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  1. Shaleshifter

    Poole 2019

    Thst post is totally unnecessary. Steve0.
  2. Commiserations to the Stars with the injuries playing their part In them missing out. Well done too the Pirates. To all the Poole haters on the forum.thanks for all the bile and nasty comments. You are not speedway fans.
  3. Another pathetic post from you e everything you post is complete crap.
  4. You are a complete moron posting crap
  5. Hey Trees, I hope we make you guys sweat on Monday. Time will tell not expecting a big home win but we may need it.
  6. Next Monday the Pirates take on the Rebels for a place in the grand final. A two point deficit to pull back gives us a great chance however, with the Rebels having tasted victory already at Wimborne Road and running us close in the league matches, it Will be a tough encounter. Thoughts.
  7. Shaleshifter

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem B. 1st August 2018

    Semion, don't know why you are complaining. You went there last night the oil was not on the track during the meating so to say the track was doctored is bizarre. There was lots of passing last night kings-lynn were spanked. Beaten by the better team so get over it.
  8. Shaleshifter

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    I probably took your post too seriously. I just wish all fans could stop hijacking treads and turning topics into a farce. Banter expected but it goes to far at times.
  9. Shaleshifter

    Poole should be docked points and fined

    You really are a tool DC2 whether you are trying to be funny or not. Best you worry about the lacklustre Robins. To quote you earlier on in the season. Glug glug.
  10. After a 2 week break the Pirates return to action on Wednesday to take on the Lions. Leicester have made 4 changes and will have track expert Scott Nicholls in their team along with new Signings JoshAuty,Stuart Robson and Conner Mountain and a return to Poole for Hans Anderson. Poole will need to be on their guard against the Lions as Hans and Scott could cause us problems and it will not be easy. My thoughts are that Poole should be to strong for Leicester and should win this by 10. Thoughts?
  11. Next Wednesday the Pirates are in action against the Aces in what will be another tough meeting for Poole. This season has so far not been great with riders underperforming and the track changing from week to week. Changes are needed to try and kick start the season and get us off the bottom of the table. Thoughts?
  12. Shaleshifter

    Belle Vue Aces Vs Poole Pirates 25/6/18

    I went to the meeting and although we lost it was a good meeting. Listen stop being an irritating troll with your pathetic cheats post it's not necessary. Grow up.
  13. Monday brings the second trip of the season to the National-Stadium for the Pirates. With the Pirates massively underperforming away this season this has a big home win written all over it. Brady Kurtz and Josh Grajczonek are both struggling for points at the moment and the team is very weak. Kacper Woryna's form at reserve though is a small crumb of comfort and Richie Worrall and also Linus Sundstrom are going well. Looking to make the trip up on Monday bringing Steve Shovlar along with a stop off in Liverpool to the Beatles Muesum. Thoughts?
  14. Next Wednesday brings the first visit of the season of the Kings-Lynn Stars to Wimborne Road.This will a tough test for the Pirates with the inform Robert Lambert and ex Pirate Lewis Kerr in the team along with Michael-Palm-Toft who has had good meetings at Poole. Also Nki,Tomas Jorgensen and Ty Proctor have experience of the track only Kasper Anderson has not ridden at Poole. My concern is the lack of any home track advantage at Wimborne Road and with the fiasco last week what will the circuit be like and will we have a different line up? Thoughts?
  15. Shaleshifter

    Poole 2018

    Your posts are neither funny or clever. Stop being a moron with idiotic posts about Coventry on a Poole thread. Pathetic.

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