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  1. I´ll be in Gelsenkirchen too. Can´t wait to see this final. Hope to meet some peoples there. I´ll wear my Matej Zagar T-Shirt Regards Nina
  2. I come back from the practice and it was okay. We had heavy rain all night and in the morning till 10 o´clock. Alden and Ferjan was not here. The weather forcast for today it´s nice and no rain. See you all tomorrow. Nina
  3. Nina

    Austrian Speedway(wiener Neustadt)

    Hi! Please contact me on my private adress: nina.kastner@aon.at! The other adress is old and i didn´t work there. Tickets for the European Championship Final are available on www.oeticket.com! Hope to meet the Brummies fans! I´m looking forward to see Henrik Möller and Henning Bagger in Wiener Neustadt. There will be a riders party on friday so i hope to see you there Regards Nina
  4. @Greg What infos do you want to know from Fritz Wallner? Contact me: nina.kastner@papageno.at or nina.kastner@aon.at
  5. Today we become the info from the FIM that start number 18 will be Morten Risager, not Andreas Messing.
  6. @full throttle I want send you the confirmation mail now, but the mail come return to me. Please write me an mail to nina.kastner@papageno.at.
  7. Andreas Messing will replace Edward Kennett as reserve
  8. Hey Christine! On the grandstand there are not many tickets but on the backstraight we have much tickets. Grandstand tickets it´s better when you book it before the meeting. The other tickets are not a problem when you buy it on the raceday. Bye Nina
  9. Hi full-throttle! Please write me a mail. Which tickets do you booked? Let me know and i will send you a ticket confirmation as soon as possible. Bye Nina
  10. Hi Mike! The start time is 4 p.m. Practice will be on Friday at 4.p.m. The adress from the track is: Giltschwertgasse 38. A-2700 Wiener Neustadt. Bye Nina
  11. Hi Robert! Thanks for your mail. I send you a mail but the mail come back to me. So what can we do now? Bye Nina
  12. Hi full-throttle! Are you Robert? I became 2 mails from a Robert and i answerd that but the mails come back to me. SORRY Please write me an mail with the correct email adress to: nina.kastner@aon.at Thanks in advance Bye Nina
  13. Hello Jayne! Please send me Your mailadress, then i can offer You some rooms. Thanks in advance Bye Nina
  14. I´m also going to Terenzano. I think it will be a hard fight between Slovenija and Germany. See you there Tomaz!
  15. Hy guys! If you want order tickets please write a mail to: nina.kastner@aon.at or nina.kastner@papageno.at Tickets are: if You order before the meeting: grandstand covered: 23€ (on the day: 25€) , seats back straight: 18€ (20 € ) , VIP tickets: 100€ (includes: friday and saturday entrance, food and drink at the VIP tend on race day, pits pass till 1h before the race starts, riders party exclusive on friday, riders presentation in the city of Wr. Neustadt); children: 5€ , no children price on covered granstand they have to pay full price. Stadium is in the middle of the town, and for accomodation please contact: Papageno Reisen, or you contact me because i´m work there Neunkirchnerstrasse 16 Tel no: +43 2622 820 20 (Mr. Eidler) Nina Kastner (+43 1 50 1 74 242) or Hotline: +43 664 130 66 60 (9am to 8pm,) 3.) Time schedule for the meeting: Friday 16th, September 2005 4pm practise (free entrance) 7pm riders party (stadion , only for VIP - till 10pm) Saturday 17th September 2005 10am riders get their number jackets and presentation in the city, free entrance 12am stadium opens for the public 1am showprogram 3:15pm riders presentation in the stadium 4pm first heat aprox. 7pm price giving ceremony

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