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  1. Thanks. You said exactly what I meant and saved me saying it
  2. As I've said many times in the past, I don't like a one off qualifying meeting to get into the series... luck of gates, or just a track a rider likes can make a big difference. Still, that's what we have and the top 3 deserve their places based on these rules.
  3. HenryW

    Edinburgh 2018

    It didn't seem to matter with Coty
  4. Because the owners of Teterow are willing to pay what BSI want and the owners of Gustrow aren't?
  5. I had a similar issue when trying to buy tickets from ZG last year. I emailed their office who offered to put aside tickets which we could pick up on the day. As it turned out, one of the riders said he'd get us some complimentary tickets, so we didn't end up needing to do that. It did sound like that would have been an easy option if we had needed it, though.
  6. I'm not sure that was arrogance, I thought it was maybe more a lack of confidence in his gating. If he took gate 1 and was then outgated he'd be clamped into turn 1. Taking gate 3 gives options for running round the field or cutting back at turn 2.
  7. Based on his tweet, it would appear Craig was in Warsaw this morning...I wonder if he booked the 7:55 flight to Warsaw and then the 10:35 flight from there to Gdansk (which was cancelled) rather than the direct 7:55 flight to Gdansk. All very strange.
  8. Craig's flight to Gdansk was cancelled today.
  9. HenryW

    Medical Cover

    There are definitely some unusual rules about ambulances in Denmark, or at least there were last time I was at a lower league meeting last year. We attended a Div.1 meeting and after a crash where they waited for an ambulance to arrive, I questioned my Danish friend about the fact that they could run without one. He explained that they only required an ambulance to be in attendance if they charged admission for the meeting. If spectators were allowed in free it was not required...That did seem odd to me.
  10. It's an interesting point that Polish TV also pick up the BT broadcast. Do they make their viewing figures public? I wonder if anyone has approached Polish companies about advertising at the TV matches?
  11. I think that depends if you are referring to qualified permanent members of the series or just 16 of the riders who actually raced during the year, including wild cards and injury replacements. 96 had 17 permanent riders but those didn't include Tomasz Gollob, who scored double figures in each of the rounds he got to race in!
  12. HenryW

    Poole 2018

    He's a tidy rider who has had his career managed well so far...Not rushing his progression, just working on getting him technically right. From what I have seen of him over the years he should do a good job in the UK league. As for the suggestion by a regular troll that it's a panic signing...I'm fairly confident this was set up months ago.
  13. HenryW

    Leon Madsen

    Maybe he's done it twice and you are remembering the first one
  14. HenryW

    Leon Madsen

    Seems my memory is rubbish then...It was actually 2010. I thought it happened the same year that Kennett was caught, and I thought that was 2011...Oh well, I must be getting old and forgetful
  15. HenryW

    Leon Madsen

    If it's the same incident that I recall, they did check it and he was fined for having an illegal silencer. It happened back in 2011. I think it was at the Danish qualifier to get into the GP qualifying rounds. However, it was checked before the meeting started and although he was fined he was still allowed to race in the meeting, after changing silencer, and qualified. As you may recall, others caught with illegal silencers that year suffered suspensions, so Leon got off very lightly.

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