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  1. paulboy

    Somerset v Poole Prem B. 20/8/18

    I fully appreciate you are, as usual, just stirring the rubbish but, even by your standards, that’s pretty comical. It wasn’t a great meeting last night but nor was it an awful one. I enjoyed it more than the match at Poole the previous week so to say the racing was so much better at Wimborne Road is, in my opinion, is just plain wrong. There was a fair bit of passing, almost all by Rebels, and some good close racing, Klindt in particular got stuck in. And there was the bonus of the Brady Kurtz show, what a bizarre performance!
  2. If they got to the play offs they’d be a danger but having the NSS as a home track wouldn’t help
  3. You’re very unlucky then, far more good meetings at the Oak Tree & very few mediocre
  4. Was a cracking meeting after a slow start, 2 great races between Doyle & Cook and several other good ones, Belle Vue fully deserved their win, shame they left it so late bringing in Berge.
  5. Yes but that way he can make out what a great against the odds victory it was!
  6. I'm in the midlands next week and thinking of going to Wolverhampton on Monday and Birmingham on Wednesday. I've found plenty of details about parking options on the Brummies website but nothing on Wolves, can anyone tell me if there's plenty of parking on site?
  7. I was booking time off from work around it but the fixed race nights make it more difficult unless you want to go right up north, and even then there's plenty of blank dates. So I think I'll save my money and hope that Belle Vue v Somerset next Monday restores my faith a little!
  8. But do many people really care any more? Speedway is in a complete mess, a team's dropped out of the top league half way through, there seems to be confusion over how this effects the averages, last night's meeting was a total bore fest on an awful track. Last year I did a couple of speedway road trips, was planning on at least one this year but really losing all enthusiasm, which is a shame after the best part of 50 years!
  9. I’ve been to lots of meetings at both & think Somerset is a massively better racetrack than Poole.
  10. Short of just showing Belle Vue & Somerset alternate weeks I’m not sure what can be done
  11. Maybe the unbeaten Klindt?
  12. Classic Pearson “good speedway match”
  13. You’ve got Klindt, perfect for him & at reserve too
  14. I’d say Ricky Wells in the form of his life (where have I heard that before?) bit harsh to say he’s plateau’d
  15. Crap meeting but constant shots of Middleditch don’t improve things!

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