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  1. 1,4,6,7 and 2,3,5,8 is what is used in the SGP, I think. The numbers you suggest would make the 2nd semi "easier" as everyone is lower in the standings than semi 1, and so is actually a disadvantage to the one leading the scoring into the semi finals. While I am replying here, I'll also ramble about the streaming service that was provided by Berwick for this meeting. YES, there were problems. I'm not sure how the electrical problems led to the planned youtube stream being abandoned and a new one being set up...That, obviously caused a problem for a lot of people that were waiting on the stream starting. Some of the camera work and production was far from great...The camera on the start straight was definitely placed too close to the track to really be useful mid race, and some of the camera changes seemed excessive, but that was possibly as a result of the realisation that the placement of what would normally be the "primary" camera on the start straight was sub optimal. On screen graphics showing results and scores that others have complained about weren't really a big miss for me. The commentators told me who was in the race and I could check updates sites for current scorers. As a regular "tv viewer", the only thing that I really missed was replays of major incidents....but I didn't get them from the Belle Vue stream that I paid for either, and everyone seems to have been whooping up their coverage... Ultimately, I got the chance to watch a meeting from Berwick, which didn't have the best track conditions or the most even field, that I wouldn't have been able to watch without this stream being provided, and I was grateful for this opportunity to watch despite the problems. I didn't donate before the event as I wasn't sure if I would be able to watch or not, but at the end of the night I decided to donate more than I had originally thought I would...NOT because I enjoyed the greatest speedway meeting, but just because I got the chance to watch a speedway meeting that I wouldn't otherwise have seen and with no obligation to pay for it, and I appreciated that. The general theme here seems to have been that everyone felt ripped off...I GENUINELY didn't. I'd just say thanks to Berwick Speedway for letting me watch this meeting live.
  2. There have been many serious accidents in 6 man races over the years. There have been many serious accidents in 4 man races over the years. Not sure what your point is and how you would determine that the extra 2 riders on the track were actually the cause of the accident.
  3. HenryW

    Jason Garrity

    What is the reliability of these testing kits? If they are 100% accurate then it's a great idea and all is good, but I suspect that wouldn't actually be the case... What level of false positives would be acceptable at a meeting where a rider or multiple riders get prevented from racing due to the failure of the testing kits rather than anything they had done wrong?
  4. HenryW

    just answers please

    I'm pretty sure that I am the reincarnation of someone who went to the very first speedway meeting ever held....regardless of where you define that to have been. Is the thread over?
  5. I can confirm you missed nothing (although you've probably worked that out from the subsequent "races")
  6. HenryW

    Is there?

  7. It seems a little harsh to say that he was "woeful" this year. He didn't really get a proper run this year in Poland...What did he do? 10 races across the season or something like that? He was in a team that was set up with a good number 8 and often got replaced in every race...In a different team he might have had a better season. I feel kinda sad to see him retire. As you said, he was a bright hope at one point and hasn't delivered on the expectations, but more that that, it's esentially another Country lost to the sport. Croatia basically have no-one racing now.
  8. HenryW

    SON 2020

    Indoor like the ones they did in the 80s on concrete? SoN on a tiny concrete oval....That's the sort of thing that Castagna would probably sign up to
  9. HenryW

    SON 2020

    It's just another failing of a horrible competition. To me, pairs meetings are rubbish for fans. Even if everything runs properly, as a fan of 1 Nation I am spending more time NOT watching MY team than watching them. That's rubbish. The SWC had my team involved in every race. Can we just admit that this was a flawed attempt to stop the perceived domination of one Nation, which has led to the domination of another Nation, and go back to the far better competition that we had before?
  10. HenryW

    SON 2020

    WHY are you still asking about this? Elite sports people and their support team do NOT have to self isolate in the UK.
  11. HenryW

    SON 2020

    Well done Russia.
  12. HenryW

    SON 2020

    If they don't get to heat 21 anything done after heat 14 will be ignored in the final standings, I believe.
  13. HenryW

    Your 'first world champion'!

    I'm not 100% sure that I am understanding the rules of this question, but I THINK that Anders Michanek would be my first. I think he was the first person that I saw race live who had previously been a World Champion. The first reigning World Champion that I saw race live was Ivan Mauger...I think. Egon limits the list of consecutive World Champs that I have seen race live...I'm fairly sure I have never seen Egon race since his win, but have seen every champ since him....and had seen every champ before him back to the other "surprise" of Jerzy. Edit - Actually, the original question didn't specify racing...Just "the first world champion you saw"....So my answer might be different, but I was too young to remember, so I'll stick with the racing answer... However, I have seen both Egon and Jerzy off track, so my list of World Champs that I have seen could go back much further....Currently trying to think whether I ever might have seen Bjorn Knutsson as he seems to be the next blocker
  14. It's fun to look back at these old videos and compare them with modern times....Lee would have been warned for the ridiculous jump start in the first race of his that they showed and then he would have been excluded with his jump in the second race of his they showed. If he had even still been in the semi final after that exclusion, he definitely would have been gone for tape charging there... Also, much as I love the old Dave Lanning commetary..."It's a very even break" he says, and then tells us Betzl has been left....How is that even when one of the two title contenders is waaay behind the other But, the main thing that I wondered about during that video, as it's something that I have often contemplated when watching these old videos...What were those people typing about behind Dickie Davies?
  15. I'm fairly sure that Orwat is already 21.

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