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  1. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the refund policy. The T's & C's on the website states Should it be necessary to abandon the main Meeting before the 8th Heat, re-admission tickets valid for the re-staging of today’s fixture or any Meeting (excluding a BSPA Shared Event) at this Track within 1 (one) month will be issued to all persons who have paid for admission. No mention of a reduced admission price. But under the report of the meeting it says In accordance with the British Speedway Policy, a £6 discount will be available upon showing your ticket from the Berwick meeting at one of the remaining meetings at Foxhall this season. In the case of abandonment before heat 10, £1 is taken off the re-admission price for every heat that was run at the original staging. In this case, six heats were raced and therefore there is a £6 discount on re-admission with this ticket. Adult tickets will be £10 and Concessions will be £7. So, if we'd have raced 9 heats we'd have got £9 off the next meeting(s) or £2 off if 2 heats had been completed. Should it not be £1 is taken off the re-admission price for every heat that was NOT run at the original staging, making Adult £7 and Concession £4 or am I missing something here? Can anyone clarify?
  2. ipswichwitches

    Witches v Glasgow 16/08/2018

    Martlesham Heath - 12:30 and raining quite hard.
  3. ipswichwitches

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Not sure if a No. 8 can take IRR rides - I bet no-one has thought about that situation.
  4. ipswichwitches

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    Looking at the regulations: 18.8.2 Where a Team uses the RR Facility, they may nominate an additional rider (AR), who is eligible to take any rides that could have normally been taken by the absent rider during the Meeting, provided that the nominated rider is another contracted Rider, but not included in an SGB Premiership or Championship League Team's currently declared 1-7 and whose MA does not exceed an SGB Premiership or Championship MA of 2.00. That would suggest the the Number 8 can only take R/R rides so would not have been eligible for heat 14.
  5. ipswichwitches

    A Very Short Season

    With 2H & 2A you wouldn't need the LC, making 21 home meetings, 2 more than last season. Mid March to end October is approx. 30 weeks. Or maybe the LC should have been a bigger competition. With so few meetings, I can't see them being every week otherwise we'll all be brushing up on our tans during summer.
  6. ipswichwitches

    A Very Short Season

    This season looks like being an extremely short season unless there's something I've missed. As as Ipswich fan, at home we'll have (guaranteed): 10 League Matches 2 League Cup Matches 1 KOC Match 1 'Other' Match That's just 14 home meetings this year. So racing every week from mid March, the season could be complete by the end of June. Don't know what we'll do for the other 4 months of the season. 2017 was a guarantee of 19 home meetings. So, why no 2 Home & 2 Away this year? Can't be because we've got one extra side in the league this year. Perhaps all fixtures will be every other week for all clubs to make the season last.
  7. Dry but overcast. No rain forecast according to BBC app.
  8. Looks like we'll have to agree to differ. It happened right in front of me too. Greaves was round the outside by the fence, Nichols came from the inside and squeezed Greaves just before halfway down the back straight causing him to hit the fence and eventually fall near the entrance to the 3rd bend. I've got no problem with Nicholls guesting (haven't worked out how yet) and he did a good job, but he was definitely at fault in heat one.
  9. They only booed NIcholls because he squeezed Greaves into the fence in heat 1 and should have been excluded. But at the end of the day, the best side won. Congratulations to the Tigers.
  10. ipswichwitches

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Us too. Stayed at Premier Inn Llantrisant - £145 for 2 nights, which I was quite happy with. GP weekend next year - £298. Suitably worded email fired off to Premier Inn.
  11. ipswichwitches

    Semi Final Ipswich V Somerset

    Certainly looks like the road works have shut Bell Lane from Foxhall Road to the Orthodontists, so that includes the Bell Lane entrance / exit to the stadium, unless anyone else knows different. Not forgetting Foxhall Road shut for re-surfacing from 7pm overnight tomorrow, from Dobbs Lane to the A12 I think.
  12. ipswichwitches

    Semi Final Ipswich V Somerset

    Advance Notice of Road Closures. Judging by the signs around the Foxhall area, there are 2 sets of roadworks that may affect people travelling to and from the stadium. Foxhall Road junction with A12 to Dobbs Lane - closed over night from 7pm for re-surfacing, staring 13th October. Bell Lane junction with Foxhall Road to 182 Bell Lane (looks like this includes the Bell Lane stadium entrance) - closed from 10th October for water main works. Information from https://roadworks.org/ with a search for Ipswich District Suffolk, 10th to 20th October So it 'looks' like only the main stadium entrance will be available for the this meeting. I'll post any updates nearer the time.
  13. Looking at the 2016 regs (18.10 - Facilities) a1) Absent #1: G or RR a2) Absent D-U or EDR (if riding for the “other” team) G or RR B ) 1 Absent rider (2 – 5): RR I assume Kerr qualifies under A2 and B. So does A2 take precedence over B or the other way round or none of the above? Again a not very well worded rule.
  14. It was on radio Suffolk at 4.30.
  15. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2014

    My guess is that the intention as of last Thursday was that this Thursday and next were scheduled for play off fixtures, hence the 'definitely being a fixture next week'. No lying involved. If neither of the other 2 clubs involved will not commit to this Thursday for whatever reason, I guess we'll have a blank week. Should we get through to the Play Off final and the KO Cup final, these 2 fixtures look scheduled to run on the last 2 Thursdays of October, which doesn't leave a lot of time for rain offs. And from Lovespeedway24 Ipswich Witches will face Somerset Rebels and Scunthorpe Scorpions, home and away, in this season’s Premier League play-offs, but DO NOT have a meeting at Foxhall this Thursday. Edinburgh Monarchs, who secured top spot and therefore first and third pick of opponents over the weekend, will be in a group with Workington Comets and Berwick Bandits. The Witches had planned to face Berwick in the play-offs at Foxhall, this Thursday, but Somerset changed their minds over who they wanted to face in the competition and are unable to make a date in Ipswich on Thursday. The Witches’ two home legs therefore are set to be held on Thursday September 25, against Scunthorpe, and Thursday October 2 against Somerset.

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