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  1. He is with Krosno in Liga 1.
  2. HenryW

    2021 GP Series Dates

    Probably for the same reason as F1 (1 round in Russia) and MXGP (2 rounds in Russia) think they are "exempt" and still have events on their calendars. The ruling seems to have stated that events in Russia must be cancelled "unless it is legally or practically impossible to do so." If contracts were agreed before the ban was implemented, it may not be possible to get out of these without legal implications, in which case they may be able to go ahead.
  3. HenryW

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    Does anyone know what the visa requirements for EU riders like Goret are? Now that we have left the EU they must surely have criteria similar to those which US, Australian, Russian, Ukrainian, etc riders have to meet.
  4. HenryW

    Plymouth Gladiators 2021

    According to the doc on the SpeedwayGB website, the qualifying criteria for 2019 and 2020 were: United States individual AMA Championships Top 4 American Final Top 4 AMA Nationals Top 4 I can't see a doc for 2021 and I'm not sure that all these events were held last year.
  5. HenryW

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    From what I've read, Brady was leading his semi final but went wide and rode off the track (no fence on the outside) and so was disqualified.
  6. HenryW


    I guess that if it doesn't have one now, it'll have to have one soon with the stox starting up and the Bulls planning to return mid year.
  7. HenryW

    ICE 2021

    It just seems like the sport is caught up in something that isn't really relevant to it. I find it hard to believe that ice speedway has been a sport that the Russian authorities have been concentrating on for mass doping...Yes, they may have been doing things wrong in other sports, but ice speedway seems unlikely. I'd rather the FIM could just ignore the issues of other sports and get on with running speedway better.
  8. HenryW

    ICE 2021

    So, what would you suggest the correct action should be? No FIM ice meetings in Russia? No Russian riders in FIM meetings?
  9. HenryW


    Would that be the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries, which is at 21 Marnin Way, Edinburgh, EH12 9GD? It moved to Edinburgh from Euston Street in London in 2009. Although it seems this is unrelated to the British Library archives. They just represent the 5 other deposit libraries in the UK...so maybe this isn't the right place.
  10. More relevant than Nicki Petersen might be Jake Allen, Erik Riss and Adam Ellis. I guess there are.probably others but those are the 3 that come to mind immediately.
  11. HenryW

    ICE 2021

    I think you are right that there was no ice racing in Belarus, but I thought Viktor Sidorenko who raced in the 97 ice final was a genuine Belarusian. He had moved over to ice from shale in the mid 90s. Was he actually Russian as well?
  12. I could be wrong and am happy to be corrected as I might be out of date on how things work, but I think that Gleb COULD race for Russia if he wanted to as he still holds a Russian passport and that is what counts for FIM team events. However, he also holds a Polish passport so can race for them as well...and he has been included in the Polish national squad for 2021, so seems to have decided that he's going with Poland. Assuming I am right with who he is elligible to represent, I have no idea what would happen if both Russia and Poland selected him for their team in the SoN....but it's probably a moot point as it seems unlikely either nation would select him now that he is over 21. Both nations have far better options for senior riders in the SoN.
  13. I hope you know me and that I respect and appreciate your contributions here.... And I am certainly NOT a covid sceptic or anti vaxer or anything like that. However, I am interested to know what your thoughts are on the reason for something like this being included in a "Coronavirus Bill" if it has nothing to do with covid? I'm sure that there is a good reason, but I'm interested to know if you know what that reason is..
  14. HenryW

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Laydows came into common use at a time that the UK league was THE place to race, and all the top guys that raced there switched to use laydowns in the UK...So are the tracks really unsuitable for laydowns? Have the tracks got worse? Or is it nothing to do with upright vs laydown and more about engine developments/tuning? Genuine question...I don't know, and guess that you probably have more insight...
  15. HenryW

    Poole Pirates 2020

    As far as I recall, that was to allow him to do the French league as well as Poland, Sweden and UK. As the French league is not fully pro and happens mainly before the Polish season starts, they gave the Ok for him to do that as an extra. However, it looks like he has signed in Denmark and Sweden instead of the UK as his other 2.

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