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  1. Hi 

    I have quite a lot 1979 - 2005 @ 40 - 50p each plus p & p.

    Is it only Internationals & World Championship QRs your after?

    At the moment for example - 

    Eng vs USA @Swindon 25/8/91 50p

    Think this is the only International but plenty team matches at Swindon,  Reading Oxford, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh,  Long Eaton, etc @ 40p.



    1. Dave the Mic

      Dave the Mic


      Thanks for getting in touch. I could be interested depending on what you have. Do you have a list you could send me?



    2. cyclone


      will compile a list, but before I start, can you let me know if  there are any particular teams you're interested in. I f not would it be ok to just list track by year, as this will take less time to compile?

      When I know how many you may wish, I can set total p&p also.

      For convenience please email at delcarruthers@speedway.unospace.net as I can attach a pdf list to any reply.

      All the Best 


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