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  1. Phil

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hit the nail on the head! The sport is a £10 sport. Riders must get other jobs that fits around it like in lots of other sports with such low gate money or ride abroad as well. Also people says its a family sport but that is far from it. The vast majority of kids around 12 and under will be in bed by about 9:30 on a school night!
  2. Phil

    Covid Vaccine

    Will you have the Covid Vaccine if offered ?
  3. Phil

    Adverts !!!!

    Afraid need them to pay to keep the forum going.
  4. Save the covid stas to the covid thread please and not here.
  5. Stick to the topic please and leave the covid discussion to that topic please.
  6. Ignore the troll. He has gone.
  7. Phil


    ip address change .
  8. IF YOU ARE HEADING TO CARDIFF THIS WEEKEND PLEASE CHECK YOUR TICKET GATE. A substantial amount of tickets have been printed with an error. These have been printed with GATE 5 on them. Their will be people there to help tell you at which gate you will need to be at. ALLOW YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME JUST IN CASE YOUR TICKETS ARE THOSE PRINTED IN ERROR!!
  9. Phil


    Soory but people must not post the person address of where people live.
  10. The banqueting suite will be built on the site of the Hare and Hounds bar with the terraced area at the finish line end of the track also making way for the new development. “The way it has been designed will allow for the top floor suite to be open for 500 guests or split into rooms of 250, 150 and 100 people capacities providing fantastic views across the track. “On the same level will be five brand new executive boxes which will cater for 20 people per box. These, too, can be made into one large executive box for 100 guests. Our existing executive boxes will remain in place until the new development is open and a new entrance will be in place until building work is completed.” https://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/magazines/westside/article/Owlerton-Stadium-announces-plans-for-5m-banqueting-suite
  11. Phil

    Sheffield 2019

    I see the tigers have linked up with the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey. They are going to offer a some kind of discount to the Steeler's season ticket holders which is great news but they could by missing a MASSIVE opportunity here. Why not offer £5 a meeting vouchers to be used for say 2 meetings valid until the end of April to ALL Steelers fans. There will be over 7000 fans at the ice hockey on Saturday night! Both sports are very family orientated with ice hockey season just about to finish and the speedway about to start.
  12. Phil

    Poole 2019

    Most off topic posts hidden from last two days. Please keep to the topic. Thanks
  13. Phil

    Wolves 2019

    Get back on track please. Speedway!
  14. Phil

    Sheffield 2019

    Yes 5pm first race would be much better and keep to tight schedule so not late for young kids.

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