sheffield 2020

    I would have loved Nicki to have stayed at Monmore rather than the years of loan fees we got for all his time spent at Arlington, fantastic signing for the tigers, ok so he isn't going to get 15 a meeting but will certainly add plenty to the Sheffield coffers. Love or loathe him he is a pretty big draw, I'll look forward to visiting as often as possible. CVS & Adams should have kept him at Monmore for years but hmmm seem to like our World champions riding elsewhere, where is Tai this year. Bravo Steady and welcome back to top flight Sheffield and NP.

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