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  1. Monday brings the second trip of the season to the National-Stadium for the Pirates. With the Pirates massively underperforming away this season this has a big home win written all over it. Brady Kurtz and Josh Grajczonek are both struggling for points at the moment and the team is very weak. Kacper Woryna's form at reserve though is a small crumb of comfort and Richie Worrall and also Linus Sundstrom are going well. Looking to make the trip up on Monday bringing Steve Shovlar along with a stop off in Liverpool to the Beatles Muesum. Thoughts?
  2. Next Wednesday brings the first visit of the season of the Kings-Lynn Stars to Wimborne Road.This will a tough test for the Pirates with the inform Robert Lambert and ex Pirate Lewis Kerr in the team along with Michael-Palm-Toft who has had good meetings at Poole. Also Nki,Tomas Jorgensen and Ty Proctor have experience of the track only Kasper Anderson has not ridden at Poole. My concern is the lack of any home track advantage at Wimborne Road and with the fiasco last week what will the circuit be like and will we have a different line up? Thoughts?
  3. Shaleshifter

    Poole 2018

    Your posts are neither funny or clever. Stop being a moron with idiotic posts about Coventry on a Poole thread. Pathetic.
  4. Shaleshifter

    Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    You really are a pathetic troll. Please do us a favour and stay off the forum as you have nothing intelligent to say.
  5. Shaleshifter

    Swindon Vs Poole - Posf2 - 25 Sep

    We'll put Steve. The Pirates are massive underdogs against a Swindon team with a strong spearhead in Doyle and Morris plus also Musielak.Win or lose let's hope we can put in a strong performance.
  6. Shaleshifter

    Poole V Swindon Semi Final 1st Leg 11/9/17

    Your dislike fot Poole is obvious but that's you perogative.I have'nt slagged off my team and for the individuals that have then that's thier problem.
  7. Shaleshifter

    Poole V Swindon Semi Final 1st Leg 11/9/17

    How about you disappear of the forum if you are going to post crap.By the way Trackrat which club do you support? whoever it is you support they can do without so called fans like yourself
  8. Last fixture of the season for the Pirates at the Oak tree Arena tonight where Poole need a result to claim 4th spot for the playoffs. The Rebels will want to finish thier first season in the Premiership with a win. Poole will be without both Jack Holder and James Shanes. Georgie Wood guesting for Shanes and r/r for Holder. Thoughts?
  9. Shaleshifter

    Rye House Vs Poole 28/8/17 7.30pm.

    What planet are you on. A complete moronic post
  10. A change of race night for the Pirates as we take on the Lions and see the return of Kyle Newman. We need to try and build on Wednesday's win against Wolves although we nearly threw it away. Leicester have had thier fair share of injuries but have put in some Decent performances lately. I will tempt fate and go for a Poole win. Thoughts?
  11. Shaleshifter

    Poole Vs Wolves 16/8/17

    Keep you off the forum sounds better to me The Pirates having had the worst results at home for 35 years need to find some home form because it seems that it's an away track every week. Wolves have not got a great track record at Wimborne Road but they won't get a better opportunity for a result but their problem is at reserve.
  12. Can't see a thread started for this meeting so here goes. Looking forward to visiting Brought Park on Sunday although it appears that Jack Holder will be missing for the Panthers. Will be staying in Berwick for 2 nights taking in the Panthers meetings at Armadale and Shielfield Park. Always enjoy my visits to Newcastle and South Shields although I have not been for a while being based on the South coast. Back to the meeting hope for an entertaining encounter and would expect a Diamonds victory.
  13. Shaleshifter

    Poole Vs Rye House Thurs 10/8/17

    How have you whopped us time and again?Did you whop us last season the answer is no. When you choke in the playoffs perhaps all the Swindon gloaters will disappear from the forum. Hears hopping anyway. Regarding our win at all costs as you put,prior to 2003 we won nothing except the Craven shield and before that The British League in the 94.
  14. Shaleshifter

    Poole Vs Rye House Thurs 10/8/17

    Swindon fans causing mischeif just enjoy the season and your current fantastic form.Remember though what goes around comes around and if you choke in the playoffs expect lots of gloating from the Poole fans.
  15. Shaleshifter

    Poole Vs Rye House Thurs 10/8/17

    Looking forward to tonights meeting,with Somerset winning last night now is the time for Poole to rediscover some home form. With Kasprzak at reserve and track experts in Bomber and Nicholls for Rye-House it will be tough. We need to pick up 3 points tonight and keep our season alive.

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