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  1. Phil

    Sheffield 2019

    I see the tigers have linked up with the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey. They are going to offer a some kind of discount to the Steeler's season ticket holders which is great news but they could by missing a MASSIVE opportunity here. Why not offer £5 a meeting vouchers to be used for say 2 meetings valid until the end of April to ALL Steelers fans. There will be over 7000 fans at the ice hockey on Saturday night! Both sports are very family orientated with ice hockey season just about to finish and the speedway about to start.
  2. Phil

    Poole 2019

    Most off topic posts hidden from last two days. Please keep to the topic. Thanks
  3. Phil

    Wolves 2019

    Get back on track please. Speedway!
  4. Phil

    Sheffield 2019

    Yes 5pm first race would be much better and keep to tight schedule so not late for young kids.
  5. Phil

    Forum errors

    Hi, Should be ok now. Server crash which the corrupted database table. Thanks Phil
  6. Phil


  7. Phil

    Forum errors

    I am looking into errors
  8. Phil

    How long are new members moderated

    5 post if I remember
  9. Phil

    Russia @ bet365

    Worth a bet on Russia @ bet365 for tonight to win ?
  10. Phil

    Forum update

    User / Display NamesUsernames and display names have been merged in Invision Community. Username will now be shown.
  11. Phil

    Forum update

    Hi, The forum will run slow for the next 24 hours while update are run in the background. Yes it very different but is needed to get latest security updates.
  12. Phil


    Test test
  13. Phil

    Poole 2018

    Time out to cool down Time out to cool down
  14. Please be careful what you post. The outcome will be decided in November

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