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  1. I don't think there was ever any question of there being any danger to others from what Dudek was caught taking. If I remember right, I think it was also generally accepted that he took it unknowingly as it was an unlisted ingredient in a training supplement that he used. As others have said, I don't recall Madsen ever having issues with drugs, just machinery.
  2. Passing up the chance to watch the Zielona Gora/Gorzow derby? I don't think I'd be missing that one if I was over that weekend.
  3. The senior team are not racing on those dates but on the 25th there is scheduled to be a round of the Under 21 league in Gdansk featuring Gdansk, Grudziadz, Gniezno, Bydgoszcz, Lodz and Torun. Also, if you are interested in mini speedway (85/125cc), there is a meeting scheduled for the 23rd.
  4. When Google Translate started changing his name when going from Polish to English He's definitely still Loktaev (or Loktajev or Loktajew, however you want to do the cyrillic conversion)
  5. HenryW

    Belle Vue Colts 2019

    According to issue 8 of the averages on the BSPA site, Davies has an average of 2.59. Interestingly, that same issue has Palin, Rathbone and Bailey all currently on 2.00 for Belle Vue, but has a note that the redecleration is effective on the 10th June when Palin & Rathbone get new averages
  6. It all goes back to the cancellation of their national qualifying meeting that had been due to be held in Piła. The authorities made some strange selections, seemingly based on the semi final results, but that meant that the current GP riders who were due to race in the final weren't included as they were seeded through, and others who maybe just took it easy to get safe qualification to the final missed out. The selections were Hampel, Buczkowski, Smektała, Wozniak, Przedpelski and Niedzwiedz. Others that had been due to race in the final but weren't picked included Dudek, Janowski, Kołodziej, Pawlicki, Kasprzak, Drabik and Kubera.
  7. To be fair to chunky, I'm sure we've all seen crashes look a lot worse where the riders just walk away. The fences also aren't as hard as they used to be. They now have to have more give in them. It would have been worse the a few years ago. It seemed to me like Laguta expected his team mate to let the bike run rather than continuing to turn to keep a low line off the corner, scrubbing a bit of speed in the process. A minor misjudgment and misunderstanding that obviously had terrible consequences, but Laguta wasn't doing anything that doesn't happen regularly in top level speedway.
  8. Oh well, there's always next year for Holder to try again.
  9. HenryW

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    I hadn't read anything about this before now, bit if what you say is true I also find it a little surprising and disappointing. You would think that they would be looking to get the most money possible and limiting the potential buyers would seem to go against that aim. I guess it's possible they have done their research and believe that doing it this way will bring the most but I'm not convinced!
  10. Mentioned because he won the first ever bike race at the Donnington track in 1931.
  11. T3 vertebrae in his neck as well as the shoulder blade. As you say, it could be a while before we see him back on a bike.
  12. HenryW

    Warsaw 2019

    You sure you turned over at 8 and not 6?? Heat 1 was won by the rider off gate 4
  13. HenryW

    Warsaw 2019

    Not sure if anyone else noticed, but the new timing system or graphics didn't work well in heat 19. I was interested to see how close it was recorded between Emil and Leon. The results given were: Bartosz Smektala 56.829 Leon Madsen +0.192 Emil Sayfutdinov +0.337 Max Fricke +0.397 I'm guessing that the actual gap between Leon and Emil was the one shown as between Emil amd Max, given the fact Max was sitting in the pits...So where did the time for Leon come from???
  14. HenryW

    Warsaw 2019

    Yeah, that's the inconsistency that I mentioned. I couldn't work out why that was happening...
  15. All of the ones that are not run by BSI will be paying a hefty fee to BSI, though! Not that I am against BSI...I am 100% confident we would never have had Cardiff if the series stayed in the hands of the local federations. The British GP would probably currently be getting held at Kings Lynn if that had happened.

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