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  1. Yes they could Lisa, but that would mean The Pirates being totally off the pace tonight. Let's all be positive.
  2. Yes he does and it's about time someone reported him or her
  3. Are you for real? Don't post stupid unnecessary crap.
  4. On Wednesday the Pirates welcome the Redcar Bears to Wimborne Road for a first vs 2nd in the league. The Bears have strengthn'd up by signing Lewis kerr and have quite a strong looking top three that includes Charles Wright and Michael-Palm-Toff. Add in Jake Allen as a second string then they do pose a threat. Their only weakness appears to be at reserve and James Sargeant who rides at No 2 in the team Poole will need to at their best to see off the Bears. They will be tough to beat but I would like to think that being at home we should have enough fire power to win. Thoughts?
  5. HI Lisa, he damaged his ribs in a fall in the Danish final
  6. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Hi Lisa, I am led to believe that Poole wanted the meeting called off at Scunthorpe on Friday. I don't know if was true or not. There was a heavy downpour of rain around 6pm and that lasted about 30 minutes. This left the track very heavy and I don't think Poole wanted to race on it.
  7. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Hi Lisa, speedway is unpredictable and anything can happen, like Friday night at Scunthorpe. It's what happen's on the night when fortunes can change depending on riders bike set up and track conditions. We will be ok and who knows maybe given there is time between now and the playoffs Stefan may be able to race as he is till hopeful.
  8. Shaleshifter

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    Well done to the Scorpions tonight. They We're clearly fired up for this meeting after losing at home to Leicester Lions a week ago and throwing away a lead at Kent on Tuesdsy. The rain clearly affected Poole and I was disappointed in the performance. Scunthorpe were quicker out of the starts and had more speed and importantly didn't let the conditions put them off. I have been lucky to have seen some cracking meetings at the Eddie Wright Raceway over the years unfortunately the late rain ruined that. You beat us fair and square but just a note of warning to some Scorpians fans. Don't think for one moment that Poole will ride as badly as this come the playoffs and next time if we do meet we won't make it easy for you. Anyway congratulations and good luck In the playoffs.
  9. They may well have enough track knowledge but even so I believe Poole will see them off.
  10. I can't start this thread without a mention about Bob Cole After hearing the sad news today of the passing away of Bob on Saturday it does make you think about life and how precious life is. The meeting on Wednesday is quite poignant as I know Bob was based down in Devon for a number of years very close to Plymouth and the Speedway. He was still going down to the Coluesium on Tuesday evening's on a regular basis although still a committed Pirates supporter. Anyway the show must still go on but it will be a sad evening when i Iook behind me and see his empty seat. The other thing making it a little sad is if fit it will be Bjarne Pedersen's last ever meeting at Wimborne Road before he retires. Let's hope for a great evening's racing and 3 points for the Pirates. Thoughts?
  11. Shaleshifter

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Echo Steve's post. A lovely man and like Steve I have known Bob for about the same amount of time. He was a pleasure to talk with and he was also very knowledgeable. He will be sadly missed . R.I.P. Bob.
  12. Thanks Gazc. When Ulrich Ostergaard got injured at Armadale, he was indeed riding well for the Tigers and also the Panthers. Glasgow started the season on fire and were good home and away. The reshuffle bringing in Tom Brennan and Marcin Nowak is a big gamble at this late hour and I think its already been said that Tom Brennan's signing is with next season in mind. Glasgow still have matches in hand so it's all still to play for. Thanks for being gracious in defeat. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  13. Shaleshifter

    Birmingham v Poole. 1st September 2021

    Yes Danny King was on the gas and did make a couple of great passes however, I didn't think the racing was that good apart from Kings overtakes it was from the gate and spread out. No sour grapes well done to the Brummies.
  14. This coming Sunday afternoon the Pirates take on the Brummies at Wimborne Road. A return of former Pirate Chris Harris and also a return for James Shane's riding against their former club. Chris Harris although deemed to be in the twilight of his racing career is a track expert and along with Eric Riss will pose a threat. At reserve they have Paco Castagna who I believe is the son of former rider Armando. They also have Valentin Grobauer who has started to find his feet in British Speedway. Poole will need to be on their guard on Sunday afternoon but I feel quietly confident Poole can pick up three points. On another note I hope Danny Ford gets the track sorted out after the debacle of the dust kicked up during last two home meetings. The track needs to be back to how it was at the start of the current season. Thoughts?
  15. Shaleshifter

    Redcar vs Poole 20/08/21

    Disappointed with the way we faded at the end. Our gating disappeared just when we needed it however you have to give credit to the Bears and in particular a superb performance from Charles Wright ,Michael Palm Toff and Jake Allen not forgetting Anders Rowe. A poor night for Rory Schlein and has been already mentioned a under par showing from Ben Cook didn't help the Pirates cause. No excuses though, Redcar came good they were fired up and delivered when they needed to in heats 13 to 15. Well done to Redcar Bears. I do feel that they will give us a good meeting in the return match at Wimborne Road next month but I think Poole will get revenge.

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