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  1. After the Pirates demolition of a very under strength and injury hit Birmingham; all roads head to Sandy Lane on Tuesday where the first of two nights of speedway action begin. Poole are favourites to progress through to the final of the Renamed Jubilee Cup. The Cheetahs will be tough opposition especially at home so expect a tough encounter. Thoughts?
  2. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates vs Glasgow Tigers 13th July.

    I believe we have. Oops.
  3. On Wednesday the Pirates take on The Tigers with Glasgow currently sitting in second place in the league. They are 4 points ahead with a meeting in hand. On current form they will be favourites to come away with the points. With ex Pirates Benjamin Basso and Danyon Hume in their team and the likes of Craig Cook, Tom Brennan,Broc Nicol ,Conner Mountain and Urich Ostergaard they will be a huge test for Poole. Pirates have a practice lined up tomorrow to try and get their setup 's right for Wedneday evenings meeting. Thoughts?
  4. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    Having started this thread here are my thoughts on tonights meeting. Firstly , what a rider Chris Bomber Harris is 17 + 1 and untouchable. Also a special mention for Leon Flint a real star in the making. First three rides and unbeaten. Also a good debut from Jonas Knudson. If all the Bandits had been on form than Poole would have lost at home agsin. Fortress Wimborne Road is no more. Since the track has been smoothed out there is no longer any home track advantage. Why oh why do the riders want it slick with only the 1 racing line out wide. We brought new shale with more clay content in it and now the riders have asked for the extra dirt to be taken off. Poole need to decide quickly what to do regarding track prep as all the away teams are coming without any fear and making us look very ordinary.
  5. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    Not for long.
  6. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    Fair enough mate, its the way you post came across.
  7. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    Hi Lewy, it seems that you and some of your Fellow Gladiator supporters are getting a little bit cocky and also over confident since Plymouths performance at Wimborne Road. It's a long season and let's see where Plymouth are come the playoffs.
  8. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates Vs Berwick Bandits 29/6/22

    Because I closed it wanting to delete it and start again then realising you can't.
  9. This coming Wednesday the Pirates welcome the Berwick Bandits to wimborne Road. The Bandits have Poole track specialist Chis Harris who will most likely score double figures. The Bandits have two new signings at reserve in Jonas Knudsen a promising young dane and Nathan Stoneman. Jye Etheridge is back from injury and the rest of the team includes Ricky Wells, Theo Pijper and Leon Flint. The Pirates need to get back to winning ways after two stuttering home performances. The Poole track needs to be back to how it was prior to the Leicester meeting and we need to ensure we pick up 3 league points. Thoughts?
  10. This coming Wednesday the Pirates welcome the Berwick Bandits to wimborne Road. The Bandits have Poole track specialist Chis Harris who will most likely score double figures. The Bandits have two new signings at reserve in Jonas Anderson a promising young dane and Nathan Stoneman.
  11. Shaleshifter

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Very sad to hear the news that the Diamonds have pulled out of the league. I have always enjoyed my trips to Tyneside and particularly to Brough Park. I have now got to cancel my easyJet flight on Sunday from Bristol Airport. I was looking forward to seeing the Pirates taking on the Diamonds and catching up with Keith M and Tsunami . Always had a friendly geordie welcome at Newcastle. My thoughts and prayers are with all the loyal fans. I hope that a consortium can be found to bring this proud club with over 90 years history back on track in 2023.
  12. The Pirates welcome the Gladiators to Wimborne Road this coming Wednesday with revenge on thier minds after the 16 point drubbing down at the Coluesium back in May. This will be a tough encounter and if the Gladiators have Chris Harris guesting then the meeting could go down to the wire. My view is the reserves and second strings will need to come to the party and I believe this where the Pirates have the upper hand. Weather looks good so bring on the action. Thoughts?
  13. Couldn't see a thread started for this meeting so here goes. The Pirates travel up North Lincolnshire this Friday to take on the Scorpions at the Eddie Wright Raceway. The Scorpions are a formidable septet at home so I expect a tough encounter. Last years encounter was affected by the heavy rain that fell before the meeting and the Pirates were brushed aside. Scunthorpe will be confident of a home victory but I expect the Pirates to proform much better this time around. Coming up on Friday to Scunthorpe and hope for a close meeting. Thoughts.
  14. The Pirates take on the Edinburgh Monarchs this coming Wednesday after a three week gap without a home fixture. The last home meeting against the Berwick Bandits being rained off two weeks ago. The Monarchs have in thier ranks a top two who are more than capable of lowering the colours of Pooles top three. Josh Pickering was one of the best visiting riders to Wimborne Road last season. Sam Masters also rides Poole very well. The Monarchs appear to have a long tail and I don't expect Jacob Hook or Lasse Fredriksen to score many points on thierf Wimborne Road debuts. Paco Castagna I am not sure if he rode at Poole for Birminghsm last season. That leaves Kye Thomson and James Sargeant. Kye rode quite well on his debut at Poole last season before fading later on. James Sargeant has been around a while and seems to have gone backwards. Whilst you must not underestimate the Monarchs I expect the Pirstes to win this encounter and collect 3 points. Thoughts?
  15. Shaleshifter

    Birmingham vs Poole 25th May

    Going up to Perry Bar on Wednesday and I agree that it won't be a walk In the park I am sure thst Poole will treat the Brummies with respect and will all need to be on form to get a result.

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