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  1. paulboy

    Poole 2019

    But the thing is does it really matter what the teams are at the start of the season. The way that speedway is now it's all about making the right changes in the middle of the year, as long as you don't lose touch before June it's the last three months that really count, all boiling down to having the right team, and no injury problems, for 4 matches!
  2. Oh you're saying the TV pics were conclusive? I didn't see that, even the muppet commentating seemed to backtrack a bit!
  3. Can't agree with you, he went down because he had his leg taken away as he entered the bend, think condoning such riding (by Jakobsen) would lead to all kinds of incidents.
  4. I wasn't at the stadium so might well be missing something but the numerous TV replays last night seemed pretty inconclusive. One angle looked like both wheels might have gone over the line but not certain. Maybe it was much clearer if you were there. I have to say I think people are massively overstating the role of team manager in the current speedway world, nothing much more than a glorified programme filler in as they are so hamstrung by the rule book, although Dale Allitt might make a half decent bouncer :-)
  5. Yet when Toft had his leg taken away he "bailed out"?
  6. I can’t believe anybody would buy a speedway club in the current climate, even Poole
  7. Steady Bob, you’re showing humility Lol
  8. I’ve got to admit I feel for Kings Lynn, pretty much everything that could go wrong did for them yet they only missed out by 4 points. Bet they wish they hadn’t gone for Ellis as guest now!
  9. If the ref had made the right decision on Monday you would have done it, but I guess you don’t really want to hear that
  10. Big decision for Allitt in 14, Howarth or Lambert?
  11. He does my head in full stop

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