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  1. paulboy

    Cardiff 2022

    Excuse my ignorance but is Discovery + internet only, can’t find it on sky guide
  2. There is no comparison. Will Bournemouth be fielding a load of players from other clubs? Very silly comment methinks lol
  3. paulboy

    Plymouth vs Oxford 26/07/22 CJL

    I'm guessing not many fans have examined him though?
  4. paulboy

    Plymouth vs Oxford 26/07/22 CJL

    I'd hazard a guess until he's fit?
  5. To be fair, from a speedway fan that's a pretty ironic comment lol
  6. Some of these topics quickly become laughable
  7. paulboy

    Oxford v Plymouth. 6/7/22

    Oh I didn't even begin to look through the options, long past caring about the details lol
  8. paulboy

    Oxford v Plymouth. 6/7/22

    The playoffs will only matter in that they bring in more meetings so extra income, and surely Poole are guaranteed to get there anyway?
  9. paulboy

    Oxford v Plymouth. 6/7/22

    To be honest bit of a strange choice I thought, not Danny's best season so far!
  10. paulboy

    Oxford v Plymouth. 6/7/22

    Don't see the issue, as Fromafar said it's all about maximising earnings, wouldn't imagine they'd give a second thought what effect it has on the league table.
  11. paulboy


    I went to the Ben Fund meeting and thought it was a decent crowd, not that I'm anywhere near a regular at Peterborough. Certainly took plenty of time getting out of the car park!

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