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  1. Well done Freddie, finally Cradley Walla Pearson couldnt blame him for something, that tool usually takes any excuse to have a dig!!
  2. rjsj9803

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Kelvin getting all gangsta calling magic a 'homeboy'
  3. rjsj9803

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    This is all very well so how do you explain to a new fan or someone just looking in why Polish teams get priority over FIM events, of course the cash helps
  4. rjsj9803

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    I am just glad I'm a speedway fan as we all are here, but even happier that I don't have to explain why only half the field bother with official qualifying to a casual follower, this has to be a new low ebb!
  5. So this final of the team event for pairs might not even be the final, and could be another individual run off if it's a 3 3 huh?
  6. Oh it may have been but it surprised him and Janowski )
  7. Lol Emil accidently being passed a pit board as the trophy and celebrating )
  8. I think what maybe adds to this race is it wasn't his home track ridden week in week out knowing lines and kickboards etc, and to be fair not bad as he was last into the 1st corner, and Freddie and Miskowiak ain't slow.
  9. rjsj9803

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Yes Steve he has already scored more for Ipswich this year than in 16 meetings for Wolves last year! Sods law
  10. rjsj9803

    2019 SoN Draw

    Beat me to it Star I logged in here just to see if anyone else noticed, seems it's blatant, maybe he is anchoring for Pearsons job )
  11. rjsj9803

    2019 Predictions

    Skybet have full listings
  12. rjsj9803

    2019 Predictions

    Well the bookies predict Poole as red hot favourites at 9-4. They have Ipswich as wooden spoon candidates at 20-1 I think this is the 11th year they have had Poole favs at season starts
  13. rjsj9803

    John Chaplin

    R.I.P John
  14. rjsj9803

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Tai might be the best I see maybe 10 to 15 times a week on television a year, but personally that puts him behind Collins, Loram, Lee etc who many of us watched weekly in the flesh.
  15. Cook scored 6 last time Lynn were there

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