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  1. Diamondgem7

    Well Done Nicki

    Glad to see Nicki has restored faith in some people anyway. Underneath Nicki is a truly lovely guy who just wants to win! A lot of people see his enthusiasm as being dirty but I can honestly say if he's brought anyone off it's been due to over enthusiasm rather than malice. He could have blamed Jason for his earlier exclusion and deliberately got the final race stopped but he didn't. Would love to see him retain his title.
  2. Diamondgem7

    PUK and Bjerre

    Was really impressed by KB and PUK they did much better than I expected (esp PUK, we always knew KB was good at Newcastle!!! ). Definately ones to watch for the future.
  3. Diamondgem7

    Pederson v Ermelenko

    I never noticed his earlobes! What's so freaky??? (Apart from the rest of him )
  4. Nicki was in front therefore he can choose to ride whatever line he wants! Crumps sudden limp was hilarious - give the man an oscar!!! Nicki's phone call to the ref was pure comedy. I'm sure Tony will have sleepless nights about not being Nicki's friend any more. Seriously though, Tony should be having sleepless nights about that ridiculous perm!!! Nicki is pure entertainment and the sport needs people like him.
  5. I'm just waiting for the 'Greg Hancock - man or animal' thread to appear because if it had been Nicki the thread would have appeared again!!! . Scott did well to stay on (at that point anyway!) as he could have so easily got Greg excluded.

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