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  1. lupus

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    Terrible news...RIP Lee
  2. As I posted last night on Facebook... Just read on twitter about the very sad death of Malcolm Holloway. He was a Swindon Robins legend and one of my all time speedway heros. I was lucky enough to be on the Mad Wellie express to Weymouth in the early 80's when he hired a train to get all the riders,equipment and fans there together. Fab day out for everyone. They broke the mould when they made him that's for sure. RIP Mad Wellie!
  3. And you wonder why? Between the partisan fans, the stupid rules and the schoolyard bust ups between the so called promoters its a source of bemusement to me as to why anyone would bother anymore. Not only is my time my own these days but I'm also a hell of a lot better off financially. Oh but you were saying the above as an insult? My bad...
  4. Oh God the chips are out again...the whole world is against Coventry! Can someone tell me...is this 2011 or have I gone back 12 months in time?
  5. lupus

    New Photo

    test 2
  6. lupus

    Agm Gone Mad

    Are you still living in 2010? That was the rule for last season...this year it has been scrapped.
  7. Oh God...that means everything that happens will be Wolves' fault again...oh happy day!
  8. lupus


    Because people no longer live in a world where the digital watch is the ultimate in up to date technology! Its called progress...people are no longer happy to watch meaningless 'races' where riders try out their new engines or go through the motions. Its something a lot of people involved in speedway fail to recognise...its no good chucking out the same old stuff that people watched 30 years ago - there is far too much other stuff for people to spend their time and money on.
  9. Hi! Just thought I'd say hello becasue I'm one of 'those' people and I most certainly DO exist!!! Last Monday we were planning on going to the speedway...myself, my husband and our 10 year old daughter. We chose last week becasue some very good friends of ours were also going and, it being the school holidays, we didn't have to worry about it being a Monday nigth etc. Bearing in mind that for donkey's years we were season ticket holders until about 4 years ago so exactly the sort of people that it would be in the promoters best interest to encourage back. . However both t'other half and I work until 5pm (me 25 miles away from W'ton) so we'd need to have a take away or food out before the meeting. So with food, drinks, admission, programme etc you'd be looking at pushing £60 for one evening's entertainment! I like speedway...but not THAT much!!! Using the prices suggested earlier - £10 for adults, free for under 12's - we could have done it for half that price. Its a lot of hassle to get there after work but I would probably have made more of an effort if it was only going to cost me £30 instead of £60!
  10. lupus

    Kennett Suspended!

    How is this situation any different from an athlete taking a banned substance that he or she was given by their 'coach' which the athlete didn't know was tampered with? In that circumstance the rule is that it is the responsibility of the athlete to KNOW what they are putting in their body and the 'I didn't know' defence does not work! How is this any different from this case? As the person taking part in the sporting event it is the individual's responsibility to make sure they are competing legally. Therefore it is also the individual who must be punished for the breaking of the rules. It really is that simple...
  11. lupus

    Kennett Suspended!

    I agree with this...it should be Dave King taking it apart as he would know how it should look - and hopefully did look when it left his workshop. However it should be done with an independent scrutineer overseeing the process imho.
  12. Looks great Lorna...good job, I'm sure your Dad would be proud...both of the tribute and your own little bit of rebellion...Good for you!
  13. Yep just the one word...I can't imagine it'd be many more. What a meeting of the minds that would be....

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