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  1. David

    2001 Queries

    This meeting and the return on the 8th of July were programmed as 13 heats but the Glasgow leg added two nominated heats thanks to a pre-meeting agreement between the clubs according to the Speedway Star match report Kangaroos 29 - Shane Parker 7, Brett Woodifield 6, Nigel Sadler 8, Craig Watson 8 GT Motorcycles 28 - Brent Werner 11, Billy Janniro 2, David Howe 10, Glenn Cunningham 5 The Checks (sic) 23 - Josef Franc 7, Richard Wolff 7, Adrian Rymel 1, Michal Makovsky 8 Trelawny 16 - Mark Courtney 0, Frank Smart 4, Graeme Gordon 7, Chris Neath 5 Bjarne P won the final from Andre Compton, Nicki P and Rusty Harrison
  2. Glasgow's supporters group made no such payment.
  3. David

    Glasgow 2013

    Class act but he didn't score a maximum for us at Workington. He dropped a point but made up for it by scoring a paid max the day after when the Monarchs were cuffed 58-32 at Ashfield
  4. David

    Norrie Alan

    Yes, brother of referee Ronnie too
  5. David

    Josh Grajczonek

    Heard at Ashfield today that he travelled to get a licence, only to be told when he arrived that as he already rides in 2 countries (Sweden I think, apart from obviously the UK) he didn't need another one Unless the Polish authorities already think that Scotland has left the UK?
  6. David

    Weymouth V Glasgow 1981

    Excellent Steve, much obliged
  7. David

    Weymouth V Glasgow 1981

    Hi, Does anyone have the heat details (including the Silver Helmet races) between the Wildcats and the Tigers on April 28th 1981? Thanks...
  8. David

    Glasgow V Plymouth 1950

    Thanks Norbold
  9. David

    Glasgow V Plymouth 1950

    Why didn't I think of that? Thanks Frenchy
  10. David

    Glasgow V Plymouth 1950

    Thanks tigerowl
  11. David

    Glasgow V Plymouth 1950

    Sorry, should have clarified... White City please
  12. David

    Glasgow V Plymouth 1950

    I hope someone out there has details of this National League meeting, as far as I'm aware the last time a Plymouth team visited Glasgow before this season...
  13. Norman Storer didn't ride for the Lions in this KO Cup meeting and was replaced by T Swales, was it Tony or Tim? Looking forward to the Lions renewing their rivalry with the Tigers at Ashfield this year...
  14. David

    "from Cinder To Shale

    See this thread... http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=55984 It doesn't open during the winter, I think the first official opening in 2011 is April 24th

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