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  1. Broadslide

    Just found this in W H Smiths. A fantastic piece of work.
  2. Ipswich V Berwick Ch 7-9-17@7-30pm

    This start time fiasco is the final straw for me. The fact that Ipswich have been conning the fans since the 1950's is no excuse at all. Speedway needs a radical shake up and Buster Chapman really needs to get a grip and come out with some official statement here...
  3. Buxton V Brummies Sun 20th Aug

    As a passing Ipswich fan on his way back from our win at Workington, we decided to take this in and what an amazing place to watch speedway. Not sure how many home fans there are as Brum seemed to bring most of the crowd in. However, this is a place that you really need to get to once just so you can stand there and go "really a track on the top of all this". Thanks Buxton!
  4. Craig Cook, Since Swc

    You could, you could have someone from Scunthorpe that would want to represent their country. That would make them seem a bit more British...
  5. Ipswich 2017

    He's pretty much been doing this for a good while.
  6. Best meeting of the season by miles. My only gripe was some woeful ref decisions.
  7. Really enjoyed my visit to Glasgow. Brilliant to see our sport promoted properly. The only complaint would be the tractor racing that went on for ages. No need for that. Just hope that enough clubs take your lead so that you have opposition to ride against!
  8. Brilliant stuff from Glasgow. This is how the sport should be. Looking forward to coming up to see them slaughter my witches in august. It's an awesome track, below par tonight due to the weather. The view from the 4th bend is brilliant. We need more of this.
  9. Berwick Vs Ipswich 18th

    What were the odds on that?
  10. Berwick Vs Ipswich 18th

    As an ipswich fan who has travelled over 350 miles for that, I'm a tad disappointed...
  11. British Final

    Tough thread to post on.. I like Gavan and I like Beaver... Well done Danny King, brilliant performance. So brave, a well deserved British Champion.
  12. It was a decent meeting, good crowd, lots of scottish nutters around to add to the atmosphere. I think I met paulco, not sure he had a whistle and a wicked laugh. Another poorly prepared track despite that horrible deep shale being clearly removed. Season over for us now. Hopefully next season will be different. I just want a competitive team, team suits that are the same so that my club does not look stupid on track and a track properly prepared for racing.
  13. Ipswich 2016

    Too much dirt!! What is he on about. I'm not blind.
  14. Www.speedway-stats.co.uk

    Brilliant site SCB.