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  1. This is why 1/3 people don't waste their time voting or swim in the political debating cesspit as nothing changes Bojo or Buzz Lightyear there must be a better way.
  2. rjsj9803

    F 1 Today's race

    Let's not forget about lap 1 when Masi also got it wrong when Hamilton went off and wasn't made to give the place to MV with Hill, Rosberg, Brundle and Button saying it was the wrong decision.
  3. rjsj9803

    F 1 Today's race

    Both appeals officially thrown out, Max remains champion.
  4. rjsj9803

    F 1 Today's race

    Well done and fully deserved Max
  5. rjsj9803

    F 1 Today's race

    Hamilton was hardly squeaky clean with his formation lap then neither was Bottas, those are the rules though and all fair in love and war, for me though Hamilton lost any respect when he happily threw Dave Ryan under the bus 2009 Aussie debacle I can't be doing with stabbing your own man in the back lying little turd.
  6. I think you misinterpreted my post, but what do the people deserve that are standing outside schools doing just that? Apparently it is far from an isolated incident 80% of schools have had issues with via email or protesters outside. As for my late 70s mother she lives in the same house as her primary age grand kids, had her vaccines and boosters, shops at quiet times and tries her best to live, thankfully issue free.
  7. It's only fair to see both sides of the story, so on Monday after dodging soap for 3 days I'm going to pop on a hemp cardigan and stand outside a school showing 10 yr old kids pictures of dead children and blood stained syringes wait for the Headmaster to call the police and then run into the shadows.
  8. rjsj9803

    Azeem Rafiq

    Surely assault trumps racism even with 2021 woke? Azeem Rafiq “I got pinned down at my local cricket club and had red wine poured down my throat, literally down my throat"
  9. rjsj9803

    People with odd, funny or silly names

    An old school friend Robert Sitch or when counter signing Mr R Sitch.
  10. Well embalming oil sales would have gone through the roof, florists would have been able to afford three cruises a year, this site wouldn't have a few condemning the 90% of us jabbed as uneducated simpletons and hemp cardigan wearing hipsters wouldn't be standing outside our schools shouting out social media rhetoric bullying kids had we not had a vax roll out.
  11. What is the world coming to when a few months back a social media algorithm used by 'tiktok' had people in Texas rushing outside to make snowballs trying to set fire to them to prove it was fake snow and blaming Bill Gates for it as it was his way to destabilise the region. Then 3 dad's last week doing a walk to raise 'awareness' for their 3 teenage daughters who committed suicide because of 'fear mongering' on social media convinced them life was over and they were never going outside again. The designers of social media don't allow their own children on the platforms for good reason, bored with 90 free minutes watch Netflix 'The social dilemma' a story of the designers original intent 15 years ago to the monolith of social decay in the room in 2021. These days people go to a pub take pictures of their food then post it online to show people they couldn't be bothered inviting just how good the food is they missed, then leave the phone out waiting for the 'buzz' message back.
  12. Using the same method type just 'cov' in search and let the all knowing algorithm do its work, here's my top 6 1. Coventry speedway 2. Covers NBA forum 3. Coventry bees speedway riders 4. Coventry City fans forum 5. Covid-19 6. Covers forum. The news you view before you even read it has been decided.
  13. They are different things though, anyone who opens a Wikipedia page gets the same page regardless, but open a facebook page on the same story and the Facebook algorithm will decide what page you see individually.
  14. rjsj9803

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    BBC, ITV and SKY all finding a Japanese Princess marrying a 'common bloke' a more important story than, https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/gmp-officer-court-charged-string-21973033.amp Cunliffe has 4 weeks to do the right thing.

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