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  1. HenryW

    Leon Madsen

    If I remember right, Leon withdrew from the Danish GP qualifying meeting this year which probably didn't help his chances of being selected for the Horsens wildcard. Iversen missed a big chunk of last year's series through injury. Normally in those situations BSI have given a wildcard for the following year. He missed out on that as they opted for Pedersen and Hancock who also had injuries, so NKI was given one of the series reserve places instead.
  2. HenryW

    Fixed night farce-how much longer

    And the simple fact is that Britain is not getting priority on Friday, Saturday and Sunday back any time soon, so unless you want to go without the riders involved in Polish leagues and FIM events, you can't race on those days...
  3. Laguta barely looked for Emil all tournament, but that may well have been the agreed tactic...Artem just to get his head down and go off the good gates while Emil worked the traffic. Maybe Emil even preferred that his partner didn't try to slow as that would restrict his lines and options...We just don't know. What we do know is that they won, so they can probably claim to have the best tactics even if they were no different from the British ones
  4. It may be unrelated but Gino did suggest the other day that a recent interview he had done hadn't been reported accurately.
  5. To do it the other way means that the person who comes last wins. Does that seem right? If you are doing pairs, you should avoid finals and just use total scores.
  6. I don't disagree that the Polish media is anti BSI. My point is simply that none of that can be attributed to the Polish manager, which is what some were suggesting.
  7. More likely with Tai slowing Emil and getting in his way than being left on his own.
  8. Credit to Dudek, he could easily have gone down after the contact from Tai. Many would have done.
  9. Not if it's Artem leading based on the evidence so far
  10. I could be misreading it, but I think there is very little in there that is a direct quote from Cieslak. The only part that appears to be a quote is: "I will not talk about the track. They all had the same and rode better on him than we did. We are facing the second final tournament and we will do everything to make it better." The rest of the paragraph is the work of the journalist. So, yes, there might be some conspiracy being whipped up by jounalists and fans, but the Polish manager isn't getting involved in those.
  11. Where did you see this? In the interview I read he said that he didn't want to discuss the subject of the track as it was the same for everyone and others just rode it better.
  12. Gorzow were awarded the 2019 SWC years ago, when they extended their SGP contract, so that isn't anything new. http://speedwaygp.com/news/article/4495
  13. Plenty of money with the new owner but there are already suggestions that some payments haven't been made to other members of the team so far this. Hancock himself apparently has a separate contact with the owner rather than the club which gives him a guaranteed income regardless of matches ridden or points scored.
  14. HenryW

    Torun 2018

    Bydgoszcz did announce some plans to run a meeting on the Sunday as a fundraiser for Tomek Gollob. I'm not sure whether this is still intended. http://www.pomorska.pl/sport/zuzel/a/asy-dla-golloba-mocne-nazwiska-gratka-dla-fanow,13057660/

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