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  1. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    But issue 3 was superseded by issue 4 on the same day and Cook is back to 7.59 effective 31/5 and that figure remains in all future releases until issue 7. All very confusing isn't it.
  2. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    His average is immaterial after tonight, or even before tonight depending on your point of view. It's the value of that average at the time that the team was re-declared. As I understand it, the latest time for re-declaration would be 72 hours before tonight's meeting, so some time on the 7th June. At that point, issue 6 of the green sheets was in operation, dated 3rd June, and that clearly states 7.59. The Kings Lynn side averages are effective 7th June. So if the side was re-declared on 7th June, 7.59 would be the correct average. Where the confusion seems to lie is with the set of green sheets issued on 8th June, issue 7, which then show the higher average but strangely is effective 2 days before it was issued.
  3. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    Thanks for the clarification Neil.
  4. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich vs pboro 10/7/21

    There appears to be 2 sets of averages issued for 28/5 - issue 3 and issue 4. Issue 3 indicates that Cook's average of 7.59 will increase to 7.82 on 1/6. Issue 4, which I guess supersedes issue 3 has Lawson included in place of Cook and Cook's average back to 7.59 and no mention of any increase. His average stays at 7.59 until issue 7 on 8/6 where it increases to 7.82 with effect 6/6 - which in itself seems a bit strange issuing a set of averages 2 days after some become effective. So if you as a promoter were looking at signing a rider, say on the 4th June, you'd have the green sheet from 3rd of June as your official guide to riders averages. You sign said rider according to that average only for a few days later another set of averages appear and your rider's average has now changed. It appears to all about timing. I always thought green sheets were issued once a month - cut off 23rd of month and effective from 1st of following month. It now seems they're issued at any time and it's a mine field trying to work out why averages have changed mid issue. Now, if only someone would come on here (or anywhere really) and just say "Rider A was signed and declared in our team on day X to the averages issued on day Y, perhaps all this confusion would subside. I can but dream
  5. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    Isn't that the problem with rolling averages in that we don't know historically what points have come off when the latest are added. Cook rode 1 qualifying meeting up until the 23rd May cut off and scored 11 points. If he also scored 11 points from the meeting that this replaced, the his average won't change, so stays at 7.59. What we don't know is why 2 further sets of averages were issued on the 3rd June and 8th June, with the 8th June containing the higher average. Too much smoke and mirrors I think. Having been going to speedway for nearly 50 years, nothing changes Think I'll go and a lie down in the sun
  6. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    Here's my 50p Prior to 8th June, Cook's average was 7.59 and became 7.82 from 8th June onwards. Regulation 010.3 states: Changes must be made at least 72 hours before the start time of the meeting at which it is intended to be used. Given our next meeting is tomorrow, 10th June, that would mean a re-declare on the 7th at the latest, therefore Cook would still have his 7.59 average. Has my 50p been well spent?
  7. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    It's strange as he left Kings Lynn on 7.59 according to green sheet issued 1st June and 3rd June. But on the 8th June that has gone up to 7.82. His last match for the Stars was on 27th June. 7.59 appears to be his starting average for the season. Lets's hope we haven't made a mistake somewhere.
  8. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    I 'think' this makes our lineup (in average order) Crump: 8.00 Cook: 7.82 King: 6.85 Allen: 5.70 Starke: 4.00 Rowe 3.00 Kemp (RS) Total: 35.37 Starke's PL green sheet is 6.4 effective from 01/06/21, so with a 1.6 conversion, takes that to 4
  9. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    According to Speedway GB, our current 6 man total is 33.72, 1.78 under the 35.5 limit. Replacing Stewart on 4.00 means we're left with 5.78 to play with.
  10. ipswichwitches

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    Looking on https://suffolk.roadworks.org/ it appears there are road closures - 1st to 4th June
  11. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    Thank you for the confirmation. Will be interesting to hear the team news next week.
  12. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    I think the Polish restriction is for riders in the Extra League, not the lower leagues i.e. Div 1 etc. Hope I've got that right.
  13. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    So, I'm sure I read it was 6 man teams next year, but re-reading the BSPA site, it says Premiership clubs will build their teams up to a combined average of 35.5 for six riders plus a British youngster graded four and below. So that means 7 man sides. Making an assumption that Crump will unfortunately not ride here this season and Kemp will be the British youngster: King: 6.66 Klindt: 7.43 Heeps: 6.30 Allen: 5.56 TBC TBC Kemp: 3.00 That's a total of 25.95, leaving 9.55 for the final 2 places. Plenty of food for thought there.
  14. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2020

    King: 6.66 Crump: 8.21 Klindt: 7.43 Heeps: 6.30 Allen: 5.56 Kemp: 3.00 Total: 37.16, taking us 1.66 over the limit. Replace Crump with Adam Ellis (6.33) takes us 35.28, as an example.
  15. ipswichwitches

    Ipswich 2019

    If I've read the averages correctly it's Harris: 6.83, Lawson: 6.75, King: 6.42, Heeps: 6.26, Allen: 5.80, Kennett: 5.71, Pieszczek: 5.36 So, it should be R/R for Heeps and guest for Kennet at 5.71 or less and the 5% is only applicable to riders 1 to 5. With regards to the official greensheets, surely it's not that difficult to list the riders in average order. It's too confusing to see Allen & Heeps listed at 6 & 7 when they're actually in the 1 - 5 by average.

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