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  1. HenryW

    Play Off Dates

    SoN is Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th October.
  2. HenryW

    Wildcards 2022

    Dan finished ahead of Robert in both the SEC series and the GP challenge this year, so I'm not sure if it's fair to say he is well behind, unless you just mean in terms of GP experience.
  3. HenryW

    SGP Vojens 2021

    I agree with you about Zmarzlik, and TRick being the previous genius. Nothing against Artem, but I'd rather watch Bartek than Artem...Much respect to Artem that he has upped his level this year, though! As for Tai...He's just not quite there at the moment, but I'm not sure that you can really bash his "nation"...He almost certainly wouldn't have at least one of his World titles without being "from" that nation.
  4. And this is where the sport in the UK has completely lost the plot and made itself look stupid. Guests, guests, guests... A member of the local rivals team helps as a guest. What an absolute joke. How can you expect fans to have any true passion for their team when it includes a member of their biggest rivals? Even more crazy when there is a member of the Monarchs team from this season sitting doing nothing that could have filled that place instead of a Tiger! And that's before we even get into the doubling up here and racing in other leagues abroad, which sees pretty much every team have "rival" riders that are team mates somewhere else...It takes so much away from the competitive team element. Is it really still a team sport at this point? Or just a bunch of individuals pulling on a random race suit/jacket each night?
  5. I'm confused...Would you prefer politicians to say that they will make things worse? I mean, we know that Boris can't tell a truth, so when he says better, we know it means worse, but I'm not sure about all the others in those snappy little soundbites which are almost certainly taken completely out of context based on what you usually post.
  6. HenryW

    Visa's and Immigration Rules

    Dragging up an old thread to ask a question that I asked in some team threads earlier in the year but never saw an answer... Does anyone know what the visa rules are for riders that are from EU nations now? I had another search online but couldn't find details for this year...What experience/ability does an EU rider require to get a visa to race in the UK leagues now?
  7. HenryW

    Glasgow 2021

    I'm sure he'll probably do a pretty good job over here but calling him one of the top riders in Liga 1 seems a bit over the top. He's 5th in his team's averages (a team that didn't make the play offs) and 39th in the league averages.
  8. HenryW

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    In the Championship you can use a 3* rising star to replace a missing 1*, as long as you had space to fit a 3* in your original team declaration. Several teams have taken advantage of this during the year. Obviously, this being speedway, it doesn't mean that rules will be the same in the higher league.
  9. HenryW

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Charlie Venegas is still racing in the USA, aged 54. He was around a 5 and a half point man last time he raced here a few years back in 97. Surely must have improved with all the extra experience since then Or there's Bart Bast who is the same age. He was only a 5 point man last time he was over in 89...but that's even more years of experience since his last UK spell so possibly an absolute bargain average
  10. Torun seem to be getting mentioned a fair bit in relation to Dudek as well, but surely Grudziadz have to be getting involved in trying to sign the likes of Dudek or Sayfutdinov...unless they are happy just being in Ekstraliga and battling to avoid relegation again. Surely Grudziadz won't settle for Bjerre again after this season?
  11. Given that the article quoted was from April, the numbers are getting quite high.
  12. Aren't they already doing it? And have been doing it for years. A good example is the young Russians that they have taken in and helped develop...Sayfutdinov, Laguta, Kulakov, Tarasenko, amongst others. The young Danes and Swedes go to Poland as soon as they are a good enough standard for the lower leagues. You'll have seen far more young Danes starting in Polish leagues than British leagues in recent years. Luke Becker got his European start in Poland because he was refused a work permit for the UK. Similar for Lidsey, Gilmore, McGuiness, Rew, Bowes, etc from Australia.
  13. Yes. They have allowed their security certificate to expire...a fairly basic and embarrassing thing to mess up.
  14. I could be wrong, but I thought both of them had just turned 20 this month, so would still be eligible for the Junior positions next year.
  15. Possibly a bit harsh, as Rob has said on twitter that he wasn't offered a place.

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