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  1. Phil


    Please don't spam the forum with links to your sites!
  2. Phil

    workington ..

    Not sure why not working for TotallyHonestJohn works for me. Does it work for others ?
  3. Phil

    workington ..

    PDF link now works
  4. Phil

    workington ..

  5. Why are you totally obsessed with Covid ? You seem to not be able to distance youeself from it at all and it is always in your daily life.
  6. It is with great sadness the loss of one of our own, Steve Turner. He was a great chap and always smiled on the terraces and had many friends on the BSF. He was one those who brought a lot of forum members and fans together. I remember meeting him many times and have fond memories of our trip to the Cardiff GP together with Fd and Co. Rest in peace my friend.
  7. All the spam is kept on one topic (to a large extent) so people can choose to read it or not as the case maybe for 99% of the users.
  8. Phil

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Hit the nail on the head! The sport is a £10 sport. Riders must get other jobs that fits around it like in lots of other sports with such low gate money or ride abroad as well. Also people says its a family sport but that is far from it. The vast majority of kids around 12 and under will be in bed by about 9:30 on a school night!
  9. Phil

    Covid Vaccine

    Will you have the Covid Vaccine if offered ?
  10. Phil

    Adverts !!!!

    Afraid need them to pay to keep the forum going.
  11. Save the covid stas to the covid thread please and not here.
  12. Stick to the topic please and leave the covid discussion to that topic please.
  13. Ignore the troll. He has gone.
  14. Phil


    ip address change .

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