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  1. Dave the Mic

    Books etc wanted

    Thanks Barry, I will check when I get home if that is one I don't have (I'm pretty sure I don't) & will give you a call if that's OK.
  2. Dave the Mic

    Books etc wanted

    Would anyone have a copy of the 1977 Speedway Yearbook they would be willing to sell? Happy to pay a reasonable price & postage, or collect. Also, looking for Speedway Regulations books from the 70's. I have up to 1973, but am keen to find later ones. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks
  3. Do you still have this collection?
  4. Dave the Mic

    The first race you saw

    I remember mine as clear as day. 1975. Exeter v Reading. Bank Holiday Monday. Scorching hot day, travelled to Exeter by bus from the village I lived in with other kids from the village. I was 9 and all the kids used to go to this "speedway" so I asked Mum if I could go. What I saw had me hooked for life. Noise, colour, smell, dirt, speed. I'll never forget that day as long as I live. It was a BL match & respective number ones Ivan Mauger & Anders Michanek were absent, as they had raced in the World Championship European Final in Bydgoszcz the day before, Mauger won I think with 14 points, I am sure someone will confirm. Anyway, Doug Wyer guested for Exeter, Dave Jessup for Reading. Heat 1 was Humphreys, Jessup, Farrell, Wyer in 71.8 seconds. Jessup won his 4 remaining races - one as a TS - to complete a 5 ride paid max, Wyer went to score 8 & Exeter won 43-35. The return was at Reading in the evening.
  5. Dave the Mic

    Souvenirs & Memorabilia - For Sale.

    I am looking to obtain SCB rulebooks from 1974 onwards. I have a few, but not many. If you have any you might be prepared to sell, or let me borrow, please get in touch. Thanks
  6. Dave the Mic

    World Championship Results

    Thanks Przemek
  7. Dave the Mic

    World Championship Results

    Thanks for this
  8. Dave the Mic

    World Championship Results

    Does anyone have access, or any idea where access can be obtained for historic results for World Championship qualifiers? British, Scandinavian, Anzac & US results are reasonably east to locate, but for Continental rounds I am struggling. Looking for results from 1973 onwards. Finals & to a lesser extent semi finals are easier, but earlier rounds are hard to source.
  9. No Walter. Not at all. I know what I meant. Read my original post. You're boring me now.
  10. So let me understand this correctly. Because someone won’t see your POV, they are wrong and you are right? Listen to yourself
  11. If you can’t answer sensibly, don’t bother. The two qualifying meetings were named race offs.
  12. Change the record. You don’t like him, that much is obvious.
  13. So what happened at Belle Vue? That was Race off 2
  14. Really? Yawn. Another Tai hater. Without him, we wouldn’t have even got past the race off.

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