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  1. Dave the Mic

    Souvenirs & Memorabilia - For Sale.

    I am looking to obtain SCB rulebooks from 1974 onwards. I have a few, but not many. If you have any you might be prepared to sell, or let me borrow, please get in touch. Thanks
  2. Dave the Mic

    World Championship Results

    Thanks Przemek
  3. Dave the Mic

    World Championship Results

    Thanks for this
  4. Dave the Mic

    World Championship Results

    Does anyone have access, or any idea where access can be obtained for historic results for World Championship qualifiers? British, Scandinavian, Anzac & US results are reasonably east to locate, but for Continental rounds I am struggling. Looking for results from 1973 onwards. Finals & to a lesser extent semi finals are easier, but earlier rounds are hard to source.
  5. No Walter. Not at all. I know what I meant. Read my original post. You're boring me now.
  6. So let me understand this correctly. Because someone won’t see your POV, they are wrong and you are right? Listen to yourself
  7. If you can’t answer sensibly, don’t bother. The two qualifying meetings were named race offs.
  8. Change the record. You don’t like him, that much is obvious.
  9. So what happened at Belle Vue? That was Race off 2
  10. Really? Yawn. Another Tai hater. Without him, we wouldn’t have even got past the race off.
  11. Sorry, but that’s bullsh1t
  12. Interesting to read all the comments but for those who think Tai Wiffindrn was making it all about him, I think you’re doing him a huge disservice. He decided not race for the team as it was being run poorly, with no direction and seemingly no future. He made his feelings clear in what was needed to make the team successful and when it wasn’t forthcoming he stood by his beliefs and stepped down. To his credit, however, he stayed with it and worked to get put in place what he felt was required and eventually this was achieved so he returned to the fold. Look at the difference, it’s plain to see. Investment in the future, training, conditioning, diet, togetherness and other things too. The first step was that silver medal tonight. Never mind what has been done behind the scenes, he has also contributed massively on track. Team GB wouldn’t have got through the race off without Woffenden, much less topped the scores and managed a silver medal. What he has done for the national team is immense this week, an inspiration. And he was as gutted as anyone with silver and not gold. His attempts at team riding with Robert were laudable and heartening to see - the only real example of the art all week. In that final, they were up against a very, very strong pair who both scored well all night. Team riding is very difficult to master, add in a wide fast track with different racing lines and the opponent being a big hearted, ballsy, brave, savvy racer like Emil and I’m not sure “slowing him down” would have been that easy. Easy to criticise on a keyboard, a little different on track. Give the guy some credit, he performed miracles for his country tonight and all week, but some of you can’t bring yourselves to praise him without a dig. I don’t agree with the fact that he doesn’t race in the UK, nor was I impressed when he stood down from Team GB, however, what he has done on and off track suggests to me he wants the best for the team and if he felt there was a way to have won that final, my guess is he would have tried it. Some of you know different, of course.
  13. So he did badly then? Words fail me.

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