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  1. Holder and Fricke are both German names, are they not? Germany maybe gets first shout on the alternate World Champions
  2. Most of the ones giving Britain a swerve aren't able to get a visa to race here...A good few of them would probably be here for extra races if they could.
  3. HenryW


    I'm not sure you could really say they had a peace deal. They had an agreement for peace which both sides interpreted differently and so it was never properly implemented. Fighting continued the whole time that this "agreement" was in place.
  4. Attendance figures are on the Ekstraliga site. Obviously the whole season isn't done yet this year but the average across the league in these years are: 2018: 10,559 2019: 10,815 2022: 8,265 Some key factors might be: Leszno's average is down from 11,922 in 2018 and 11,196 in 2019 to 5,300 this year. Zielona Gora are not in the league and they had 12,222 and 10,714 in those seasons, whilst Ostrow are running 6,274. Czestochowa have also seen a significant drop. Play off matches probably push the average up.
  5. Withdrew from the meeting with a shoulder injury...Managed to struggle through the GP with it, but today was too much, apparently!
  6. Don't forget about Emil. Taking away 2 of the top 3 in the World makes it a less relevant World Title this year, if you ask me.
  7. Yes, but that's not the equivalent of banning Russian individuals from competing for club sides in domestic leagues outside of Russia. As far as I know Russians are still free to play for clubs in other domestic football leagues in Europe, Russians are still free to play in the NHL, etc.
  8. Did they? Russia and Russian athletes were banned in many international competitions, but I'm not aware of any other domestic sports leagues banning Russian individuals from competing for clubs. Maybe I just missed that happening. Did any of the football leagues ban all Russians? Hockey leagues? That is the sort of level I was thinking about.
  9. Or maybe just shouldn't have banned the Russian riders from league competitions. Have any of the major club leagues in other sports taken a similar approach?
  10. HenryW

    Killing the sport

    Impressive effort from Steve after not racing since 2005...Unless it was Sam you were meaning? (sorry, couldn't resist) I agree with your main point that the amount of riders in both leagues is a joke and along with the amount of guests used, totally devalues the "team" element
  11. HenryW

    Glasgow 2022

    You can see some pics on this facebook post You don't need to have a FB account to view as it's on a public group.
  12. HenryW

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2022

    Yes, but apparently not Polish league Swedish and Danish league is what they are suggesting on their website: https://premiersports.com/sports/speedway
  13. I see that Premier Sports say they will have some Danish league speedway this year.
  14. HenryW


    Lidsey has had a season here already. That was maybe enough for him
  15. Guessing they were maybe looking at the Ekstraliga website which seems to have those dates listed: PGE Ekstraliga | PGE Ekstraliga - PGE Ekstraliga (speedwayekstraliga.pl) Although, if you download the fixture list PDF, it has the Friday/Sunday dates rather than Thursday/Saturday

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