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  1. The SRA track of the year awards at Wolves record is Winner 2006 2009 2010 2012 2015 Second 2007 2011 3013 2014 2016 Third 2008 Not too shabby voted top 3 in 11 years and top 2 in 9/10 in the last decade 😁 So if Monmore is such a 'horror' track why do the guys that ride there seem to vote pretty much opposite? Just a thought.
  2. I should have listened to the accuweather forecast back down the m6 again
  3. Only thing I would change is riders tape touching refs and regulations far too strict Bring back roller Hancock circa 1990
  4. Wolves V Rye House 10th July

    SRA track of the year awards Wolves record is Winner 2006 2009 2010 2012 2015 Second 2007 2011 3013 2014 2016 Third 2008 Not too shabby top 3 in 11 years
  5. Wolves 2017

    Well I won't call you a @@@@ we all know you are troll
  6. Wolves 2017

    Oh we do have to be careful I had a 3 day ban here because you run to monitors lightweight
  7. Wolves 2017

    Careful what you say about stevebum
  8. Poole V Belle Vue Bt Sports 26/6/17

    I suppose the humps and bumps and slightly better than a decade of blue groove on what at best is a trick track, well done Belle Vue
  9. Yup I can see the sense for an English guy choosing to adorn his body with Aussie tattoo.
  10. Tai Massive Project

    pretty much the same for me
  11. Tai Massive Project

    Best thing you can do is mute stevebum he is in with staff just mute him works for me
  12. Wolves V Swindon 22nd May

    Tut tut asking Fred how often he went to BV, how many times did you get to Monmore from Portugal BW of course pointless answering son as I like most have you and the other wolf clown that staff love here muted some get away with it so I'll try lol
  13. Leicester V Wolves 15th May

    Great result rain held off till the end 3 riders in a max a little bit gate and go got better towards the end when the rain started. Point of note.. fantastic program very few adverts and pretty much packed