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  1. HenryW

    Glasgow 2022

    I'm not sure what your point was with this reply. Yes, he is coming to the UK rather than Poland because he CAN get a visa for the UK. Many others cannot so they head for Poland (or Denmark) instead.
  2. HenryW

    Glasgow 2022

    It's not always possible for them. Most, if not all, of the young Aussies that have gone to Poland first have done it because they couldn't get a work visa for the UK but could get one for Poland.
  3. HenryW

    Danish league 2022 Fixtures and team news

    It has Ellis listed under the squad for Grinsted on their page on that site, but I don't think those squad lists have been updated for 2022, even though it's a new site. https://speedwayligaen.dk/hold/gsk-liga/ The Fjelsted one certainly looks like the 2021 squad rather than the 2022 one.
  4. HenryW

    International Speedway 2022

    The last report of an officially organised meeting at Shumen that I have seen was the "Shumen Speedway Open" in May 2016, which is presumably where the video you linked above came from. The reports said it had a crowd of over 5,000. I don't know what happened to stop events being held there. I'd be interested to know. In 2019 it was reported that former rider Georgi Petranov had taken over a stadium in Veliko Tarnovo that used to host speedway and planned to return it to the sport...but I haven't seen anything more about that project either.
  5. HenryW

    International Speedway 2022

    Welcome to the forum...I'll try and give my thoughts on the current situation for countries, and in the style of the internet someone will correct what I get wrong but probably wouldn't have posted anything if they didn't have someone to correct Austria - Pretty much nothing during the last couple of years due to covid. A small number of meetings were held each year in the years before covid. Slovenia - Recently lost the Ljubljana track, but Krsko is still going strong and is currently receiving some major renovations to the track to try and improve racing. Croatia - Have a GP this year but pretty much nothing else gets held there other than FIM events. They have a great stadium but no riders now. New Zealand - Regular racing still going on but at a fairly low level. Canada - Not heard anything much from there recently. South Africa - Nothing. All tracks have now closed for bike racing as far as I am aware. Some other countries with regular racing that you didn't mention: Australia - Not as many tracks as there used to be but still a fairly solid number hosting relatively regular meetings and plenty riders coming out from there. Czechia - Regular league racing and individual competitions across several tracks. Russia - A small league still runs there with a reasonable number of riders. Slovakia - At least one track...Not sure if they have more, but it hosts several meetings a year. Italy - Lost their main track, Lonigo, a few years ago but it sounds like this might return. A few others tracks hold occasional meetings and there is a multi round national championship. Ukraine - Down to one track recently, at Rivne, but they hold several meetings each year including FIM events most years. Other tracks still exist but are not currently in use. Latvia - Two tracks, one with a team in the Polish lower leagues (Daugavpils) Hungary - A few tracks still running meetings there and some bigger efforts seem to have started recently to get new riders involved. Finland - A small league runs there with a few tracks holding meetings each year. Norway - Similar to Finland. Estonia - Had a couple of tracks running relatively recently and were involved in some competitions before covid. Not sure of the current state. Romania - Similar to Estonia. I've probably forgotten some Country or got some details wrong in there, but that's as I understand things just now. As for the Discovery group plans. It sounds like you are in the same position as the rest of us...They made some announcements but don't seem to have followed that up with any details on what their plans are exactly!
  6. HenryW

    Danish league 2022 Fixtures and team news

    Much easier and cheaper for riders to just use one set of equipment and move it around the Continent... Race in Sweden on Tuesday and then drive across to Denmark for the Wednesday when they are needed for some extra cash.
  7. HenryW

    Premiership Pairs 2022

    Dunno if it will be the same in the Premier version of the event, but in the Championship in recent years teams have been allowed to nominate any 2 from their top 3 in the current averages
  8. HenryW


    They are a fairly big player in online sports streaming in a few Countries...They started out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but now have services available in most Countries, although what sports are available depends on the Country. In the UK I think they currently only have Boxing and Women's Football. I guess that they are looking to expand that by taking over the rights that BT currently have.
  9. HenryW

    60 most difficult sports....

    That might explain it. I think the used to have the rights for MotoGP and SX/MX in America but lost them. Maybe they've taken a huff with bike sports and just pretend they don't exist any more
  10. HenryW

    60 most difficult sports....

    Based on the ratings given, that would suggest auto racing is specifically cars. You would think that motorcycle racing would get much higher scores for things like agility, flexibility, etc but apparently motorcycle racing doesn't count as a sport to them
  11. A minor point, but Ruth left the role as leader of the Scottish Conservative party in August 2019. Easy to have missed as the subsequent leaders, Jackson Carlaw and Douglas Ross have both been woeful. Ruth has grifted her life peerage now, so obviously doesn't feel the need to suck up to our incompetent PM any more.
  12. They seem to have lost the fence somewhere over the years...presumably that would need to be returned before any spectators could attend events.
  13. I'm interested in this as I have seen links to other, more recent, studies still claiming that pre-symptomatic transmission is a thing. Is there a definite consensus on this, or is it still being studied? I get that it's a difficult thing to prove due to the many other factors involved, but knowing for sure whether pre-symptomatic transmission was or was not a thing would be really good to know... Not sure if I have remembered this right or not, but was it not the case that Jesse Owens said that he was treated better in Nazi Germany for the Olympics than when he got back home to the USA at the time? I didn't realise that Scotland had already been granted Independence by you...Thanks for that. Good to know that Scotland is no longer a part of the UK.... There might be a few in NI that are a bit grumpy about you kicking them out of the UK too...but maybe also a good proportion that might love you for it
  14. HenryW

    Edinburgh 2022

    Last time I saw published requirements for visas the U21 titles weren't included. It was just top 4 in state or national title within the previous 2 years. However, if that IS still the requirement, Jacob qualifies as he has had a podium in a state title within the last couple of years.
  15. HenryW

    Edinburgh 2022

    Pearson is signed up for the Leszno U24 squad. Not sure about Brown. Does Hook not require a visa to race here? That might be the difference, if he can race without one.

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